Aaron Rodgers was asked a follow-up question in August based on the presumption that he’s vaccinated, and he answered it

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As expected, Aaron Rodgers is playing a cutesy word game over whether he lied about being vaccinated. Unfortunately for Rodgers, his effort to say that he wasn’t lying when he created the clear impression in August that he’s vaccinated has collapsed like a house of cards in a bomb cyclone.

“I didn’t lie in the initial press conference,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on Friday. “At the time, my plan was to say that I’ve been immunized. It wasn’t some sort of ruse or lie. It was that truth. . . . Had there been a follow-up to my statement that I’ve been immunized, I would have responded with this. I would have said, ‘Look, I’m not some sort of anti-vaxx, flat-earther. I am somebody who’s a critical thinker. You guys know me. I march to the beat of my own drum. I believe strongly in bodily autonomy, and the ability to make choices for your body. Not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something.”

As Myles Simmons astutely noted on Friday’s #PFTPM, there was a follow-up question during that initial press conference. The follow-up question was based on the clear impression that Rodgers is vaccinated. In responding to the question he did not point out that, no, he’s not vaccinated.

Here’s the first question he was asked on August 26: “Are you vaccinated and what’s your stance on vaccinations?”

“Yeah, I’ve been immunized,” he said. “There’s a lot of conversation around it, around the league. And a lot of guys who have made statements, and not made statements. Owners who’ve made statements. There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision. I’m not gonna judge those guys.”

Obviously, Rodgers created the clear impression that he was vaccinated. Why would he say that he won’t judge teammates who aren’t vaccinated if he isn’t vaccinated?

But then came the next question. The follow-up that prompted Rodgers to dig in deeper to his lie.

“Aaron,” the reporter said, “without getting into the personal choice thing about that, from a football perspective, you know, Kirk Cousins is talking about how he’s like in a hermetically-sealed box or something in the quarterback room. The Patriots appear frustrated with Cam Newton because he hasn’t. From a football and competitive standpoint, was that important, to make sure that you’re most likely going to be available? And I don’t know, maybe even from an example-setting standpoint?”

“No, I mean, no, it wasn’t about that at all,” Rodgers said in response. “I think I like to learn about everything that I’m doing. And you know there was a lot of research that even went into that. But, you know, there’s been, like I said, there’s been people that have tested positive. I think it’s only vaccinated people there. So you know it’s gonna be interesting to see how things work moving forward. Obviously, there could be some issues with vaccinated people only testing every couple weeks and vaccinated people testing every day. Last year, I felt like — I think I read something about this — I think it was more difficult to pull a guy out who might have tested positive on game day. I don’t think that’ll be the issue with somebody who’s not vaccinated. But you know it is interesting to see how things are played out. I think there’s been a lot of conversation around it. And just in talking with [NFLPA president] JC [Tretter], I think this is gonna continue to evolve as we get into the season.”

Everything about the question presumed that Rodgers is vaccinated, that his prior answer indicated that he is vaccinated. Rodgers answered the question without correcting the false impression. He therefore bolstered the false impression.

Now, he’s trying to claim that he won a shell game of exact words. But he didn’t. He lied. He knew that he lied. When he was asked a question based specifically on that lie, he didn’t correct the lie.

Sorry, but that’s the truth. He lied. And that needs to be remembered when assessing the credibility of every word that he uttered on Friday — and of anything he ever says again.

That’s not a result of the “woke mob” engaging in “cancel culture.” It’s the simple product of calling bullshit bullshit.

78 responses to “Aaron Rodgers was asked a follow-up question in August based on the presumption that he’s vaccinated, and he answered it

  1. Between how he handled his holdout and this situation it seems like he is intent or tarnishing his reputation at the last moment. His inability to face any legit criticism is pathetic.

  2. It was just a bold faced lie. Pretty simple. It’s like getting pulled over and telling the cop you weren’t drinking, when in fact you’re drunk. Or that you don’t have any weapons, when in fact you have a loaded gun under your seat. Or that you didn’t put your hands on that underaged child. Then turn around it blame it on a woke culture. Lol. Hey, I guess I shouldn’t blame Aaron. Lying has become part of our culture, and if you don’t go along with the lies, you’re woke. So I get it. Woke must mean honest. I always wondered what that word meant.

  3. So aside from not wearing a mask at the facility, it really hasn’t been addressed… Does Rodgers follow all other guidelines like testing when he arrives daily…. Or mandatory testing AT THE FACILITY daily (like what got Cam Newton in trouble this summer)….. And what about the Packers bye week? Will he be required to report daily TO THE FACILITY, like all unvaccinated players???

  4. Two things can be equally true. Rogers is a self centered, lying narcissistic fool. He is also uniquely talented, blessed with one of the greatest arms and football savvy of any quarterback in NFL history. For all of the hand wringing, the Packers will be fined, Rogers will come back when he passes Covid protocols, and he will continue to be one of the absolute best when he steps on the field. We don’t have to like it, but thems the facts.

