Aaron Rodgers claims he’s a victim of “the woke mob” and “cancel culture”

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is painting himself as a victim after it was revealed this week that he got COVID-19 and is not vaccinated, despite his previous public claim that he was “immunized,” which he knew had been widely interpreted as getting the vaccine.

“I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now, so before the final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I’d like to set the record straight on some of the blatant lies that are out there about me now,” Rodgers said.

But Rodgers did not cite any specific “lies” that have been told about him. Instead, he launched into what he himself described as a “diatribe” about a “witch hunt going across the league.”

Rodgers claims to have done his own research and that he has an allergy to an ingredient in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, and he said that his decision to seek alternative treatments was “what was best for my body.” That is a highly dubious claim, but even if it were true, what Rodgers seems not to realize is that the decision to get vaccinated is not just about his own body but about the health and wellbeing of everyone around him. Rodgers chose to selfishly put people around him at an increased risk of catching COVID-19 from him.

Now Rodgers is out for at least 10 days and will miss Sunday’s game.

230 responses to “Aaron Rodgers claims he’s a victim of “the woke mob” and “cancel culture”

  1. I guess he also has an allergy to wearing masks in public?
    Hypocrisy at best, delusional and uncaring at worst

  2. What a Trumpian response. Accuse everyone of lying while giving no examples when he is in fact the one who blatantly lied.

  3. What a load of baloney. Public health isn’t “woke”, it’s science.

    He lied, he put others at increased risk, and he put the team’s investment in him and the success of his teammates’ careers in jeopardy.

    Those are the actions of a selfish coward.


    What a clown.

    All-time great QB and all-time narcissistic baby.

  5. He screwed his team. Plain and simple. Simple little vaccine and he can’t do it because… reasons. Nothing legitimate, at least.

  6. “Woke Mob” and “Cancel Culture”

    What are two terms a wealth person uses to deflect blame from their own actions, Alex

  7. Poor lyan aaron why doesn’t he just go then, be with his girl and eat dirt and tree bark salad, skip the barber, and focus on his happiness. The American public surely does not give Fk about His feelings. $35 mil a year this guys gets, to act like this

  8. Elitist, entitled, selfish, prima donna, diva, irresponsible, pompous, liar

    Did I miss any?

  9. The Collective, we must always do what’s deemed right for the Collective by the Collective. Wait until the Collective comes for something dear to you and demands you give it up or else.

  10. I’m not a fan of Rogers at all, but I do have to agree with him. If he had the virus in the past then his body naturally has built an immunity, therefore he never lied. The cancel culture is way out of control and it’s sad.

  11. I like him less and less every time he opens his mouth. I think he’s the one that needs to be “woke”.

  12. Doesn’t appear that he has anyone in his life to say…’no don’t say that – it is really not a good look and will not accomplish what you are looking for…’. Also as a local cheese head interesting to see the Prevea (Medical Provider) commercials rolling with Rodger’s as a spoke person. Not a good look for them given their CEO being an avid advocate of vaccination on the news for the last year. Not about canceling anyone but if you get paid to rep a brand gotta map to their standard. Like an anti-smoking spokes person rep’ing Philip Morris back in the day.

  13. Seriously?! I used to think he had his head on straight! Lying and putting people at risk because you’re lying about being immunized is only one person’s fault: YOURS!

  14. Oh no, rich famous Aaron Rodgers has been so victimized by people disagreeing with him and hurting his feelings so now he must rage and attack them for questioning him. Poor victim Aaron Rodgers. I used to like Rodgers, but I’m losing respect for him with every word he says…. pretty sure he’ll never know what actually being victimized is like.

  15. Ah. The beloved boogeyman of the “Woke Mob” and “Cancel Culture”.

    Not the “Ummmm…I totally lied and am now being held to account for my dishonesty and disregard for public safety I so wantonly displayed by NOT following health and safety protocols.”

    I know, I know. Asking people in this country not to lie to avoid any and all actual responsibility is an American tradition unlike any other.

  16. What a whiner. It’s everybody else’s fault never his. He claims he didn’t lie when it’s obvious he did. Why do people keep pandering to this guy. Call him out for what he is, selfish, dishonest, narcissistic, won’t hesitate to put his teammates and others at risk for his own selfish needs. once in his life he should say “I was wrong”,”I’m sorry” but it will never happen cuz he thinks he is never wrong and is the center of the universe.

  17. Lol. Rodgers is priceless. Lies about him?!?! You let on you were vaxxed and you’re not and got called out for it. Why not come out with the allergy story initially? Go away.

  18. He may be a victim of whatever he says he’s a victim of. The thing is, he put himself there because he lied. Bed is made.

  19. So Rodgers essentially said, “I didn’t lie. You just didn’t ask the right question.”

    Right. Got it.

