Surveillance video shows extreme speed at which Henry Ruggs was driving

Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Appears In Court Following Fatal DUI Crash
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Amid swirling rumors in league circles that former Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs was drag racing another car prior to the collision that claimed the life of 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog, has posted surveillance video that shows only one car traveling at an extremely high rate of speed.

The video shows a vehicle whizzing through the screen, roughly a block from the crash.

While it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that Ruggs had been racing another car before Ruggs drove into the range of the surveillance camera, it’s clear that only one car speeds through the frame in the video obtained by

Prosecutors contend Ruggs was driving his Corvette at 156 miles per hour just before impact, and that the car was moving at 127 mph when the airbags deployed.

Other questions will be raised by the investigation, both as to potential criminal charges and civil liability. As to the latter, Nevada’s dram shop laws insulate commercial purveyors of alcohol from liability, when the alcohol is sold to someone of legal age. In other words, whoever served Ruggs had no responsibility to cut him off, no matter how impaired he may have seemed.

Ruggs faces up to 46 years in prison for the incident. His girlfriend was in the vehicle with him.

38 responses to “Surveillance video shows extreme speed at which Henry Ruggs was driving

  1. That’s not 156 mph…..Doesn’t change what happened, but that car was NOT going 156

  2. Right after the collision, His girlfriend says she’s “sorry,” in the video, while sitting on curbside with Ruggs. I wonder why? It doesn’t matter, but it is a question needing an answer.

  3. nunya says:
    November 6, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    Ruggs’ IQ is definitely nowhere close to 156.
    Nor is 95% of the people who post here…

  4. If he gets 46 years without parole he would be in prison until he is 70 which is worse than being dead. Every waking second thinking about missing his kid grow up and the money and the life he could have had will eat him alive

  5. “That’s not 156 mph…..Doesn’t change what happened, but that car was NOT going 156”

    It DEFINIETELY . was 156 MPH. The computers on the car record speed. That car, stock, can hit 194MPH

    Ruggs was going over 120MPH when the airbags went off. The air bags go off AFTER the collision, meaning that at the point of impact, he was going even faster. The poor young woman in the car unfortunately didn’t die from the impact. Bystanders heard her screaming as she burned to death.

    Ruggs deserves life in prison.

  6. Nothing short of MAXIMUM punishment for this,I hope. No sympathy for this kind of stupidity,but there will be some sort of plea deal,no doubt.

  7. Insane amounts of money combined with the stupidity of being in your 20s, bound to happen.

  8. It’s gross negligence bordering on reckless disregard for public safety for any car to be built by GM or any manufacturer for street use that can achieve that speed.

  9. The woman burned to death when the her car exploded. She was screaming for help as she was burned alive. Passerbys couldn’t stop it. He should get life.

  10. Driving after consuming any type of intoxicant is irresponsible. As a non drinker I serve as the designated driver for when our friends go out. Lost too many people I know to drunk drivers. Two of them killed by a drunk driver who lost control of his car and hit them in broad daylight while they were out walking, killing them instantaneously. As part of his sentence Riggs should be made to go to schools and talk to kids about ‘drunk driving.’ Time for him to start working towards turning things around and saving lives to make up for the ones he took.

  11. He deserves everything the courts throw at him, and race doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  12. So guys like this can drink and drive the streets at 150 and they think that behavior is ok. No compassion for Ruggs and those who are similarly irresponsible.

  13. Why cars that are capable of those speeds are even on public roads are beyond my understanding. Much less in the hands of a kid.

  14. willieboy says:
    November 6, 2021 at 1:58 pm
    Why cars that are capable of those speeds are even on public roads are beyond my understanding. Much less in the hands of a kid.

    All cars on the road are capable of killing you if you get hit by one of them. This is a senseless tragedy that could of been easily prevented with a phone call. Sad on all fronts, but this is all on Henry Ruggs, not his car.

  15. Seeing the bystander laugh as the car was engulfed in flames was awful. There are some incredibly horrible people in our society.

  16. Bring back chain gangs. Then again, that might be to lenient for this piece of trash. Sorry, I didn’t mean to demean trash.

  17. This is not the first time he’s driven like this. I would say it was a regular occurrence. Makes you wonder where LV PD was? Maybe they knew. Certainly makes people forget about a bunch of emails.

  18. I can’t imagine being that woman’s parents. You go to bed thinking your daughter will be safely in her bedroom when you wake in the morning.. But she’s not… You call her phone and directly to voice mail. Minutes turns to hours that you haven’t heard from her. Until you’re contacted by police that you’re daughter was involved in an accident.. They won’t tell you over the phone her status cause of the distraught it would put you in.. They ask that you hurry to the station. They sit you down and show you photos of the accidents and give you full details of her suffering death.

  19. When I was his age I had a souped up Corvette that I would very rarely open up on the freeway at 3AM with almost zero cars on the road but never did I do it drunk. I was traveling around the same speed as he was one very early morning, and I saw an exit sign indicating my exit was one mile ahead, I started braking aggressively, no lockups, but hard braking and by the time I slowed to a safe speed to exit, around 70mph I was already a half mile past my exit.

    True a 1977 Vette even when new, did not have anywhere near the braking power of a new Gen 8 Vette. I just know that when you are driving a car at those speeds, you’re not really in control anymore. That was the last time I ever pulled that stunt. Thankfully nobody was harmed at all, including the two gals I had in the car with me. Yes it was a 2 seater!! I know I was stupid. I never speed nowadays and I stick to the right or center lane.

  20. We need harsher penalties on the books for first time offenders for excessive speeding like that. This type of reckless behavior needs to be nipped in the bud.

  21. He sent an innocent woman and her dog to a horrible death. Whatever he gets will be a cake walk by comparison.

  22. nunya says:
    November 6, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    Ruggs’ IQ is definitely nowhere close to 156.
    Nor is 95% of the people who post here…

    It’s actually statistically around 99.5%

  23. To read these comments about blaming the auto manufacturers for making cars that go this fast is absolutely absurd. This has NOTHING to do with the vehicles capabilities and ALL to do with the entitled bonehead decision of the driver of the vehicle.
    Ridiculous to blame the fact that the car is capable of those speeds.

  24. Too be sure, this isn’t the first time Ruggs has driven recklessly under the influence. It’s just the first time something really bad happened. Ruggs incredibly selfish decisions effectively sentenced that poor young woman to the most painful death imaginable yet here he is alive and otherwise fine. He needs to be educated what it means to burn an alive human being to death and why people are so incredibly angry at Henry Ruggs III.

  25. All you thumbs downers on manufacturers shouldn’t sell a street vehicle that’s capable of 156 mph. Got yours thumbs you know where !

  26. That poor woman… and her dog. She suffered an unbelievable amount of pain. Bless her & her family.

  27. This whole thing was insane. Ruggs and his girlfriend have a child together. He could’ve killed both of them too, leaving his daughter without any parents.

    For the life of me, I don’t know what he was thinking.

  28. One of the things I can’t rap my head around is Vegas has one of the longest straightest stretches of highway in the country going right through it. It you wanted to speed, you can get on that highway and do it with basically no one around at that hour. And yet this drunk moron did it on surface roads in a city where people are on the roads at all hours. I say throw the book at him.

  29. Something a few of you might not know is that Rainbow is a city street, not a freeway or highway. The speed limit is 45, all though I admit that Las Vegas has basically zero speed limits and a whole lot of crazy drivers (thanks L.A.) — and there are very, very few cops out looking for speeders or drunks, except when the Feds give them $$$ to setup specific sites over specific weekends. In other words, this happens in Las Vegas more often then you know, this one just happened to be a Raider.

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