  5. As a parent, you know you’re arguing with a child when they try to turn their mistake on you.

  6. At the US Air Force Academy, we had another name for “shell game of exact words.” We called it “quibbling.” It was absolutely equivalent to lying and got you booted from the Academy for an Honor Code violation. The idea was that an individual could not be a leader if he/she lacked honesty and trustworthiness. Might be too high a bar for the NFL…

  7. Would’ve been better if you’d just stayed quiet, Aaron. It’s like each word is just digging deeper.

  8. We’re not canceling Rodgers. But like any public figure, he needs to be held accountable for his deceitful, lying, cowardly behavior, and not held up as a trusted, reliable role model – which he craves and profits from by the way!

  9. Question for State Farm: do you really want a selfish, egotistical liar like Aaron Rodgers representing your company? Might be time to reassess that partnership. When all is said, the only thing left for Rodgers to endorse will be Joe Rogan’s horse dewormer.

  10. He answered brilliantly. He clearly said ‘no, it wasn’t about that’ and went on to expand on his answer. He did actually win a clever word game. Show us the lie. Not correcting an incorrect assumption, is not a lie.

  11. If you search for “liar” in the dictionary, the image with it has now been updated with picture of a smug Aaron Rodgers.

    Loved this guy as a junior college QB who made it to the pros, but now I can’t wait until I never have to hear his name or see his pathetic face ever again.

  12. Aaron Rodgers can play football, but he’s a narcissist and a liar. What a waste of real talent.

  13. Man’s reasoning and explanation of this situation and his actions are ludicrous. FYI Aaron you come off now as a self deluded crack pot. If your physical gifts depart you I dont think you’ll find as many people lining up to hear what you have to say. Most of us will be debating if you’re lying to our face again about something serious every time your lips are moving.

  14. Autonomy over your own body is fine as long as no one else is put at risk. A person who drinks and drives can’t claim autonomy over his own body even if he gets home safe because he’s putting other people at risk. We all agree on this. Therefore, what Rodgers actually believes is that he does not think he is putting anyone else at risk by catching COVID. And the reply to that is that it does not matter what any individual believes, but what the proper authorities have determined. You can’t have people driving under the influence just because they believe they can drive safely. Rules and laws need to apply equally to everyone, society couldn’t function otherwise.

  15. Rodgers skated around the truth but not correcting people’s false impressions is not lying, it’s avoiding telling the truth.
    There’s a difference.

  16. If there’s there’s such a thing as positive energy pushing for someone to succeed, Love will soar on Sunday– that’s not just Packer Nation tired of the smarter-than-you diva act now spouting vax deniers’ complete nonsense. Rodgers’ agent must now be on suicide watch: it isn’t everyone destroys BOTH their NFL career and their present endorsements and post-career, all in one week.

  17. Personally I see both sides of the vax v. no vax debate. But, Rodgers clearly intended to give a false impression in that press conference and was successful in doing so. He “wordsmithed”…he “was nuanced”…however you want to say it. The bottom line is he was not truthful.

  18. ….and those last words are exactly what Rodgers is full of. We all know it, he just thinks he’s smarter than everyone else with his clever answers and smirk attitude. Comes down to he broke rules agreed to by his union, what will they do about it?

  19. I have Aaron’s back 100% always. I don’t and will not ever waver on my feelings about him. Aaron is a high quality individual. A great human. The end.

    I do wish Aaron had not amped this up on the Friday before J-Love’s first NFL start. It distracts from the teams preparation. The team is focused on only KC. I did not like seeing Matt LaFleur, Davante, J-Love, and others questioned about this. They were at practice and preparing for a game. They then walk in to fulfill their media obligations and are wacked with all this.

    Some in the “media” will not stop obsessing on this. They were waiting all season for any crack to be able to try and slam Aaron Rodgers. Good luck with all that.

    The Packers are focused 100% on KC. That is what matters. Business trip. Will be a tough game, but I like our chances.

    I will say that I am so proud of how J-Love is handling this week. He is locked in and ready.



  20. His lying was so slick and effortless it makes you wonder what else he has lied so effortlessly about… like perhaps Gutekunst.

  21. If Prince Aaron was the QB of lets say the Patriots, or WFT, or the Raiders. He would be suspended minimum of 4 games .

  22. He talked to Joe Rogan and is taking ivermectin. What medical school did Joe Rogan go to again?

  23. Lying means telling an untruth. It doesn’t mean not correcting other people’s false notions.
    Words have meanings.

  24. What’s wrong with people nowadays? They knowingly lie and act like you’re crazy for believing the truth.

  25. “I March to the beat of my own drum.”