  20. How is it when someone tests positive for a banned substance, players would always claim they didn’t know whats in it or it was tainted.

    Here this guy did his own research and managed to pinpoint ingredients in a vaccine which clearly helps reduce hopitalization and death, but that he would have a reaction too.

    Thats wild to me.

  21. I think a lot of us have been wondering for years if Aaron Rodgers is at least a bit of a jerk. He has now definitely set the record straight on that.

  22. I have been a Packer fan for 60+ years. I have been a fan of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a prime example of the fact that one can have transcendent talent for the game while at the same time having serious personality flaws. In this most recent controversy, Rodgers lied about his vaccine status. He wasn’t deceptive and he didn’t dissemble, he lied. When directly asked if he was vaccinated, the first word out of his mouth (before the dodge about being “immunized “) was “YES.” That was a lie. That lie deprives him of getting any benefit of the doubt for his claim to have an allergy to an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I don’t believe him – and you shouldn’t either. Moreover, what about the J & J even if that was true? While Rodgers deserves every bit of flack he is getting about this mess, the Packer organization and the NFL should share the blame. Both knew he was unvaccinated and turned a blind eye to his violations of the protocol. The Packers even facilitated his violations by making other unvaccinated players participate in press conferences by Zoom while allowing Rodgers to further his vaccine scam by appearing in person and unmasked.

  23. Playing the “victim” card has been a staple of the entitled and criminal for many years. You’re a “victim” of your own misdirection and smug selfishness Aaron. You put hundreds of people at risk. Your employers, your coaches, your teammates, members of the media and fans all could suffer because of your self-centered stupidity. Do everyone a favor: Use your tens of millions of dollars to buy an island somewhere and go live there with your girlfriend for as long as she can stand you. Jerk.

  24. Every time I start to like Aaron Rodgers he turns around and says or does something sus that makes me question what I thought about him.

  25. He did not lie. He did his research to determine if he had an allergy to an ingredient in a vaccine. A guy who relies on being in peak physical condition to play a sport that only top athletes succeed in is allowed to determine what goes into his body.

  26. Let’s not lecture on the vaccination decision itself Rodgers made – there is a debate to be held there with no absolute answers. What is unquestionable, however, is that he did wrong by lying about his status. Our most true enemy in a societal battle such as against a pandemic is a lack of accurate information, and that includes knowing the deal of those around us. We can accommodate unvaccinated people, but the risks shoot way way up when a person claims one thing and does another. That takes informed choices out of the hands of others. And that is what Rodgers should be lectured about.

  27. Asked if he had been vaxxed, Rodgers intentionally misled us all by saying he was air-quoted “immunized.” Those who intentionally mislead deserve to be “cancelled.”

    Moderna ingredients: Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), lipids (SM-102, polyethylene glycol [PEG] 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol [DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]), tromethamine,tromethamine hydrochloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate trihydrate, and sucrose.

    Not sure what ingredient Rodgers would be allergic to. Could it be that he is still misleading us?

  28. Rodgers is a liar and he is a paranoid narcissist . If he was allergic to Moderna and Pfizer, why not j and j? He’s a known jerk and he’s been caught being a jerk and now he is going to try to double talk his way out of it. Too bad he’s so fragile. Hope he enjoys getting crushed at Sofi in January. There have been exactly zero allergic reactions to the vaccine in the NFL. 0 in MLB. 0 in NHL. Zero in English premier league soccer. What a fragile tool.

  29. Got it. Your are allergic to the Moderna and Pfizer vas. Happens sometimes. Perfectly reasonable to not be vaccinated if that is the case. Of course there was the J&J version but maybe same thing there.

    But then, the responsible thing to do is follow the agreed protocols for someone that’s not vaccinated. Not mislead people to think you are vaccinated or otherwise behave as if you are in violation of the protocols. An adult, like many of the unvaxxed, would also have explained the issue instead of lying.

    No one is cancelling you for being woke Aaron. If they are cancelling you, it’s because you’ve proven to be a sleaze that doesn’t care about your teammates’ health or anything other than your own image.

    What a jerk.

  30. Will he ever not be the victim? Poor widdle Aaron. Bad people being mean and hurt him feelings.

  31. Yeah, he lied which is b.s. (which makes it hard to believe) that he is allergic to an ingredient in the vaccines. Inconveniently though is the fact
    a meger percentage of the population is allergic to polyethylene glycol (which is in the vaccines) which would cause a deadly reaction. So asserting he is beening selfish for not getting vaxxed because he “may” have this allergy (already lied once) is really a marginalization of people with this severe allergy and makes you come off really arrogant.

  32. Ah, the cry of “cancel culture.” The last defense of a person who’s guilty of exactly what was alleged.

    This dude is such a clown.

