Henry Ruggs faces 46 years in prison

Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Appears In Court Following Fatal DUI Crash
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Former Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs is facing a lengthy stay in prison.

Via TMZ, prosecutors have charged Ruggs with five crimes, four of which are felonies.

He has been charged with DUI resulting in death, DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm, and two counts of reckless driving, all of which are felonies.

Ruggs also faces a misdemeanor charge of possessing a gun under the influence of alcohol. In all, he faces 46 years in prison.

Prosecutors contend that Ruggs was driving his Corvette 156 miles per hour only two seconds before impacting, and that the car was moving at 127 mph when it struck the back of a Toyota RAV4, killing 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog.

74 responses to “Henry Ruggs faces 46 years in prison

  1. Okay we now have a little more information on the intentions of the District Attorney. 46 years has teeth to it, even if they plea him which I’ve voiced I hope is not the case I see him now getting 24-30 something probably if he elocutes and throws himself on the mercy of the court. To be frank though if the family of the deceased shows up each time there is a parole board he may serve close to the full I doubt even a real high end attorney with these facts is going to alter much. Her life is gone, his is forever changed. Such a tragedy that should’ve been avoided altogether.

  2. The potential sentence is big. In reality, they plea bargain out everything but the DUI causing death. If he’s a first time offender, he’s realistically looking at 4-6 years.

  3. Dude killed a woman. I don’t have sympathy for him.. God rest her soul . Throw him the kitchen sink. When he gets out in 10 years maybe he’ll be a changed man.

  4. How many cautionary tales do these players have to hear before they stop doing these idiotic things? Go from living in a mansion to a 6×8 jail cell.

  5. I’m sure he will plead it down to considerably less time. Jessica Williams got less time for killing 6 teens(original sentence was for 18-48 years), for which she served 18.

  6. He better get every year of it and then some he better pay hard. Hope young athletes learn a very good lesson from this idiot there’s no reason for what he did no way to excuse it no way to sugarcoat it. You ruined her family. They will never be the same because of you if anybody tries to defend your Actions they should rot right alongside you in a jail cell. I hope her family gets justice and you rot in a prison cell for the rest of your life All because you are dumb.

  7. What I thought about when this happened was he is going to owe that family a lot of money. The Raiders don’t have to pay him anything else i would imagine. The point is, the house and cars he bought his mom and family they have to sell to pay off this settlement. Thats just me thinking real about it all.

  8. If there was ever a cautionary tale this is it,. Anyone who doesn’t learn from this is a complete moron. Today’s tweet from Kadarius Toney, who obviously doesn’t comprehend the gravity of this tragedy, was troubling. I hope these guys wake up.

  9. What a terrible week in the NFL,with this being the absolute worst news of all. May Tina Tinter and her dog rest in peace.

  10. Sometimes these prosecutors make themselves look stupid. DUI resulting in death, & DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm? Pick one.

  11. I don’t know how to put a sentence on killing someone. This can’t be a 10 year and out in 3 for good behavior. This needs to carry some weight. 1 life cut short and another ruined over drinking and being irresponsible.

  12. When you are driving 156 miles per hour with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, causing someone’s death isn’t an accident, it’s inevitable. The charges should include 2nd degree murder.

  13. 46 years and 2 days, the max plus one day each for the woman and animal he so senselessly obliterated.

  14. I live in Vegas and I can tell you that they are not lenient on this. He is going to prison for probably 7-10 years based on other cases I’ve seen

  15. that’s a picture of a man who’s slowly starting to realize that his life is essentially over but the full gravity of the situation has not yet sunk in. You can still kinda detect false hope that money, fame, lawyers or whatever will somehow make this all go away.

  16. A young lady has lost all of her future years because of his disregard for the rules of civilized society. He needs to be a warning to all others that think the same way! Maximum penalty, maximum years!

  17. He definitely deserves prison time. Play stupid games win stupid prizes, he took another’s life with his recklessness. I don’t think he should do 50 years but he should get and do every bit of at least 20.

  18. The judge let this guy post bail. A young woman was burned alive as she sit trapped in her vehicle while this drunk whined on the side of the road. What is wrong with these people? He should be punished severely for this. 156mph??? He’s a murderer in my eyes.

  19. What happened was a tragedy. Such an awful thing to happen. RIP to Tina and her dog. I just don’t think someone that barley turned 22, with zero priors, should do 30 40yrs in prison for something like this. People have done less time for intentional murder, rape, pedophilia etc. To give a young man 30 years of prison for a mistake is almost cruel imo. I hope all sides involved can somehow find peace though.