    If I can remember my Latin, roughly translates to “I’m an arrogant, entitled, narcissistic ass clown. Don’t ever question a delicate genius.”

  26. He’s a prima donna who thinks he’s special and has his own rules, always has been.

  27. Woke mob! I love it. No buddy that is the response always when your actions are more than questionable. Don’t want to follow your union rules easy fix is to get another job. Suspend him multiple games already. Hell Aaron Jones plays with his fathers ashes around his neck cuz he died in April. Until we as a people take this serious we will have to continually deal with this.

  28. He’s a liar. He’s the latest version of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong. The simple fact he’s been relying on Joe Rogan for his guidance pushes him off my cliff.

  29. Wow! Talk about a word salad.

    The interesting thing did play out: Rodgers lied, contracted the illness, and now blames the sportswriters and fans who made him famous and wealthy for caring about what he says.

    If he does not want people to care, then he should not take the money. They are inseparable. He wants to control things his way and he must push back against authority. That is who he is.

  30. a complete Liar my Guy. why didn’t you just say you had a allergy to the medicine? Now you’re out here crawdading and looking like a total fraud.

  31. He still never said he was vaccinated. Call it a shell game all you want but you assumed he was vaxed and you know what they say about assuming…

  32. Not only is Rodgers a great QB, he is also a great liar. If you strap him to a polygraph he might beat the machine. To quote George Costanza, “it’s not a lie if you believe it”.

  33. Blaming it on the ‘woke’ culture is stupid too. If trump had won the election his cult would have been going crazy making sure everyone was vaccinated with ‘his’ vaccine, and the leftys would have been screaming against it. It’s all political!

  34. Was there a giant assumption that “immunized” meant “vaccinated”? It seems so to me…

  35. I’ve resisted commenting on this because I do believe that getting vaccinated is a personal choice. I have been vaccinated, but know many people that aren’t and understand there reasoning for not doing so.

    I believe Aaron did do some research and respect his reasons (if he truly is allergic – but I don’t believe him to be an overly honest person) for not getting vaxed.

    Having said that, his “wordsmithing” by saying he was “immunized” when specifically asked if he was vaccinated is not telling the truth.

    Yes, he lied about his vaccination status and chose not to follow the protocols as agreed to by the NFLPA for all those players that chose not to get vaccinated. What makes Aaron special?

    His own words after stating he was “immunized”: “There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision. I’m not gonna judge those guys.”

    Of course he shouldn’t judge those guys – he’s one of them.

    The man is an arrogant prick who has been idolized by most Packer fans for over a decade.

    I find it humorous that many of them have made him out to be public enemy #1 though, just because he didn’t get vaccinated. I thought just being a GB Packer exempted a player from following any and all rules/laws/ordinances that the rest of the residents of Wisconsin have to follow.

    Because he chose to lie about it and failed to follow the protocols agreed to, I think that the NFL should impose significant fines/suspensions/draft pick selections to Aaron, the player, and to the Packer organization as appropriate for perpetuating or allowing the charade to continue for 3 months.

    Both the NFL and the NFLPA appear to be compromised by this situation as they both knew the truth and failed to act in the best interest of the players and staff.

    I don’t have a lot of respect for either the NFL or the NFLPA and don’t know what can be done to them. They both have taken a hit on their integrity (what little they have) for allowing Aaron’s flaunting of the CBA in their face for nearly half the season.

    I find it very disingenuous for Aaron to complain about the “woke mob” only when it has come after him. He was part of the “woke mob” that went after Drew Brees just last year.

    Drew Brees comments were his personal opinion, which he is entitled to.

    Rodgers isn’t (or should be) entitled to falsely represent himself as vaccinated when he has refused to be vaccinated. Other NFL players (including starting QB’s) have been honest about their vaccination status.

    ***RANT OVER***

  36. How about if other players decide the delicate QB protection rules are part of the “woke culture” and disregard them?

    Aaron could have said he didn’t want to be vaccinated and followed the rules of someone not vaccinated. Period.

    Instead he pretended he was vaccinated to follow the “easier” rules of someone vaccinated.

    Now he’s put multiple people at risk.

    If the NFL doesn’t suspend him and take picks from GB (as they obviously knew the whole time) then they are a joke and players “forced” to get vaccinated should sue.

  37. If he doesn’t want the vaccine then that’s his right. But he should still have to follow the rules everyone else does. Fine him and move on.

  38. I think this guy’s post NFL life is going to be very hard for him. This level of narcissism can’t survive without a source. On the other hand he seems well on his way to a very successful 2nd career in politics.

  39. “Woke Mob”

    “Cancel Culture”

    “Joe Rogan”

    Give an idealist a few hundred-million dollars and just watch how fast they turn hard right. Next thing ya know, he’ll be hanging out with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent and they’ll all get matching “Q” tattoos on their foreheads.

