Harrison Smith not fined despite CeeDee Lamb accusing him of sideline chokehold

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb complained on Sunday that Vikings defensive back Harrison Smith choked him. The league office did not agree.

The NFL did not fine Smith for the incident.

Although the video sure looked like Smith was choking Lamb, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports that the league reviewed the play and thought that Smith’s thumb accidentally got caught in Lamb’s chin strap.

Lamb, who has been fined multiple times this year for uniform violations, probably won’t be happy to learn that the player he accused of a chokehold won’t get a fine of his own.

14 responses to “Harrison Smith not fined despite CeeDee Lamb accusing him of sideline chokehold

  1. We have been given a PERFECT example of what the NFL focuses its attention on, and what’s a priority over another thing. Any article of clothing down to cleats with a message on them are fined. Having a towel to long as the QB to wipe your hands on, fine.did you not wear a sponsors gear. They’ll fine a player till the account is in the red.
    Violent conduct outside the field of play, serious questionable conduct on the field of play i, eh, does the Press know?? No? Then who cares. That’s the league.

  2. The game is football not soccer. It is a full contact sport. A tackle is legal move in which you bring an opposing player down to the turf. This was a good catch followed by a good hard tackle. As they say in baseball ‘don’t widen the plate’.

  3. I’m speaking with relative naivety on the subject of Lamb but he seems to always be in the media for something. Idk if that is good or bad but it’s an observation

  4. grng0ldnmypants says:
    November 6, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    The game is football not soccer.


    Right, football not MMA.

  5. I didn’t think he’d get suspended, don’t think there was enough content to warrant that. But I was 100% sure he’d get fined, boy was I wrong.

  6. It’s disgusting. Flagrant dirty play throughout every game and the NFL just looks the other way, as they love to help the Vikings. Refs never call the holding on every single offensive and defensive snap.

    If the games were called fairly, the Vikings would lose every game by 30. Even to college teams.

  7. Smith doesn’t seem dirty to me, but Lamb was very upset in real time.
    I would like to hear what Smith thinks happened, as he always seems to play the right way.

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