Aaron Rodgers consulted with Joe Rogan, has taken Ivermectin

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Once Aaron Rodgers, who believed his unspecified homeopathic treatment would make him “immunized” from COVID, actually caught it, he began the process of treating it.

During his Friday interview with Pat McAfee, Rodgers said that he has consulted with “a now good friend of mine” Joe Rogan, and that Rodgers has followed Rogan’s advice, taking monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, and other substances.

Ivermectin has become a controversial treatment for COVID. The National Institutes for health explain that “no clinical trials have reported a clinical benefit for Ivermectin in patients” with COVID. Rogan and CNN battled over the network’s contention that Rogan used the form of Ivermectin that is used as a dewormer for horses. Rogan says he got the substance from a doctor, and he openly pondered whether he should sue CNN.

The treatment Rodgers has sought is irrelevant, of course, to the fact that he deliberately chose not to be vaccinated and deliberately chose to conceal his status. He claims that he kept the truth quiet because he feared a “woke mob” and “cancel culture.” The reality (in my opinion) is that he resents any and all criticism, and that he chose to hide his status so that no one would call him out for ultimately risking that he would be unavailable to play in multiple games for the Packers, and that he would potentially be in a better position to catch and to spread COVID, if not vaccinated.

57 responses to “Aaron Rodgers consulted with Joe Rogan, has taken Ivermectin

  1. Idiocracy was a documentary. Also, anyone else go from listening to like everyone single JRE live on YouTube to going cold Turkey when he went to Spotify?

  2. Just when you thought Rodgers couldn’t be any more weird . . . Actually, having Joe Rogan as his doctor is appropriate. And, it is a great idea to use Ivermectin — at least he shouldn’t develop heartworms.

    Man, have I become tired of this guy (who I used to hold in high esteem).

  3. Ivermectin saved several states in India when vaccine doses were not available. Completley factual. Why it isnt an option everywhere is beyond me. We should be using any option that helps…right?

  4. Clearly, that’s why he lost the Jeopardy! hosting gig. He’s not even close to smart enough.

  5. I wish I had the command of word and thought it would take to fully convey how unfathomablely stupid Rodgers is, but alas, those words cannot be spoken in a family friendly environment

  6. Monoclonal antibodies (e.g.Regeneron) are effective but less so than having the common sense to avoid getting sick and jeopardizing others in the first place. They are also much more expensive and tie up precious resources. It all makes sense, Judgement and leadership separate the good from the great under pressure.

  7. What I want to hear is what ingredient in Pfizer and Moderna he claims to be allergic to, and if I remember correctly, he didn’t mention J&J.

  8. So the self annotated “smartest guy in the room” consulted with Dr Joe Rogan. Great job Aaron. Aren’t you a great citizen.

  9. He just proves the point that thankfully there is now a vaccine available for COVID 19, unfortunately we still don’t have one for stupidity!

  10. I’m wondering if Invermectin or any of the other substances that Rodgers is now taking are banned by the NFL?

  11. I defended Rodgers’earlier antics because I thought it was fair for him to be upset with recent GB management moves. This is indefensible though. Selfish, arrogant and irresponsible.

  12. Aaron Rodgers is going to be the only NFL player in history to win a Super Bowl MVP award and a Darwin Award haha

  13. Needs to be suspended for compromising player health and safety, that’s the most important thing, right NFL? So do the right thing and suspend this liar.

  14. Should take a course of hydroxyqluoroquine while he’s at it. Rodgers is officially an idiot.

  15. I don’t care if he takes the vaccine or not. But not following the protocols put in place by doctors, scientists, and the CDC and approved by the players association is just low and dangerous. It’s unfair to all the people who work for the Packers who aren’t multi millionaire football players. Imagine how many older guys there are in that locker room. And this guy isn’t masking up,he is going to topless beach parties with his Hollywood girl friend. Screw this guy. I feel bad for Packers fans saying this, but I think he should be suspended for the rest of the year. I don’t care how many crystals he rubbed on his junk or how much horse dewormer he ate, I saw this guy on the sidelines with no mask. He should have already been gone for the season. Watch Wentz, no matter how you feel about him or his play, the dude is unvaccinated,but you will never see him without a mask on when his helmet is not on. Props to him for not being an entitled git, atleast in this instance.

  16. Rodgers and the Packers probably saw that silly circus that broke out in Minnesota and decided they would avoid all that. Smart move. I don’t need to know whether or not that man is vaccinated. It’s none of my business.

