Haason Reddick: Mac Jones made “completely dirty” play by twisting Brian Burns’ ankle

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers
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A play by Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in the first half of Sunday’s game was not well received by Panthers linebacker Haason Reddick.

Panthers defensive end Brian Burns strip sacked Jones and Jones then grabbed Burns’ ankle to keep him from pursuing the loose ball. He eventually twisted Burns’ ankle to take him down and Burns went to the sideline medical tent while the Panthers offense took over after Frankie Luvu recovered the ball.

Jones wasn’t penalized on the play, but Reddick shares the feelings of many who think he should have been. Reddick added that he hopes the NFL still disciplines Jones for what he thinks was a play that crossed the line.

“I thought it was completely dirty. Hopefully it’s something the league addresses,” Reddick said, via Joseph Person of TheAthletic.com.

The CBS broadcast team referenced some bad blood between the players dating back to high school, but Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Jones was not asked about the play during his postgame press conference.

Burns returned to the game, but left again in the fourth quarter and needed help getting off the field.

37 responses to “Haason Reddick: Mac Jones made “completely dirty” play by twisting Brian Burns’ ankle

  1. Ive seen worse… I think he thought the guy had the ball, so he grabbed him after he fumbled. I didn’t hear the bad blood between them but I know Jones got stripped sacked when they were young too.

  2. Burns twisted trying to get free, Jones didn’t twist his ankle. He just held on to prevent Burns from recovering fumble.

  3. if i was a Player on that defense I would make sure Mac Jones had to be carried off that field & tell the nFL fine me i can cover it

  4. First it’s football. Second, Burns played borderline all game long. He concussed Stevenson with a knee to the head after the whistle (no effort to avoid the contact) and concussed Harris using his head to hit him on the chin knocking him out cold. CBS did not show how Burns got injured at the end of the game but I would not be surprised if a NE lineman gave him a bit of payback. Again, it’s football. I would not be that upset at a QB twisting his ankle a bit LOL

  5. Was that as bad as Rhamondre Stevenson getting kicked in the back of his head after he was down and whistle was blown- no flag or penalty there was there – and that was clearly shown on the TV broadcast

  6. No. Stop crying. You lost. Try to come back stronger next week. There was a loose ball. Guys are going after it, and other guys are trying to keep guys from going after it. That’s not dirty. Furthermore, if I thought an opposing QB was roughing up my guys, I probably wouldn’t admit it.

  7. All the people calling Jones dirty for fighting and clawing to keep the defense from recovering a fumble are the same people who criticized Cam for not jumping on that fumble in the super bowl

  8. In New England, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. No wonder BB wanted this kid

  9. kenneth Picklesimer says:
    November 7, 2021 at 5:27 pm
    if i was a Player on that defense I would make sure Mac Jones had to be carried off that field & tell the nFL fine me i can cover it
    Oh, Kenneth! You tough rascal! You need to worry about controlling your “Caps Lock” button before you start beating up football players.

  10. No, Reddick was going to escape and that’s when he twisted his ankle. Dirty play but no big surprise. Even less of a surprise is Patriots fans defending his dirty play. Had that happened to Mac Jones they’d be calling for the guy to be thrown out of the league. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.

  11. It’s got be embarrassing to think your big DE got taken out of the game by the opposing rookie QB with his single BARE hand. Probably even more embarrassing to have to whine about it.

  12. 1) Stevenson gets kicked in the head while being down
    2) judon gets held all game, specifically on the INT in the end zone…no flag

    Shall we get Whiny about flags that were not called?!

    That didn’t stop the panthers from us smoking them

  13. What a whiner. Jones didn’t twist his ankle. He attempted to hold him. Burn’s tried to jump twist out of it. Mac could have been flagged for holding. But he had no intent. Now I didn’t get to see the two head shots which came later. Are those considered dirty?

  14. Opie? Nah Couldn’t be.

    Anybody heard from the Bills fan that condescends to critique the Pats every week? After all, he’s already anointed the Bills SBowl Champs. I guess it’s just a public service to analyze the ‘lesser’ teams. There was a fan in a Bills shirt heading for the hills at the end of the game where the Bills lost to the worst team in the NFL. Maybe that was him.

  15. DE gets tackled by a rookie QB and asked about it; “Dirty.. yeah, Dirty! it was a dirty move. I hope the league addresses it.” Like a CB hopping or limping after getting burned on a bomb.

  16. doctorrumack says:
    November 7, 2021 at 6:05 pm
    Seriously people trying to make him out like vontaze burfict or something

    Well he is kind of rough with opposing pass rushers.

  17. It is most telling that Burns himself has NOT weighed in on this.
    He knows that Mac didn’t twist his ankle.
    Like others have pointed out, Burns did the twisting himself to try to pull out of Mac’s grasp.
    (Plus, we need a MUCH better quality video of the play.)

  18. “jimmarshallhof2022 says:
    November 7, 2021 at 5:50 pm
    the Patriot way”

    Yup… border line call/non-call that blown up by a bunch of whiny haters. Play ball!!

  19. Under the rules when the ball is loose you are allowed to pull another player. However, only when it is a personal attempt to recover the ball. So there is that. Probably a penalty cause Mac wasn’t going to recover the ball himself. But there is justification for the act so hardly dirty.

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