Jordan Love catches a break, with first start coming against a bad Chiefs defense

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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It hasn’t exactly been a good week for the Packers, who lost Aaron Rodgers to the COVID-19 reserve list and then found themselves at the center of an NFL investigation into whether they violated the league’s protocols with their treatment of the unvaccinated Rodgers. But there is one silver lining.

Packers quarterback Jordan Love gets to make his first start against the Chiefs, who have perhaps the worst defense in the NFL.

The Chiefs are allowing an NFL-worst 6.4 yards per play. The Chiefs’ defense has committed an NFL-high 62 penalties. They’ve recorded just 11 sacks in eight games, the worst mark in the NFL. They’re in the Bottom 10 of the league in everything from yards allowed to points allowed to first downs allowed to completion percentage allowed to yards per pass allowed to passer rating allowed to touchdown passes allowed.

That doesn’t mean Love, the 2020 first-round pick who has thrown just seven passes in his NFL career, is going to have a big game on Sunday. But it does mean that he’s getting about the easiest opposing defense he could face in his first NFL start.

8 responses to “Jordan Love catches a break, with first start coming against a bad Chiefs defense

  1. I’m sorry but he’s not catching a break…..KC defense will be blitzing him all day. He’s a rookie and that’s what you do!!

  2. I hope KC unleashes a “woke mob” on him and nails him in a “cancel culture coffin.” Signed, A.R.

  3. Not only is their defense horrible, they can also count on Mahomie for two turnovers. What’s wrong with that guy?

  4. Getting vaccinated is the first indication I’ve seen of this student being smarter than his teacher. I hope there’s more to come. Apparently, Rodgers isn’t any smarter than his knuckle-dragging predecessor Brett Favre.

  5. They will be pounding the ball with AJ and Jones. I think they stay inside the spread and even have a chance to win the game.

  6. I don’t think people should overlook Jordan Love. Most college football quarterback stars get placed with desperate teams because of draft status and get forced into service too soon. That’s not the case here. Love is getting the full support of a very good team which is getting healthier every week. Ideally, Love would benefit from watching and learning for three seasons like Rodgers did, but one and one-half years will have to be enough.

  7. As long as Spags keeps Dan Sorensen and Ben Niemann on the bench as much as possible, the Chiefs D will do Ok.

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