  33. Oh, so Aaron wants to “cancel” the media? Talk about cancel culture. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  34. What a load of BS.

    Par for the course, Rodgers wants to have it both ways. If he had legitimate reasons for avoiding vaccination, he should have said so or declined to answer when asked if he’d been vaccinated. His “I’m immunized” was misleading claptrap.

    With each passing day, Mr. Rodgers looks smaller & smaller.

  35. Playing the victim when he is actually the victimizer. If he has an allergy to one of the vaccine ingredients, why not just say so and own it, instead of lying and putting others at risk? He can’t spin his way out of this one, no matter what or who he blames.

  36. Buzz word blabber. He knew what he was saying and what he was doing. You made that decision, put on your big boy pants and own it.

  37. “I’m a victim of cancel culture” is the lamentation of someone who is meeting the consequences of his own actions and is too immature to realize it. Utterly disgraceful how far this man has fallen.

  38. Bro you lied, and have purposefully and blatantly taken advantage of appearing as vaxxed all season long. Take responsibility for being purposefully disingenuous earlier when asked, and understand you were “outed” simply because of the rules set in place for those who test positive while not vaxxed. No one, “leaked” anything. Turning this into portraying yourself as victimized now is such a cop out, and weak-willed move. Ain’t nothin “woke” about being highlighted for lying about your status. I lost a decent amount of respect for you for lying, but man I’ve lost all of it for not owning up to your own BS.

  39. Oh A-Aron. You got caught lying. You wanted to avoid the scrutiny that came with not getting the vax so you pretended that you actually WERE vaxxed. You went so far as to make a statement with the “I’m not judging anyone else” BS and now are lashing out at everyone for pointing out that you lied. This is the thin-skinned weirdo we always knew you to be. Personally, I think the “Rodgers-Rate” commercials came about because A-Aron was actually upset that just ANYONE could get his insurance rate.

  40. Aaron Rodgers is no victim. I’m a fan of yours @AaronRodgers12 but you’re no victim. The true victims are all the people that have died because of Covid 19

  41. Great QB on the field, but the diva routine is wearing REALLY thin now. Seems like he’s trying to outdo Favre’s dramatic exit from Green Bay. Losing him in the upcoming offseason may be more of a blessing than a curse. Never thought I’d say that.

  42. Believing that this has anything to do with the “woke” people or “cancel culture” and not your own arrogance tells us everything we need to know about your opinion of yourself, Aaron.

  43. I have no problem with Rodgers not getting the vaccine (I AM vaccinated), I have no problem with him fibbing about it to avoid the media scrutiny as I believe it’s a person’s right to keep quiet about their health. I also have no problem with being a fan of GB and being upset that Aaron is missing a game because he made a poor medical decision and possibly missing more time or money because he lied about it. He knew the consequences, he acted a certain way, he’ll pay the consequences and we all move on.

  44. Who would have thought that an NFL quarterback would have the necessary medical knowledge to determine that not getting a vaccine for a deadly virus is the best course of action!

  45. Yes, he lied. Yes, it’s his body. No, he’s not all about winning or all about the team. It’s the Aaron Rodgers show.

  46. His own research, LOL. Which microscope did you use in your research trials, Aaron?

    He fell down the Hollywood Rabbit Hole with his new friends, plain and simple and now, he believes he’s invincible and can do no wrong.

    What a dope.

  47. “the decision to get vaccinated is not just about his own body but about the health and wellbeing of everyone around him.” ….

    No, not at all. This is entirely incorrect and ridiculous. The vaccine is a personal choice for personal health, if you want it for yourself it protects yourself but you still contract, carry, and spread to others, it just reduces your personal risk for COVID. He didn’t put anyone else at risk because they have the personal option to take the vaccine for themselves, he would still contract and spread even with the shot.

  48. The “put everyone else at risk” arguments against him are laughable. I don’t think it qualifies as cancel culture, but it is certainly from the playbook of woke gibberish.

  49. Aaron Rodgers earlier this year : “Yeah, I think my meditation and spiritual growth have really allowed me peace of mind and the ability to play looser.”

    Aaron today: “It’s the woke mob and cancel culture causing me harm” (After I lied and went sociopathic on discussing how I’m immunized and I won’t judge others who don’t get vaxxed).

    Rodgers is a COMPLETE fraud.

  50. LOL, I didn’t realize that Aaron is one of *those* guys.

    I guess he figures that he’s hated enough, might as well ensure that everyone hates him.

  51. The lack of ownership about the face mask requirement is telling. He was presenting himself without a mask at press conferences to hide his vaccination status and preserve his commercial endorsement career.

    Most companies do not like the face of their commercials to have a reputation as a liar.