  17. I’ve ignored Rodgers ever since those insufferable “discount double check” commercials.

  18. You have access to some of the best doctors in the world, but yes, let’s consult a comedian.

  19. I understand that we have choices under our constitutional rights, yada yada, but if an employer is paying your salary – an exorbitant amount in Rodger’s case- you have an obligation to follow a directive. There are employers like Delta Airlines docking employees $200/month for health care costs if they don’t get vaccinated. Seems like the NFL could benefit from such a policy.

  20. Guarantee Rodgers doesn’t get anything more than no or mild symptoms. He’ll be back in action quick. Like it or not, he didn’t lie (you assumed) and was responsible seeking a treatment he was comfortable with. When Rodgers feels fine and bounces back quick, better back track some of your slings and arrows.

  21. Put a “K” in front of his name and then all the crazy becomes understood, KAaron Rodgers. He was a Karen all along….

  22. I’ll say it again, I think the protocols are ridiculous and mostly ineffective. That being said, those are the rules and your union agreed to them. I have rules in my job, too. I have to wear a mask when around others at work, and unvaccinated employees require weekly testing. It doesn’t matter what my personal opinion of the measures is. It is what it is. But not for the most sensitive pro athletes in human history. He does what he wants, because he’s Aaron Rodgers.

  23. I’m not going to take a vaccine that’s approved by the FDA and CDC because I don’t feel comfortable they were thoroughly tested.

    But pop some horse meds Joe Rogan gave me? Of course.

  24. Are you kidding me? Joe “Freakin” Rogan? Yea, he’s qualified to take medical advise from. Stupid. Aren’t we all just sick of Arron .?

  25. Woke mob and cancel culture? Happily, “wokism” is being put to bed as people are sick of hearing about everything grossly offending a few…when it is all BS. I think Rodgers should have been up front about the vax status, but I can see his point of no longer tolerating this woke nonsense.

  26. The headline should read that Rodgers has taken monoclonal antibodies. Take them soon enough and most people can ward off the worst of the infection. This is not disputed by anybody, but the message needs to get out there. The Ivermectin is much much more secondary than the antibody treatment right now.

  27. He wouldn’t take the FDA approved vaccine and instead opted to take an anti-parasitic medication not approved for treatment of Covid? Uh, wow.

  28. “ Works. Used it myself.”. I drank a shot Jack and didn’t get planters warts. Works?

  29. Aaron later commented that of course he wishes he hadn’t taken medical advice from Joe Rogan. But unfortunately he couldn’t get in contact with Deuce Bigalow.

  30. When will the public wake up to the fact that the only thing that the vaccine MAY do is lessen the effects of Covid if you get it. It doesn’t keep people from getting or spreading the virus. That’s a fact. I don’t blame him for not wanting to inject his body with an experimental drug. I have had Covid and now have natural immunity. I trust what God has given me way more than what our government wants to give me. I won’t do it because unlike half of Americans I have the ability to think for myself. I don’t need the liberal main stream media to tell me how to think. Someone in my congregation (yes I go to church) suffered a stroke the day after she took the vaccine. Her doctor even admitted that her stroke was caused by the vaccine.

  31. Great respect for Aaron Rodgers and his stand for personal freedom to make his own health care decisions. Way to go Aaron!!
    Notice the brain dead, uniformed sports media makes it’ a big story when Aaron test positive and is unvaccinated …and a week earlier Adams tests positive and IS VACCINATED – and no story or concern that the vaccines don’t stop transmission!! The double standard is glaring and pathetic. Medical tyranny is taking place and so many do not even care. Since when is only one drug the only treatment FOR EVERYONE?!! No second opinion anymore?? People are like sheep being lead to the slaughter due to their lack of knowledge. Rodgers is a critical thinker in this matter – something there is a real lack of among so many worshippers of the experimental untested toxic injections killing thousands. Get the facts people – not the legacy media propaganda.

  32. The truth is that Ivermectin won a Noble Award in 2015 for the treatment of respiratory disease FOR PEOPLE! The legacy media continues to disparage it but clinically doctors are using it early with Covid patients with great success savings lives. If you can’t understand that big Pharma has great influence and wants every other treatment besides the vaccine discredited, then you really haven’t done your due diligence to look at the research beyond the narrative of the legacy media wants to brainwash you with.

  33. The truth is that Ivermectin won a Noble Award in 2015 for the treatment of respiratory disease FOR PEOPLE!

    Well…no. “Ivermectin” didn’t win the Nobel Prize, two scientists did. They used a formulation of Ivermectin to treat parasitic infections in humans. That is not the same thing as COVID.

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