Colt McCoy, James Conner lead Cardinals to 31-17 win

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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The Cardinals weren’t at full strength on Sunday, but you’d never know that by the way they played against the 49ers.

Running back James Conner scored three touchdowns, Colt McCoy played well in place of injured quarterback Kyler Murray, and the Cardinals completed a season sweep of their NFC West rivals. The 31-17 win moves them to 8-1 on the season and ensures they’ll remain in first place in the division regardless of how the Rams fare on Sunday night.

McCoy went 22-of-26 for 249 yards and threw a short pass that Conner took 45 yards for a touchdown. McCoy also ran seven times for 23 yards and pilot a controlled, efficient offense in his first start in Arizona.

The Cardinals were also without wideouts DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Green to start the day, but neither their absences nor the loss of running back Chase Edmonds to an ankle injury on the first play of the game threw them off stride. Conner ran 21 times for 96 yards and caught five passes for 77 yards while Eno Benjamin chipped in with 39 rushing yards and a touchdown.

Benjamin’s score made it 31-7 in the third quarter and the Cardinals were pretty much in cruise control at that point. A fourth quarter interception by Budda Baker erased any hopes of a comeback and went in the books as the third 49ers turnover of the game. Tight end George Kittle and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk both lost fumbles in the first half and the Cardinals sacked Jimmy Garoppolo five times.

Markus Golden had three of those sacks and the Cardinals defense certainly did its part to make sure the team didn’t suffer from all the missing offensive pieces. They’ll be back at home to face the scuffling Panthers in Week 10.

The 49ers fell to 3-5 and they’ll remain at home to take on the Rams in a game they will really need to win if they want to harbor any serious notion of challenging for a playoff spot down the stretch.

27 responses to “Colt McCoy, James Conner lead Cardinals to 31-17 win

  1. I would’ve said that with key injuries to Arizona made these teams were evenly matched. But it seems I overestimated the Niners.

    The turnovers were killers but the hapless secondary is what we’ll look back on as the Achilles Heel of this defense. Credit to Arizona’s as they never stopped fighting. Embarrassing loss for sure but there’s a lot of football left so – brace yourself.

    Go Niners

  2. Are people still overlooking this team? It’s the best team in the league, period. They play to the whistle every down on both sides of the ball. I think it’s hard for people to accept because we haven’t had one of these teams come out of nowhere like this to be so good since the Greatest Show Rams.

  3. Conner couldn’t outrun Roethlisberger in Pitt, but was able to beat the entire 49ers secondary. There’s no way he completed the run w/o at least tweaking his hammy.

  4. The Cardinals are by far the better team but the 49ers are poorly coached. Shanahan needs to go.

  5. Kyle! Call home. Your dad wants to speak with you! HOW can the 49ers be this bad? Is Kyle on the hot seat yet?

  6. Shanahan has to go. His salary does not count against the cap. He cant get along with his young players, that’s why we have Josh Norman out there. He has control (final say) of the players drafted and free agents signed with way more misses vrs hits. Because of him we will have a very high pick, like most of his years he has been here. Too bad he traded it along with next years and the year after #1 for a player that cant get on the field. Doesn’t matter anyway, his first through four round picks have about a 15% success rate. If we had a GM with control Shanahan might be ok but he would never be able to get along with him.

  7. The 49ers were not ready to play today. Their tackling was atrocious, missed tackle after missed tackle. Completely and utterly outcoached in all phases of the game.

  8. When the team makes dumb mistakes like
    1. fumbling the ball
    2. commits stupid penalties
    3. Shows no heart tackling
    It’s the coaching, stupid.

    John Lynch and Shanahan have reached the pinnacle of their achievements here, time for them to go (though Jed York won’t do it)

  9. The bright side for the 49ers having a pool season is that they can restock with this year’s and next year’s first round draft picks…

    Oh… wait…

  10. All the talk from Kyle about a disappointing defense. How many points did his offence give up due to their turnovers? Alot. How many points did Kyles offence score before the half? NONE. Garbage time points don’t count in my books. The entire team is not good, don’t pass it off on bad defense.

  11. Tom Brady says:
    November 7, 2021 at 8:12 pm
    Sad to say I saw this collapse coming, that’s why I didn’t sign there

    They didn’t want you, they said you weren’t an upgrade over Jimmy lol. Besides you need a stacked roster to win old man.

  12. Sort of makes me lament that the Steelets didn’t find the cap soace to re-sign Conner and keep him around as the #2. To he fair, they didn’t know they’d have that De Castro money and Tomlin likes his bel cow backs, but he’d be one hell of an upgrade over Snell or Ballage to keep Najee a little fresher for the latter part of the season.

  13. The way this season is playing out, Carolina over AZ just might happen. I’m sure nobody had the Cowboys losing to Denver minus Von Miller.

  14. The 49ers sold their soul when it moved out of Candlestick. This new stadium is a souless modern stadium. There is just no cutting-edge diehard fan advantage. The Cardinals are 6-2 at Levi’s Stadium. We also got 2 wins vs the Niners with Stanton, 2 with Rosen and 1 with McCoy. Even with mediocre QB’s, outside of the Super Bowl year, since Whisenhunt left the Cardinals have had the Niners number. Jed York is still running the show, nothing will change.

  15. Incredible that the 49ers managed a trip to the SB. Shanahan and Lynch have one winning season so far in a 5 year tenure. It’s not the QB, there’s something else amiss with the team.

  16. Conner would not be an upgrade over Snell or McFarland. He’d be in a cast or sling for Pitt, this far into the season.

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