  20. It’s time to start sending a message to people who drive that recklessly. It’s insane.

  21. Tina Tintor has already received a death sentence due to his choices. Lock him up and throw away the key. I can’t imagine the pain her family is going thru over this senseless death.

  22. He deserves every second of those 46 years. He should not be allowed an early release, a lesser sentence, he deserves all 46 years.

  23. With well-paid lawyers, my guess is he will get a lengthy sentence but should get out eventually for good behavior. Probably get out too old to still play WR but certainly young enough to still have many yrs ahead of him.

  24. I’m kinda wondering why a vehicle is manufactured which will go 156mph.

    Is this really necessary?

  25. The fact that the victim survived the crash but literally burned alive afterwards because she was trapped and bystanders weren’t able to free her makes me think even 46 years is way too low

  26. I hope he gets a judge with common sense. He should do every second of that 46 years, no time for good behavior.

  27. I can’t help but think of Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption at his last parole hearing…” …I wish I could go back in time and talk to that young foolish kid…”. Henry is going has a lot of time to think about his stupidity.

  28. bsandersupthesidelinecutsbackinside says:

    Sometimes these prosecutors make themselves look stupid. DUI resulting in death, & DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm? Pick one.
    Who looks stupid? They both happened. One person was seriously injured and one person died.

  29. bsandersupthesidelinecutsbackinside says:
    November 5, 2021 at 11:33 pm
    Sometimes these prosecutors make themselves look stupid. DUI resulting in death, & DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm? Pick one.

    Um…the DUI resulting in death is for Ms. Tintor. The DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm is for his girlfriend who was seriously injured. Those charges are not for the same person. There were two people that were affected. One died and one was seriously injured. This, the charges are appropriate.

  30. Tina Tintor’s life expectancy was probably about 60 years. That should be his minimum sentence. He shouldn’t be entitled to any life outside of prison for the life he denied her.

  31. That’s a longer sentence than if he would have pulled a gun on someone and killed them. This was a tragic accident. Irresponsible and stupid, but he didn’t intend to kill anybody. Forty six years the taxpayers have to take care of this guy. I feel like I just got sentenced. I guess they’re not going to be lowering taxes any time soon, if longer prison sentences is our answer to everything. If we could bring back Tina with a 99 year sentence, I’m all for it. America has more people in prison per capita than any country in the world, and it’s not even close. All these prisons, and people are still getting killed by drunk drivers. Are we insane, or are we going to continue this broken system and expect a different result. Feeling good about someone getting punished certainly isn’t helping solve the problem. Ask Tina’s family if this sentence makes them feel any better. Believe me, it doesn’t. Are we really trying, or just caving to politicians and lobbyists?

  32. It seems to me he broke a lot of laws which the low number of five charges doesn’t sufficiently reflect. Foolish, foolish little man.

    I have no words for the victim’s family. To lose a daughter and a beloved dog in such a senseless, selfish and avoidable manner is maddening to the point where one believes that no punishment is too harsh.

    I await the beginning of the civil suit, and God knows that family is entitled to all Ruggs has.

  33. There are some obvious Dumb ass’s who think he should just walk away and get nothing . Just look at all the negetives and thumbs down. Alabama fans, or Raiders fans. This kid deserves to go away for a long time. You can just look at his attitude and the way he acted at the hospital and in court. LOCK HIM UP.

  34. That poor girl didn’t just die. It’s not like her death came to her upon impact. No, she would have been lucky if that had happened given the situation of the collision he caused. And she certainly wasn’t as lucky as him to get out of her vehicle alive. She died a most horrific death according to witnesses. She was trapped in a burning vehicle screaming for help until her death mercifully ended it. Think of the horror of that before we talk about “mistakes.”

  35. He won’t serve 46 years and he shouldn’t have to. He deserves a second chance to get life right. Just like we all do. Because he is an NFL player doesn’t mean he isn’t human. He will probably get between 2-6 years. He’ll have to live with the fact that this cost him his career and millions of dollars. He’ll have to live with the fact that he killed someone the same way that his own best friend died. This case is going to leave him broke probably(only 2 years into his rookie deal). It’s over for him and a 46 year sentence would be overkill. Let’s not forget he isn’t being charged with murder.

  36. Those of you who are attempting to rationalize what Ruggs did and portray him as some sort of victim in this tragedy are disgusting.

  37. To all of the people who are really excited and happy about this news, I hope something beautiful happens in your life today. Maybe you get to go to a museum, or create your own piece of art. Be well.

  38. Sad a women and her dog were killed needlessly. He ruined her life and his own. And why didn’t his gf stop him. Tragic all around.

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