Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak vows to get Dalvin Cook the ball more

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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The 3-4 Vikings know they need to get better on offense if they’re going to make a run to the playoffs. And they think the way to do that is to give the ball to Dalvin Cook more.

Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak said Cook is going to be a bigger part of the offense for the rest of the season.

“Got to give [Cook] more opportunities moving forward,’’ Kubiak said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press

Kubiak indicated that will include both more carries and more catches for Cook.

“I think we just have to keep finding a way to get him the football,’’ Kubiak said.

But if the Vikings are going to give Cook more opportunities, they also need him to make more of the opportunities he gets. Cook is not playing as well as he did last year:

  • In 2020 Cook averaged 5.0 yards per carry; this year he’s averaging 4.5 yards per carry.
  • In 2020 Cook averaged 6.7 yards per target; this year he’s averaging 3.7 yards per target.
  • In 2020 Cook scored 17 touchdowns in 14 games; this year Cook has two touchdowns in five games
  • In 2020 Cook gained a first down on 30 percent of his touches; this year Cook is gaining a first down on 26 percent of his touches.

Getting Cook the ball more won’t work if Cook doesn’t do more with the ball.

25 responses to “Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak vows to get Dalvin Cook the ball more

  1. The problem for the Vikings is that it’s a QB league, and if you don’t have a QB that is respected by the opposing defense, they’ll key on your RB. Most defenses can shut down a RB if that’s the only thing they have to worry about. So if you’re playing the Vikings, you’re going to take away Dalvin Cook and force Cousins to beat you.

  2. Sounds like Zimmer’s in his ear. It’s the only offensive “solution” Zimmer knows.

  3. How about self-scouting to determine tendencies? Re-examining situational football, not telegraphing plays through obvious formations, and putting your limited players on the offensive line the best chance to succeed? This product of nepotism is in way over his head. At least Viking fans only have half a season left of this coaching staff.

  4. Oh great more run run pass. You do not win the game by having more time of possession. You win by scoring more than your opponent. Sometimes when you get a lead you put the other teams offense into a one dimension which helps your defense. This is a gutless team (or should I say coach). I’m tired of seeing this team on third down with a chance to put the game away with the first down run the ball to waste the other teams time out. Try showing your team that you have confidence in them.

  5. This guy is in way over his head. I can’t wait for another Sunday of up the gut, up the gut, screen pass and punt. My teenager just started watching football a couple of seasons ago, and she’s calling the plays out before they’re ran…I can’t imagine what NFL defensive coordinators are thinking. Yet another wasted season for our Vikings.

  6. So with the current make-up of the team, all of you are suggesting that Kirkland Cousins continue to check down to lesser-known, lesser-talented individuals for 3 yard gains on 3rd and 8s, punt and play defense for 50 of the 60-70 minutes? With Hunter out for much if not all of the remaining season, the D is going to IMPROVE and get the other (check the schedule bro) high-powered offenses off the field on a consistent basis? It’s not the only way Zim, who agreeably has his limitations, knows to win. It’s the only way the team made up with these players and a worth-much-less than you’re paying him, Cousins, can ever dream of winning. Control the clock and keep the other team’s superior offense off the field as much as possible. Keep the D fresh so they don’t get steamrolled in the 4th. That is the only possible path to victory. Sadly, each opponent knows this so the victories will be few. Let’s see #11.

  7. Klint Kubiak’s seat is getting hotter and hotter and he knows it.
    Yes, and he knows full well that it’s scapegoating season in Minnesota.

    It’s that time of year that Zimmer has to scour the coaching staff in search of someone to blame, another reason to allow him to keep his job for another miserable, fruitless year.
    Watch your back, Klint. Watch your back.

  8. Do cousins haters like this guy ^ even watch the games? cousins has been great most of this season. you could tell the game against the cowboys was on zimmer/Kubiak. when the vikings are in the hole and they are forced to abandon most of the runs/screens/short dumps, cousins has looked great. if they are winning or within a score, Zimmer is going to control clock with and really on defense. He needs to go.