  52. Rodgers and the people like him are why we aren’t going to ever beat this pandemic. They just don’t care about others at all. Unfortunately it’s a huge portion of our country.

  53. Isn’t it interesting how everyone of these selfish anti-vax whiners think of themselves as “victims”? Rodgers and Nick Rolovich are reading from an identical script.

  54. Well this wont stir anything up, will it?

    First rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

  55. Should probably check into whether or not he really has an allergy. I’m suspicious he doesn’t really, but if he does that’s a valid reason.

  56. He is glib. He is smarter than the average bear (Yogi reference), but he is no where near as smart as he thinks he is. His biggest fear is being exposed as a fraud. It’s damage control time for this phony.

  57. I love eating my popcorn listening to poor Aaron Rodgers complain that nodody’s treatin’ him fair.

  58. As a Viking fan, I’d rather not have the one Super Bowl title he helped the Packers win if it meant he was our quarterback. The guy is insufferable.

  59. Dear Aaron,

    You didn’t research anything and its highly probable that you don’t even know how to do so.

    Did you compile a literature review and write abstracts on each article?

    Did you collect a random sample of source and perform independent probability statistics on the reported results?

    Did you at least take each article, one by one and look into the source (that would be the author, publisher and funder), then critique the writing for logical fallacies, cognitive distortions and plain innaccuracies?

    Did you ask yourself why this source might publish these particular results?


    Then you didn’t “research” anything. You read or watched a video, most likely with little to no objectivity. You came across something in your algorithm manipulated feed, something that jives with your implicit bias and served your confirmation bias, and subconsciously applied your emotional filters and called it proof.

    You didn’t research anything stop saying you did.

    -credit to Linda Gamble Spadaro

  60. Nothing about the lie? You were asked if you were vaccinated, you said “yeah”…… what gives?

  61. I know a lot of people have been hating on Rodgers for a long time, but for me, this week has been a revelation.

    Being anti-virus isn’t “woke”. A Berkeley grad should know that.

  62. Aaron wants to set the record straight about “the blatant lies that are out there about me right now”. The only blatant lie is the one he told about being “immunized” when asked if he’s been vaccinated. Florio nailed it a couple of days ago when he said that Rodgers is so sensitive about being called out for his sensitivity and here is his very predictable response. Poor Aaron…always the victim. If State Farm were smart, they’d drop him from their advertising campaigns. Do they really want a narcissistic liar representing their company?

  63. He’s a victim of his own ego. The smartest guy in the room outsmarted himself on this one. Guys like Wentz and Cousins didn’t get a shot and endured fairly minimal pushback but Aaron wanted to have it both ways. And the bit about doing his own research on allergens is just classic. No need to get doctors involved when you’re Aaron Rodgers; you can just self diagnose all on your own.

  64. He’s missing the point. It’s not his decision to not get vaccinated because of his allergies to the ingredients, if we are to take his word for it, the problem is he deceitfully portrayed himself as vaccinated and instead tried to appear as though the rules for vaxed players applied to him to keep up his lie, at the potential cost of spreading the virus to those around him not knowing the elevated risk he was exposing them to. He should have just been open in explaining his reason in the beginning.

  65. Sure he’s a grown man and can make his own decision, BUT the league has its rules that the NFLPA signed off on, and he’s been hiding his vax status to keep himself out of the non-vax protocols. Both the NFL and NFLPA should be coming down on him for making other players less safe because of his decisions. And if GB mgmt knew, or Sgt. Schultz’d it, they should be subject as well. Think Cam’s sitting somewhere thinking “Why didn’t I just do that?”

  66. “No, not at all. This is entirely incorrect and ridiculous. The vaccine is a personal choice for personal health, if you want it for yourself it protects yourself but you still contract, carry, and spread to others, it just reduces your personal risk for COVID. He didn’t put anyone else at risk because they have the personal option to take the vaccine for themselves, he would still contract and spread even with the shot.

    Sorry, but this is “incorrect and ridiculous”. Being vaccinated absolutely reduces the risk of being a carrier of the virus and transmitting it to others.

    The vaccine is more than a “personal choice”. The wider society doesn’t want to see the general risk level to be higher. And the more people that are vaccinated, the lower the risk is for everybody.

  67. So was he and Green Bay following the rules or were they CHEATING? Where’s the cheating outrage? Oh, yes, it’s not New England…

  68. One of the great QBs of all time is a nothing more than a pathetic little human being. You really blew it this time dude.

  69. Wow. My wife has made fun of me for having a “man-crush” on Rodgers for years. This hurts me. I was a HUGE fan. Maybe I can compartmentalize (the player and the man). But it’s hard for me to forgive people who lie and blame others for their actions. If he was in his early to mid-20s this would be easier to get past. Now I’ve got to reassess all of his past actions that I defended.