  40. Sounds like he has a future in law. If you were on his side, you would argue that he never said he was vaccinated and he was under no obligation to correct anyone who presumed he was base in his previous answer.

  41. I’m pretty sure taking medication intended for a different species based on medical advice from a podcast host/UFC color commentator doesn’t qualify you as a critical thinker, it makes you an idiot. This guy has such a smug, slick, and unlikable personality. His responses provided in the Pat McAfee interview also need to be dissected and fact checked because why would he start being “straight up” about things right now? I would take Favre’s annual retirement shenanigans every day of the week over seeing this guy’s face and his BS.

  42. Enough said about the drama queen Miss Aaron. Let’s move onto football. He’s gone for 2 weeks. Byby

  43. He lied. Fauci Lied, Trump lied, Biden lied, China lied. And they all keep on lying. Shows you the importance of taking a minute to educate yourself and then think for yourself and make good decisions.

  44. If Aaron wants to get into fancy little word games, he definitely did lie when the first word out of his mouth was “yeah”.

    Doesn’t matter that he then said “i’m immunized”, because he’d already answered the direct question.

  45. This guy reminds me of a guilty man who thinks he can outsmart the detectives and waives his right for an attorney. This ends badly for this smug prick.

  46. Bill Mahr is right… This “pandemic” is over. Time to go back to REAL normal. And I don’t mean the normal that we got after being promised “Just get the jab and we go back to normal”

  47. All off-season it was about how the Packers disrespected Rodgers, yet in Green Bay, we knew this guy was a clown for years, but hey he wins games. I for one won’t be sad the day he just goes away. Didn’t he say something about the smartest person in the room is not always the one doing all the talking? Poor Aaron for having to deal with his own words. Maybe he’s not as clever as he thinks he is?

  48. Speaking of wordsmithing, LaFleur was very careful to say he was confident about COVID compliance within the building. Because he knows full well that Rodgers was out of compliance all over the place otherwise. The rules say he shouldn’t be within six feet on vaccinated team personnel on trips, can’t go away on bye weeks, can’t socialize unmasked, and so on. Last Sunday night he went, unmasked, to a big Halloween party attended by several of his teammates. Obviously Rodgers thought he was above all the rules because he’s so special and he didn’t agree personally to them, even if his union did.

    This pandemic is not over. Just yesterday more than 1300 people died from COVID. Promising, easy and inexpensive treatment regimes are right around the corner. (Pfizer’s new antiviral is already being used in the UK and its application for authorization in US is pending.) Is it really so much to ask that people like Rodgers take ordinary precautions to protect their fellow human beings? I mean, I know we’re all inferior creatures to him, but go ahead and be a benevolent god, OK?

  49. I respect Kirk Cousins for saying his intentions, unabashedly and upfront. I think he’s an idiot for not getting vaccinated, but at least he owns his own *hit.

    Rodgers is neither respectable or upfront. He’s a fraud and a liar. The pandemic is real. It’s not ending because of selfish liars like Rodgers walking around.

    I’m not bashing Rodgers for not getting vaccinated, I treat all idiots equally, but he’s an important, influential person and he lied to all of us equally. I’m done with that guy. I don’t care if the Packers go 0-9 the rest of the way, and I’ll still support them and Jordan Love. Funny thing……if they go 0-9 they may still win the division!

  50. He would have been better off admitting lying and showing remorse. Sticking to this nonsense that nobody believes completely flushes his credibility down the toilet.

    Bye bye endorsements, future as a broadcaster etc.

  51. Rodgers wasn’t “immunized” since he’s caught covid. But it turns out getting vaccinated doesn’t immunize you either. The advantage of the vaccine is it helps you recover quicker and makes it much likely an infected person will die or need hospitalization. The chance of Rodgers dying or needing hospitalization is about nil. The national average case fatality rate for covid is under 2% but it’s not distributed evenly. It’s high for old people, especially those with comorbidities. It’s close to zero for healthy young people like NFL players with no known comorbidities. Coaches and staff are likely at higher rate. I hope Bob Wylie doesn’t catch covid.

    I predict Rodgers will be back soon without suffering any serious health effects and will continue to play well for the Packers and lead them to the playoffs. This is much ado about nothing.

  52. here is a wild thought. What if Rodgers misses the next two games and Jordan Love leads them to two victories. Do the Packers bench Rodgers to preserve his off season trade value like the Texans are doing with Watson?

  53. I hope Jordan Love absolutely lights it up and gives the Packers enough reason to keep this jerk on the bench.

  54. Aaron’s football prowess will put him in the Hall Of Fame and i agree with that.
    But i hope his name never goes up in Lambough alongside such honorable names as
    Lombardi, Nitchki, Starr, etc.
    It would take away from the prestige of retiring players numbers.

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