  9. Klint is this year’s scapegoat. Zimmer’s staff is where offensive coaches go to die. Some get out, like Kevin Stefanski, most just get blamed.

  10. How about playing what the defense gives you? Like throwing the football per the situation. “I’ve got a great idea, let’s just run EVERY play.” This team has always been predictable and now it’ll be even worse. Why would someone like Jefferson even want to stick around?

  11. Kubiak is a genius! Setting up 2nd and 13 because Bradbury gets pushed back on every play [that’s right he’s out this week] .

  12. Cousins is a starting NFL QB, so in theory, he’s one of the best 32 QB’s in the world. That’s awesome. Even if he’s #32 out of 32, he’s still worth tens of millions per season, according to some NFL teams. So people who criticize Cousins don’t hate him (I don’t think). They’re just doing what fans and media do. All the NFL players are beyond great. They’re being paid millions because they’re the best players in the world. It’s just if you’re #32 out of 32 QB’s, that means your team goes into every game with a huge disadvantage because it’s such a QB league. I’m not suggesting Cousins is #32, but he’s closer to the bottom than he is the top. Like I said, he’s still awesome. Even the 32 backup QB’s are awesome. Playing QB in the NFL isn’t easy.

  13. I was open to Cousins signing with the Vikings. I’ve been waiting for him to give me reason NOT to be a Kirkland hater. Still waiting! There’s more to being a QB in the NFL than having a good arm. QB in the NFL is a leadership position. Cousins lacks leadership skills among other important successful QB traits such as pocket awareness, ability to get out of a bad play at the line, and the general drive to work to improve himself and the team. He hasn’t progressed one bit in any measure as a Viking. He doesn’t care enough. He’s Joe Mauer. High talent, 0 drive, keeps cashing those checks, plays it safe by checking down and putting the pressure directly on the kicker game after game after game, puts on a smile in the press conference, repeats “we have to be better”, checks his bank accounts, says his prayers, and takes the rest of the day off. Yeah…not a fan. Are you?

  14. Factoring in the salary and how that affects the budget of the rest of the roster, he’s no where near 32. Tom Brady didn’t try to squeeze every penny out of the team for himself. That’s wanting to win. That’s leadership. Look at Mike White. Even that guy wants to win more than Cousins. Watching the games makes that fact unarguably obvious. Cousins wants money. Greed is not leadership. If he’s still playing here in ’22, wake me up in ’23.

  15. charliecharger says:
    November 6, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    I’m not suggesting Cousins is #32, but he’s closer to the bottom than he is the top.


    I can’t believe you are making me defend Kirk Cousins. His QB percentage is the 7th highest.

    Not of this season. Of all-time.

    Yes that shows you how broken that stat has become in today’s dink and dunk, defense-restricted, first-down awarding fantasy football driven modern game.

    But massive garbage-timey stats accumulated and the fact he isn’t wired to win BIG GAMES aside, he’s in the top half of current NFL quarterbacks.

  16. packerlies says:
    November 6, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    Maybe don’t publicize the game plan?


    Hey, wait a minute… this is “the plan.” The Vikings have broadcast so loud and clear that they are running EVERY play, when in reality they’re going to have Kirk pass every down. The Ravens won’t know what hit them (kidding).

  17. Yes. That’s what they need….more 1980s football. Get the ball to Jefferson, idiot.

  18. Delicate Dalvin should definitely get more touches, as long as defenses aren’t too physical with him.

    This guy could have been the greatest flag football RB of all time.

  19. Packerlies, you said a mouth full. We are going Back to two dives into the line and pass to the wrong side of the first down marker. Sigh. If our defense was top 5 I could stomach Zimmers 1040’s approach to offense, but these days we need to score points to win games. We have Theilen, Jefferson and Cook. None of them saw the ball against the Cowboys. Giving it to Cook more often doesn’t fix the problem. No one gets the ball enough when you go 3 and out.

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