    Adults don’t invent factions to blame when caught lying, they apologize.

  70. I listened to the entire “diatribe” on the McAfee show. It certainly wasn’t an interview. With that said, he made his points, some of which are understandable if I remain objective. However, his biggest gripe was that this should have been “a conversation, not a controversy”. Well you had your chance to launch the conversation, but you chose to say you were “immunized”. Coward.

  71. If anyone expected Rodgers to play beyond the 2021 season, I think he just announced his retirement.

  72. As someone who thinks the Covid rules and procedures are ridiculous, they are what they are. It doesn’t excuse blatantly lying. And shocker, he’s playing the victim.

  73. pretty hard to like this guy. he has proven beyond any doubt that
    there is no more selfish person in any sports league than a man(male) who puts his own beliefs ahead of the health and welfare of all his teammates,coaches, trainers, staff members and their families at risk.
    1’s wishes vs the health and safety of hundreds.
    what is wrong with these people

  74. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  75. Maybe he should have taken several of his many millions and financed a vaccine development he COULD use. Thereby, maybe even helping others with like “allergies”. You know kind of a self-less act.
    Jake, Mahomes, Drake and State Farm I’m sure would have chipped in.

  76. As a Packers fan all I can say is that this BS makes me want Jordan Love to play lights out this weekend. And maybe the next game and next game and… Rodgers is probably gone at the end of the year, might as well get some experience for the guy that’s not a giant baby.

  77. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln: Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a liar than to speak and remove all doubt.

  78. I was a fan. No more. He’s a liar, and is compounding his lies, revealing his true self.

  79. I’m starting to think he’ll be done playing football after this season. Packers shouldn’t take him back, and not sure anybody else wants to deal with him. Packers probably are guilty here as well, but they probably felt like they had to do it to keep him happy. Like the late Ted Thompson said, and re-iterated by Mark Murphy, Rodgers is a ‘complicated fella’.

  80. This is very sad. He is a role model to so many and he sounds very ill-informed and mentally off.

  81. Again, to me at least, this isn’t a vax/ant-vax issue. Instead, its the arrogance of deceiving the public to avoid the grief of woke mob because he’s such a sensitive wuss. Now when he’s called out for the deception, the sensitive wuss angrily points fingers instead of trying some basic self-reflection. He’s now lost me. Now I’ll get political — who does that sound like?

  82. Aaron is the one who lied. He was asked if he was vaccinated and said yes I am immunized. When did people lie about him? He never gave an example. He is pissed that people found out. He will cost his team big time. They will lose picks because he violated protocols. Selfish

  83. Apparently rodgers has decided that the best way to remedy his crummy NFC championship records to gamble on not getting a highly transmissible virus.
    Perhaps secondarily remind his teammates that he doesn’t much care if he accidentally gave the virus to their family members.

    Diva Rodgers is 1 and 4 in championship games. ‘4 agreements’ brady is 10 and 5.

    And if you’re not familiar with the 4 agreements book, I have thought about this many times in last year of rodger’s drama.

    1.1 Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word
    1.2 Agreement 2: Don’t Take Anything Personally
    1.3 Agreement 3: Don’t Make Assumptions
    1.4 Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best

    10 and 5 vs 1 and 4.

  84. That’s what all the guilty/caught people say. Take some personal responsibility. Isn’t that what one side always tells the other? Well there you go!

  85. He is a victim of his own actions. He lied to the public and got caught. Other antivax players such as Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins clearly stated that they were not vaccinated and I commend them for their honesty even if I disagree with their decision. Pants on Fire Aaron!!

  86. I used to be a Rodgers supporter but not anymore. Great player but terrible human being.

  87. Man has gone from the man in the black hat who terrorized the NFC North for many years to a whining, self important shmuck. IMO

  88. I’ve been a Packer fan forever, but even I can’t wait to get rid of Rodgers. His continued selfishness has become a distraction. At this point, I would welcome Odell Beckham. He would be paradise compared to what Rodgers has become.

  89. What is the “woke mob” in this case – the COVID rules of his employer? And how has he been cancelled? I never thought I’d hear this kind of gibberish coming from Rodgers.

    It’s called personal responsibility, and those responsibilities become larger when you’re a highly visible public figure. Be a man and own up to the mess YOU made.

  90. Great player and very smart but either stupid about his public persona or does not care. If it was the later no need to post the above comments. I would guess he has a bit of the “always the smartest guy in the room syndrome” and it might work in his football world but it falls very short in the covid issues world. He might have ignored the vaccine because, like others doing so, he just plain hates being told that he has to do something. Pretty sure his parents got him vaccinated against polio though.

