Harrison Smith will remain on COVID-19 list, miss next week’s game

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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The Vikings played today without safety Harrison Smith, who was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list this morning. And they’ll play without him next week as well.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said after today’s game that Smith will miss next Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

That implies that Smith is unvaccinated and tested positive for COVID-19. Unvaccinated players who test positive are required to stay away for at least 10 days. If Smith were vaccinated, he’d be allowed to return as soon as he tests negative two days in a row.

The Vikings signed Smith to a four-year, $64 million contract before the season, and they were expecting him to be a major contributor on the defense. Instead he’ll be at home as the Vikings try desperately to turn their season around.

17 responses to “Harrison Smith will remain on COVID-19 list, miss next week’s game

  1. Thoughts and prayers to everyone else on the Vikings teams as this player endangered everyone else’s life and safety. Can’t believe in this day and age anyone can be so selfish. C’mon let’s get to raking the muck on this guy also can’t have it both ways right?

  2. Now the real question remains, was he giving unvaccinated, maskless interviews?
    And otherwise giving people the false impression that he was indeed vaccinated.

    If that is the case, I will expect no less than 50 articles condemning him as a menace to society and demanding that the league draw and quarter him for the virtue signalers’ amusement.

    I will be patiently waiting for some solid follow up reporting.
    But I won’t hold my breath. 🙄

  3. So let me get this straight. You can get the vaccine and still get Covid. If you get Covid and have had the vaccine you only sit out until you get two negative results. If you get Covid and haven’t had the vaccine you are automatically out ten days. That doesn’t make any sense.

  4. It was already reported and known that Harrison Smith was unvaccinated. He didn’t lie to avoid criticism like that baby in Green Bay. Still an idiot, but not a lying idiot.

  5. Where is everyone demanding this guy be suspended for life because he refused to toe the line? No one wishing for his death yet?

  6. Seems like the NFL should have said unvaccinated COVID positives won’t get their check that week.
    It may seem harsh to anti vaxxers, but a business is paying for services rendered, not stupidly withheld.

  7. Whose idea was it to extend him knowing he was unvaccinated? Honestly, my team disappointing.

  8. So much for loyalty and some thanks for the contract extension. He refused vaccination now he’s gonna miss games and cost his team.

  9. Not a fan of his choice, but he made it and was upfront and isn’t whining to the media acting like he is a martyr. He knew the risks and. now will have to face the music. Hopefully he doesn’t cry to Pat Macafee tomorrow about his being a victim.

  10. Another week with their playoff chances dangling by a thread, and the Vikings managed to step on another banana peel.

  11. “That implies that Smith is unvaccinated”
    Don’t you mean secretly unvaccinated?

  12. People are griping that the protocols don’t make sense and I understand their point. But the NFL, like any other sensible business, wants to see the players and coaches vaccinated. Without imposing mandates, the league and players union agreed to a protocol that would incentivize the vaccine. It sounds fair to me and the vast majority of players and coaches agree.

  13. I really like Harrison Smith, a true gamer in clutch situations. We likely win game against Ravens with him playing. Been a Viking fan since 1970 and this may be one of the most talented groups. Note I did not say team as that indicates all members focused on same goal and putting team ahead of their personal issues. On this version of vikings we have key leaders unnecessarily missing big games and weeks of practices. Kirk Cousins on the other hand is no where near as clutch as Harrison and crumbles under pressure constantly and looks scared will doing it. He truly recognizes Fact he didn’t get himself vaccinated, because he social distances and fires the ball off before defenders get 6 feet away from him. FRUSTERATED LIFETIME VIKING FAN!!!

  14. I don’t give a rip what anyone’s vax/anti-vax position is, but in a team game with the NFL covid protocols a true leader and a true teammate gets the shot so he can be available to play. If Smith had the shot, he could be available this weekend. He put himself above the team and there is zero excuse for that.

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