Raiders, others may be slow-playing DeSean Jackson pursuit until OBJ dust settles


Two veteran receivers are available, one now and one soon. The Raiders, who released receiver Henry Ruggs earlier this week, are talking to the one that is available now. However, they likely won’t sign the one who is available now until they know whether they won’t get the one who will available soon.

DeSean Jackson, released by the Rams on Tuesday, has cleared waivers and can sign with any team. Odell Beckham Jr. officially will hit the waiver wire on Monday, and teams will have 24 hours to decide whether to claim him on waivers.

As one league source explains it, the Raiders are taking their time with Jackson until they know what will happen with Beckham.

By Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, it will be known whether someone has claimed Beckham or whether he’ll become a free agent. And if he becomes a free agent, the Raiders should quickly know whether they’d have a chance to land him.

As reported on Saturday, the Browns moved a significant chunk of Beckham’s remaining salary of $7.25 million into a roster bonus due next week, which keeps the total financial commitment for the claiming team at or about $7.25 million, but which drops Cleveland’s ongoing financial obligation in the amount of the roster bonus.

The Raiders could be thinking about making a waivers claim for Beckham. To do that, however, they’d need to clear some cap space in order to absorb the $7.25 million package for the balance of the season.

The teams to watch for Beckham are the Saints, 49ers, and Seahawks. Of the three, Beckham is believed to prefer Seattle. The Raiders apparently are at least thinking about trying to crash that party.

Whether it’s DeSean Jackson of Odell Beckham, the new Raiders receiver would make his debut next Sunday night, as Las Vegas hosts the Chiefs.

17 responses to “Raiders, others may be slow-playing DeSean Jackson pursuit until OBJ dust settles

  1. The Raiders’ season typically ends around Thanksgiving, so why sign anyone now? They take December off each year anyway.

  2. Jackson makes more sense here. He’s basically an older version of Ruggs who can run better routes. He’d probably be cheaper and less of a potential headache then Beckham.

  3. Diva wide receivers don’t do well with the Raiders. Antonio Brown, Randy Moss and I remember when they threw money at Javon Walker as well.

  4. Even as a bitter former Raider fan (still can’t get over the relocation to Vegas), it would be foolish to bring a personality like his into the locker room at this time. I think the success of this team will depend on cohesion in the locker room developed through the adversity this team has faced. The last thing this team needs is OBJ Sr calling out Carr for not throwing to his son enough. They already had their share of this with Brown two years ago.

  5. I’d slow play both until next year – nobody needs that in the locker room neither the Pats nor the Bucs could get these guys to tow the line or make plays

  6. At this point, I seriously doubt the Raiders would bring in anybody that wasn’t a legit choir boy. The Raiders have a great offensive scheme and excellent coaching staff, and they’re winning with no-name guys like Waller, Renfrow, Brian Edwards, and Zay Jones. Don’t need to mix in a different ingredient. Just call up guys from the practice squad who already know the system. The defense is coming together very well, and they’re only going to get better. There’s a reason why Beckham and Jackson are always on the move. Great players don’t keep moving from team to team to team.

  7. It’s not just what happens with OBJ. How well Z. Jones performs will be a determine factor as well. The locker room has enough distraction, no move might be the best move.

  8. Both are team cancers, habitually injured and well past the athletic talent that was their main asset.
    Potato, Potahtoe.
    You’d be better off finding a guy on some other teams practice squad who is HEALTHY and ready to play.

  9. DeSean Jackson is 34 years old and his last 1,000 yard season was in 2016. Odell Beckham is 29 years old and his last 1,000 yard season was in 2019. Even the Raiders can figure this one out.

  10. boknowsvt says:
    Jackson makes more sense here. He’s basically an older version of Ruggs who can run better routes. He’d probably be cheaper and less of a potential headache then Beckham.

    Everything you wrote is probably true. But if the pattern of the past few seasons holds form DeSean Jackson play well in a couple of games before pulling up lame with yet another in a long history of soft-tisssue injuries.
    That’s what happens with aging players whose main asset is speed. He’ll spend the rest of the season collecting unearned paychecks because he’s innefective, assuming he’s even suited up.
    There is a reason a guy with Jackson’s skill set has played for four differnt franchises, including two separate stints with the Eagles. He hasn’t played a full season since 2013. He played in eight games combined in 2019-2020, and only 15 total the past two-and-a-half seasons. Seven of those 15 came this year with the Rams, where he produced all of eight catches and one TD in little more than spot duty.
    Proceed at your own risk, Raiders.

  11. Which is exactly what I said on the previous DeSean Jackson/Raiders post that everyone thumbed down 🤣🤣 Its just common sense, it’s not a hot take. The raiders unless they already know thru back channels he has no interest then their going to wait for OBJ 1st before Jackson signs.

  12. Beckham to Seattle? Coach Carroll is tolerant of individualism, unique quirks and willingness to give those players a shot. The biggest question is why does Beckham reportedly preferring Seattle? The Seahawks have a solid pair of receivers in Lockett & DK Metcalf. He has to know that the run first Seahawks won’t target him more that other teams. That said, if he is good with that (there are no Cap Issues), the players will welcome him & he would have a strong QB to work with. The respect for Russell will keep any chirping in check.

    I’m actually thinking it might work. Based on what the Seahawks have to do to salvage the season, taking this shot might be worth them adding him.

  13. Derek Carr and Beckham would light it up. Beckham has had 2 awful QBs to work with Cabbage Patch and Busterfield. Give him a real QB and sky is the limit. Hope the Raiders get him because they play the Browns on Dec. 19. That will be epic watching him torch Hospital Ward and IR newsome

  14. The Raiders locker room is good right now. They’ve really rallied around Rich Bisaccia. Bisaccia is the perfect coach for this era. He’s old school tough, but he’s smarter than most coaches. Offensive coordinator Greg Olsen is one of the best, and O-Line coach Tom Cable is perhaps the best line coach in football. The offense is hitting on all cylinders right now. They don’t need some kind of magic bullet that ends up blowing up in their face. Just stay the course. They should have beaten Chicago, and be 7-1 right now. The future looks good with Bisaccia at the helm. No need to screw this up.

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