Where will Odell Beckham land?

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If/when the Browns release receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and if/when he clears waivers, Beckham will become a free agent.

So where will he land?

The Saints did indeed talk to the Browns about a possible trade, and multiple sources believe that the Saints will try to sign him if/when he becomes available. Other teams to watch, we’re told, are the 49ers and the Seahawks.

The Packers would make sense. By the time he’d be good to go, quarterback Aaron Rodgers likely would be back from a stint on the COVID reserve list. But the Packers have yet to emerge as a viable destination.

The Bucs also would be intriguing, given the relationship between quarterback Tom Brady and Beckham. But the Buccaneers are stocked at receiver. Would he take a spot on the practice squad and wait for a chance to show what he can do? And would he be able to say no if #Tommy calls?

Simms and I drafted our preferred destinations for Beckham. Given that the Rams have become Teddy KGB, it’s hard not to think they’d consider chasing OBJ.

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  1. Wherever he goes you can bet he’ll get more than 1 target a game. Cleveland has wasted his talent.

  2. If he thinks Bakers sucks – he’s gonna really go to the Saints- and be happy with Siemian, no chance.

  3. “ Would he take a spot on the practice squad and wait for a chance to show what he can do?”

    Has there ever – in the entire history of questions – been a question with a more obvious answer than this one?

  4. You can bet that wherever he lands he’ll start throwing his usual temper tantrums, get hurt, miss assignments, and effectively force his way out of there within two years. He’s a waste of a roster spot.

  5. That roster’s not big enough for Jarvis and Odell. Word to the wise: When Odell refers to “hands like Purell,” it means he can no longer hold onto a pass or he has washed his hands of the team. Back to you, Barber.

  6. This guy has been a train wreck his entire career. Fools gold! Maybe him and OBJ can make a movie together.

  7. Who cares? He’s an older diva WR with a history of injury issues. Best days are long gone. Please see Julio Jones, an example of a better WR who just got old.

  8. chickensalad43 says:
    For those saying the Giants won the Odell trade, they are 12-28 since he left.

    There a lot of reasons why the Giants have gone 12-28 since Odell Beckham Jr. left town. His depature is far down the list.
    The Giants got rid of a whiny malcontent, and that in itself is a win.

  9. The number one Cleveland player that lead the team in targets ? you guessed it none other
    then the diva himself OBJ .

  10. A 10 game prove it deal. Who needs a WR and has a top QB. KC, Green Bay, either LA team, Cinci, LV…

  11. If OBJ hits waivers I do not see why Jacksonville, Miami, Carolina or Atlanta wouldn’t claim him. I do not think OBJ will go that far down the waiver wire that he ends up on a good team. Jacksonville or Atlanta seem like good fits to me.

  12. Unless he is willing to forfeit his remaining salary the Browns should sit him and let him act like an angry five year-old for the rest of the season. Then next year trade him to someone in the NFC who likes headaches.

  13. Has anybody even been watching OBJ play with Baker??? Mayfield has a very very limited Deep Ball and OBJ Still gets Open consistently and not getting NEARLY ENOUGH targets. Jm2c

  14. He will pass through waivers & then try to get on a playoff bound team. His next contract will be a “prove it” type contract that weighs heavily on both field performance, but mainly those intangibles that aim at keeping him on track off the field (locker room/ social media).

    Look no further than the top ten ranked teams in the standings & you have your list of his desirable teams. My guess is he will want Dallas or Rams. But would they?

  15. Desean Jackson as speed guy MVS insurance would make more sense for Green Bay. Add karma, he opened the door for the Super Bowl team to make the playoffs on that sick punt return.

    What I’d do.

  16. The Rams are stacked at WR. He wouldn’t get the playing time he wants here. Also, we probably can’t afford him. Then again, Les Snead hasn’t let that stop him before.

    And no Desean Jackson wasn’t a diva when he played for the Rams.

  17. Sign him, then sit him down and make him an offer he can’t refuse. These billionaire owners are connected to someone somewhere who could teach him some manners.

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