  91. Blaming “cancel culture is such a cop out!” Take responsibility for your decisions But I guess you think your untouchable.

  92. This is what happens when you think you’re smarter than everybody else.
    As they say here in the shadows of Lambeau Field, “Ope!”

  93. Still waititng for the season-long suspension for violating Covid protocols in place for player safety that he blatantly refuse to follow.He needs to go, maybe for life.

  94. What a dope. From his interview today: “I’ve been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin c and d, and HCQ,” the NFL player continued, “and I feel pretty incredible.” One of those things is actually proven to fight Covid, and it ain’t HCQ or IVM. (Hint: it’s the monoclonal antibodies!) He deserves all the backlash he gets. And I hope his lady leaves him.

  95. How to go from being one of most popular players in the NFL to one of the least popular players in the NFL in one easy step.

  96. He’s appealing to all of the people who don’t live anywhere near a NFL team. Good luck with that!!

  97. There is no such thing as “cancel culture”, there are only people unable to face criticism and consequences for their choices.

  98. Even though I thought his reaction would be something like this, it still boggles my mind. First, it’s a lot less about why he chose not to get vaccinated (though I don’t believe his supposed reasons for a second) than it is about his deception and his flouting of the bargained NFL COVID protocols. Other guys have chosen not to get vaccinated and they’ve been open about it, but I guess Aaron is above all that.

    I’m also curious about his fear of the “woke mob” coming for him. What are they going to do? Chase him down with torches, tar and feathers? No, they’re going to *gasp* criticize him. How awful for him! No wonder he chose to lie, not mask, and needlessly expose people to risk of a disease that’s killed over 700K Americans! We shouldn’t be “canceling” him (whatever that is; I’ve never quite figured it out), we should be rushing to help him. Not.

  99. No accountability whatsoever… Talk about needing golden calculator to divide

    Nonetheless. Barbie needs a Ken.

    And now Karen has her Aaron…..

  100. Total fraud and liar.

    Rodgers keeps ruining his reputation with every word about this. I hope he loses all of his endorsements.

    Playing the victim now is such a predicable beta move.

  101. inozwetrust says:
    November 5, 2021 at 1:27 pm
    Elitist, entitled, selfish, prima donna, diva, irresponsible, pompous, liar

    Did I miss any?


    The votes are in. You left out Jerk

  102. Rodgers has a persecution complex. It wasn’t long ago he was ranting about the “woke mob” and “cancel culture” when no one was even criticizing him.

  103. Oh sure, Aaron…appeal to the anti-vaxxers and ‘merica-firsters to garner support.

    You care what people think WAY too much if you’re out there looking for any and all forms of support, no matter the ideology.

  104. Probably showing my age here, but I can remember when taking personal responsibility for your screw-ups was a positive trait. Now it’s guys like Aaron Rodgers taking it personal when their screw-ups are exposed and they deny any responsibility at all. Screaming “cancel culture” and “the woke mob” is such a tired way of refusing to own your mistakes. I don’t care if Rodgers gets vaccinated or not. That’s his choice, but at least even a weirdo like Kyrie Irving admitted he didn’t want the vaccine and is sitting out because of it. Rodgers wants to have it both ways and then cry when he can’t have it. Being a selfish narcissist is a bad look for this dude.

  105. Even though I don’t agree with Cole Beasly and Kyrie Irving, at least they are honest enough about how they feel and don’t try to lie about it. Aaron Rodgers cannot be trusted because he is willing to be honest and straightforward. The sports media is going to drive him out of the game because he feels victimized.

  106. My experience is when someone responds with a bombastic denial, like Rodgers did, the person is guilty as charged. On top of that, we know he lied and he didn’t deny lying. Fortunately, he’s not intimidating enough to get away with just blaming the “woke mob” and “cancel culture.” That stuff scores points with right-wing media, but doesn’t prove he didn’t lie. The facts are not on his side.

    Also – if Rodgers is allergic to an ingredient in the vaccines, why not state what that ingredient is? Or is his allergy diagnosis based on crystals and other new age nonsense, thus cannot be measured or proven?

  107. So now it is everyone else’s fault .. Just Wow!

    Rogers is the biggest whining baby primadonna athlete I have even seen!

  108. If Rogers can play again this year, looking forward to the fan banners in Chicago saying “looks like COVID owns Aaron Rogers!”

  109. I’m vaccinated, but people shouldn’t be forced to get the vaccine. Take a breath people.

  110. Victim Aaron. Never thought I’d see Rodgers play the victim. Got caught in his lie and now he’s blaming someone else for his lying problem.

