Full details of Odell Beckham’s contract should emerge today

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On Friday, a report emerged from ESPN regarding two of the details of the revised Odell Beckham Jr. contract that will officially hit the waiver wire on Monday. If there are other details, they’ll come to light today.

Per a league source with knowledge of the rules and procedures, the contract will be posted to the relevant league database on Saturday. At that time or not long thereafter, the NFL Players Association will do the same.

That sets the stage for the information to be leaked. Someone who has access to the information will share it with a reporter. Who will then, you know, report it.

Adam Schefter reported on Friday that the new deal reduces the remaining salary obligation to $7.25 million, and that the final two years of the contract have been eliminated, setting the stage for Beckham to become a free agent in March.

For all the talk of Cleveland using its ability to squat on Beckham as leverage to get him to take less, the number reported by Schefter as Beckham’s salary for the rest of the year reflects a reduction by Beckham in the amount of zero dollars and zero cents. That raises an obvious question. If Beckham didn’t reduce or restructure his salary at all, why would the Browns agree to wipe out the final two years of the contract

Is it possible that the remaining base salary was reduced to $7.25 million, not the remaining salary to be paid? If so, the team that claims the balance of the contract will be on the hook for only nine of 18 game checks, or $3.625 million. (Schefter’s report, as currently written, makes it clear that there’s $7.25 million remaining in unpaid salary. Which, again, reflects no reduction of any kind in Beckham’s salary.)

As to the removal of the final two years, it will be interesting to see whether the new deal includes a no-tag clause, preventing the team that gets the contract on waivers from applying the franchise tag or the transition tag in early 2022.

If Beckham is claimed, the ESPN report (if accurate) means that he’ll make $7.25 million from the new team. If he’s not claimed, he presumably will be eligible to get the full $7.25 million from the Browns plus whatever he gets from a new team, with no reduction. (The 2020 CBA has a convoluted provision regarding the interaction of guaranteed pay and termination pay that leads to the same result — but that was aimed at plugging a loophole that allowed running back C.J. Spiller to argue in a grievance against the Saints that he was entitled to his remaining guaranteed pay from the Saints and then the full amount of his unpaid salary, including the guaranteed amount, as termination pay.)

There’s a chance the real number is $3.625 million. There’s a chance that other terms were added to make it less palatable to claim the contract. There’s a chance that $7.25 million remains the real number but that Beckham has waived his right to termination pay. (It’s possible that waiver of termination pay is not permitted; perhaps they found a way around this.)

Whenever the full details emerge or are reported, we’ll break them down here. With the Browns, who announced on Friday that Beckham will be released, planning to make the official move on Monday by 4:00 p.m. ET, teams will have until Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET to file a waiver claim.

12 responses to “Full details of Odell Beckham’s contract should emerge today

  1. Football scholars in the future will refer to similar phenomena as the Brown-Beckham Syndrome.

  2. Either way OBJ will continue to believe that he is always worth more than he gets and that any failure to produce at the level of the salary he gets has got to be someone else’s fault.

  3. Guys like Beckham and Aaron Rodgers should pool their money and start their own league. Televise the games on the cartoon channel.

  4. I think the Browns are on the hook either way. If OBJ gets the final 9 games’ salary, he might be best served by healing and waiting for next year or jumping on a playoff team’s run late-season or post-season (for vertical routes if he’s 90%+, or WR screens).

  5. All future contacts for any NFL player should have the BONUS money PAID at the END of the contract. Unless you have a career ending injury ,FULFILL the contract you signed….then you get the massive windfall.

  6. As a Giants fan, this is a very sad story. OBJ has a world of talent, made the greatest catch in modern football history, but alas, has become just another entitled athlete who just puts himself above the team he is on. What a waste!

  7. This appears to make it easy for some bad team to take a flyer on him. Small money, no long-term commitment.

  8. spoonerfive says:
    November 6, 2021 at 11:26 am

    OBJ has a world of talent, made the greatest catch in modern football history


    The greatest anything in sports can never happen in a meaningless context. OBJ has never won a single playoff game, so no catch he ever made was ultimately great, or important, or really meaningful at all.

  9. kevpft says:
    November 6, 2021 at 11:48 am

    This appears to make it easy for some bad team to take a flyer on him. Small money, no long-term commitment.


    The problem is that with the last two years voided, OBJ isn’t committed to that team beyond this season either. So all a bad team would get if OBJ for the remainder of the season.

  10. Antonio Brown was apparently rehabilitated by Tom Brady. He went from diva to a solid WR under the stewardship of the no-nonsense, well-respected veteran. Perhaps the only other QB with similar respect and leverage over diva teammates is Aaron Rodgers.

  11. I dont care who pays him but someone will. He is the only one who is getting paid. What I cant wait for is the curb stomping the Bengals are gonna lay on the Browns tomorrow. Ive never heard more excuses for an awful QB in my life. First it was Hue, then it was Freddie, then it was Stefanskis new system, who oh by the way. is performing way worse in his 2nd year in the system, then it was OBJ. Baker Mayfield is a clown and a horrible QB. Better look for a new one.

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