Browns converted significant amount of Odell Beckham’s remaining salary to a roster bonus, due next week

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The full and accurate details regarding the revised Odell Beckham Jr. contract are emerging. And the details that are coming to light make more sense than the report that surfaced on Friday.

Per a source with knowledge of the structure of the deal, the Browns converted a significant amount of Beckham’s remaining salary to a roster bonus due next week.

Thus, if he’s claimed on waivers, he gets the remaining salary and the roster bonus from his new team. If he becomes a free agent, the Browns are on the hook for the remaining salary but not the roster bonus.

It’s believed that the roster bonus is in the range of $3 million, which would put the salary in the range of $4.25 million.

If claimed on waivers, Beckham gets it all from his next team. If unclaimed, he gets his remaining Browns salary (but not the roster bonus) plus whatever he gets from his next team for the rest of 2021. And he breaks even if he gets the amount of the roster bonus as salary from his next team.

As the source explained it, Beckham took the deal because Cleveland could have converted the balance of his remaining salary to a signing bonus, reducing his base salary to the minimum and making it much more likely that he’d be claimed on waivers by a team for which he’d rather not play. That was, at the end of the day, the leverage the Browns had to get him to agree to a structure that will help the Browns save some money.

The Browns will save, at a minimum, the amount of the roster bonus. If someone claims the contract on waivers, the Browns will save it all.

23 responses to “Browns converted significant amount of Odell Beckham’s remaining salary to a roster bonus, due next week

  1. I can’t believe this diva gets paid. If that was the case, I wish they’d just let him rot on the bench!

  2. I hope he gets picked up by Detroit or Seattle.

    In Detroit, he will be the #1 receiver on a team that never goes anywhere. In Seattle, he won’t get the ball since Metcalf and and Lockett will get most of the attention from Wilson. Either way, with Detroit or Seattle he will be on a team that is the cellar of their division.

  3. jake6879 says:

    November 6, 2021 at 2:30 pm

    Calling it.. Texans

    So are you going to come back in a couple days puffing your chest announcing you called it wrong? No chance he ends up with the Texans.

  4. Ok first for those of you complaining about OBJ being paid by the CBA if you are on the roster Week 1 your salary is guaranteed for the whole year. End of story. If you join a team after week 1 you are basically a week to week rental.

    Smart move by the Browns, if some stupid team claims him off waivers, they are completely off the hook. If nobody claims him they just cut their cash obligation to him considerably.

    From OBJs point of view this is a smart move (which means someone thought it up for him). He is a lot more likely to get picked up as a free agent than off the waiver list. The reason?

    He can then talk to anybody (good from his point of view) but any team interested can sign him to the veteran’s minimum on a week to week basis plus incentives (which is good for them because then they are on the hook for very little when he screws up. And he will.).

    For the vet’s minimum plus an incentive loaded contract I might take a flyer on him but not for what he is being paid right now to under produce and be a cancer.

  5. Brilliant move by the Browns. They reduced their liability and set up OBJ to be picked up by the worst teams in the league.

  6. The only NFL starting QBs that would be a downgrade from Mayfield is Fields. so theres that

  7. Great! Another reason for him to languish on my fantasy bench for another couple weeks.

  8. Wherever he goes the quarterback should walk up to him right away and say “I’m sorry Odell it’s my fault and not yours”. Just get that detail out of the way right off of the bat.

  9. So apparently OBJ didn’t have the Browns in checkmate after all. Glad this new GM and coach fixed another one of Dorsey’s mistakes.

  10. Like it or not, he’ll get what he wants. I doubt a team will claim him without speaking to him. If a team he doesn’t want to play for claims him, he’ll be on IR or at home within 2 weeks. My guess is he’ll clear waivers and then negotiate with teams where there’s mutual interest. Probably a 1 year prove it deal. I’ve been wrong before though.

  11. Regardless of where he goes he’ll still show that he’s a good receiver. Most of the dolts on this website think he’s washed up because his bum QB couldn’t get him the ball.

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