  111. I suppose aaron has a really, really, really big chip on his shoulder again now.


  112. NFL (Niners Football League) says:
    November 5, 2021 at 1:23 pm
    What a Trumpian response. Accuse everyone of lying while giving no examples when he is in fact the one who blatantly lied


    yes because our current president has never lied…..or any politician for that matter

  113. He’s a victim of lying by saying he was “immunized” back in August. And now he has taken the cowardly way by blaming others. If he had brought all this information back in August, people would have talked about how prepared he was when it comes to the NFL’s policy on this.

  114. Frankly, I am happy he is taking a blowtorch to his own career. He’s got plenty of money to wipe his tears.

  115. Sure, he’s “allergic” to something in the vaccines – science. He’s allergic to science.

  116. easton091 says:
    November 5, 2021 at 3:08 pm
    NFL’s version of Kyrie Irving. Incredible
    That’s an insult to kyrie

  117. From “Aaron” to “Kaaron” oh how the once might have fallen….

    So sad.

    Very, very unfair!!!!

  118. Sure, always someone else’s fault with this princess (no offense intended towards actual princesses across the globe). “My body my choice” is a nice platitude guys like this say, but then the whine about the consequences that come about because of their choice. It’s pretty rare to see someone so successful with such a lack of personal accountability. I wonder if he gave a nanosecond of thought to the hopes and dreams of the other members of his team who might lose out on a season of their dreams or a Super Bowl if his selfishness resulted in him being unavailable for key games? Those other players deserve better.

  119. “..Real men accept the consequences their actions…”

    Sure, but rich men never do.

  120. He’s dispicable. Trying to change the narrative from I’m a liar to I’m the victim because he’s worried about that sponsor $$$. He put people in danger bottom line and the arrogance is just disgusting.

  121. Just when I was warming up to Aaron, he ‘WILLFULLY’ engaged in deceit and deception by conveying to GB Packer and NFL fans that he was vaccinated. Since his deceit was exposed, he’s now trying to play the victim card. Typical Aaron Rodgers arrogance, condescendingness and hubris!

  122. I’ve tuned him out ever since those insufferable “discount double check” commercials.

  123. FoozieGrooler says:
    “..Real men accept the consequences their actions…”

    Sure, but rich men never do.
    Wentz, Cousins and Irving all took the heat for their decision, and they stood by it. Much more respect for that.

    I cant believe that people still side with Rodgers. Are you vaccinated, “Yeah, I am immunized” “There are others that arent vaccinated, but thats their decision”. Thats not a clever parsing of words. ITS A LIE, and then he tried to disassociate himself from the other unvaccinated persons. Pretty cowardly in my opinion.

  124. wishing this guy got the Jeopardy gig and stopped playing football.

    The only thing worse than the “woke mafia” or “cancel culture” are crybabies with a persecution complex that play the victim card instead of just being an honest decent human being and owning up to your mistakes.

  125. Every comment seems to from the “woke” cultists.

    Yeah….no vaccine here or mask. I don’t buy your narrative.

    Not Rodgers, nor anyone else should have their employment dictated by an unconstitutional mandate from a tyrannical administration.

  126. I respect that he has a choice to make regarding getting the vaccine.

    The problem is that by being deceptive about whether he had the vaccine, he took away the choice of those around him who were being careful. My father is immunocompromised. I would be pretty upset if I was hanging out with a friend who told me he was vaccinated when he wasn’t. I would be more careful with him if I knew. Go do your own thing, but don’t put me at risk without me being aware of it.

  127. This is why the only appropriate response to questions about your private medical information is “no comment” or “none of your business”.

  128. I believe that he is about to become the target of a systematic process of intimidation and manipulation, the likes of which you …

  129. This is what happens when the league is unreasonable over what is now a very bad cold at best.

  130. “What is ‘Who is not going to be the host of anything anymore ever’, Aaaron?“

    False. He’s presently host to the coronavirus.

  131. He hasn’t endangered anyone by being unvaccinated. You can’t spread covid if you don’t have covid. Now that he’s tested positive for covid, he’s quarantining. Nobody has been identified as being infected from Rodgers. So it would be an example of a blatant lie to say that Rodgers has endangered others.

  132. Everything after “woke mob” can be rightfully ignored, as there is a 99.9% probability that it will contain falsehoods.

  133. If anybody chooses to not receive the jab that’s up to them. Too bad that the cry babies of the nation are virtue signalling and making a big deal out of it.

  134. How come none of you pathetic humans are bashing all the players that are vaccinated, and are spreading covid and missing games? Your logic is just so far out there. Can’t think for yourselves, must follow whatever the tv and Facebook tells me.

  135. Not Rodgers, nor anyone else should have their employment dictated by an unconstitutional mandate from a tyrannical administration.

    The Supreme Court of the United States has routinely held that vaccinate mandates are constitutional. Almost all states have vaccine mandates in place for childhood diseases. There is a balance between individual rights and the rights of the community, which you also happen to belong too. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, no one is forcing you to. There is no government official that will appear at your door with a needle. You may be inconvenienced by your decision not to be vaccinated, but that is not tyranny. In short, grow up.

  136. It has nothing to do with whether he got vaccinated. The entire issue is that he lied about it. Wentz, Cousins, etc aren’t vaccinated either but they were at least honest about it. Rodgers lied so he could have it both ways and now that he got caught it’s everybody else’s fault but his own. This is the type of guy he is.

  137. mogogo1 says:
    November 5, 2021 at 6:21 pm
    It has nothing to do with whether he got vaccinated. The entire issue is that he lied about it. Wentz, Cousins, etc aren’t vaccinated either but they were at least honest about it. Rodgers lied so he could have it both ways and now that he got caught it’s everybody else’s fault but his own. This is the type of guy he is.

    When did he say that he got the vaccine? He said everyone should make the decision for themselves.

  138. Soft, mob mentality, keyboard warriors. How many masks do you guys wear when you are commenting out of your moms basement?

  139. The Woke Mob…Cancel Culture…Witch Hunt…Did his own research…..Blatant Lies… It sounds all so familiar and defensive. Don’t care…already hoping for a season ending hammy for this guy. Couldn’t carry Brady’s jock strap IMHO

  140. Mhouser1922

    Very well put. He’s a guy who always has come off as intelligent albeit in casual back and forth we see. But now, he just seems like a person who’s surprised their twisted reality is not shared by the rest of us. Poor, poor Aaron. If only we’d buy the crap sandwich he’s selling and ask for seconds. Man’s a moron for all to see.

  141. “There is no such thing as ‘cancel culture'” Haha thanks for the laugh, sweetheart.

  142. I smell rubbish. What exactly is his allergy? Feel free to check out the ingredients for both Moderna and Pfizer at the CDC website: the only possible allergy he could have would be for polysorbate. Which has around a three in a million incidence, and is used in many foods and medicines. E.g: if you ever see him eat frozen dessert like ice cream or whipped toppings, he’s full of it.

  143. Hey he’s a “critical thinker”. Using the skills he learned in juco. What a narcissist. Let down his team, his fans, and the State Farm folks. Hope he has insurance for the lost income.

    Professional sports league need to stop enabling these twits.

  144. I been watching these little kids between 5 and 11 roll up their sleeves and get the shot. I didn’t see one of them complain or cry. They acted like more of an adult than Rogers and are seriously helping to reduce the spread of Covid.

  145. If you all think Aaron is liar, wait until you hear about Pfizer’s criminal history.

  146. reporter: “Are you vaccinated?”
    Rodgers: “Yeah, I’m immunized.”

    To me,”Yeah” to that direct question means, “Yes, I am vaccinated.”
    …it does NOT mean, “I [supposedly] am allergic to an ingredient in the vaccines, so I opted for alternative treatments. But, no, I am not vaccinated.”
    OR he could have just said that is a personal decision that is none of your business.

    He lied, and tried to cover it up when caught.

    Did his alternative treatment involve crystals and eye of newt?

  147. If you all think Aaron is liar, wait until you hear about Pfizer’s criminal history

    What does this deflection have to do with ANYTHING?

  148. whinybitches says:

    When did he say that he got the vaccine? He said everyone should make the decision for themselves.

    When a reporter asked him the direct question in August, “Are you vaccinated?”, Rodgers answered, “Yeah…”
    The press conference has been aired dozens of times on NFL channel and other sports outlets.

  149. Rodgers says he’s worried about fertility side effects and that he mistrusts big pharma. His solution is to take other meds for off label uses that are manufactured by…. big pharma.

  150. So many young players-high schools, colleges, etc. look up to these few who are fortunate enough to play in the NFL. It’s more than just a game. For those who are the best, they become the face of their franchise and are awarded top salaries, the best off-field advertising gigs, and basically a lifetime fan base that will continue supporting-both financially & as fans well beyond their playing years.
    In return, the organization asks their well-paid leaders to best represent the team, management, and fans in the best light, be a leader both on & off the field and be that player younger football players can say, “that is a great role model”. When these “faces of the franchise” decide to put themselves ahead of the team, you have a TEAM DISTRACTION just as Rodgers did with the vaccine. It divides teammates, fans, and the entire league.
    Seldom today do you see any person stepping up and admitting they could have been better or admit they made a mistake, but as a well-paid face of the franchise, you should never be in a situation for this to happen.

  151. Way to go Aaron. It is about time some of our athletes stand up for this crazy times. I support you fully for not being vaccinated.

  152. The mask rules are stupid. That said, if you get paid 35 million or whatever and they tell you to wear a mask, just shut up and do it.

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