State Farm mum on partnership with Aaron Rodgers

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On Saturday, Prevea Health said plenty about its relationship with Aaron Rodgers, ending the nine-year partnership. Also on Saturday, State Farm said nothing about its own long-term relationship with the Packers quarterback.

Via Adrianne Pasquarelli of, a State Farm spokesperson declined to comment on the company’s relationship with Rodgers.

It would be inappropriate for us to comment on Aaron’s vaccination status,” the spokesperson told Pasquarelli via email. “This weekend our marketing focuses on the success of our first-ever Team State Farm Football Find and the unveiling of a new commercial with NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.”

Pasquarelli notes that, earlier this week, State Farm unveiled a virtual treasure hunt that allows consumer to use cellphones to search for digital prizes, one of which is a football signed by Rodgers.

Unlike other high-profile quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, who have developed extensive national sponsorship portfolios, Rodgers has had a much more limited presence, with State Farm being his most conspicuous corporate partner. Patrick Mahomes, who joined Rodgers as a State Farm pitchman a few years ago, has surpassed Rodgers when it comes to national marketing presence.

Mahomes and Rodgers were due to meet for the first time today, in what some were calling the State Farm Bowl. Rodger, obviously, won’t be playing in the game after testing positive for COVID. Because he isn’t vaccinated, he won’t be able to return until Saturday, November 7.

37 responses to “State Farm mum on partnership with Aaron Rodgers

  1. State Farm should definitely get rid of him for not listening to the majority of the population. After all, it’s a definitive fact that he made the wrong choice by not getting vaccinated. Just ask all the doctors on this thread.

  2. State Farm has make they are following all the correct protocols like packers put in place , before Rodgers can maintain his endorsement..

  3. Rodgers well paid ads for State Farm Insurance is all propaganda and now that he has shown himself to be a liar why would anybody believe what he says about any product he endorses.he does not tell us that State Farms rates are much higher than other non advertising Insurance companies because those companies dont have to pay Rodgers and networks for showing their ads.wonder what percent of every dollar of State Farms rates goes for advertising.if an ad has Rodgers in it then stay away from it.

  4. He lied about his vaccination status, is he lying about everyone being able to get the Rodgers rate too?

  5. Based off the commercials I saw yesterday, it was all Mahomes and no Rodgers when usually I see a lot of Rodgers. I suspect that trend continues today.

  6. Dude has already earned $265m just playing football. Pretty sure most stars don’t care about a “national marketing presence” if they got that much in the bank. Especially considering he seems like to keep things private his whole entire life.

  7. If they’re cutting ties with Rodgers, pull the plug with Mahomes too. Those commercials are terrible.

  8. Again companies have an absolute right to protect their bands. Happens everyday in corporate America.No one’s going to jail so no free speech issue. Rodgers has every right to not vaccinate but he has to understand that actions have consequences.

  9. I pretty much accepted that this would probably be Rodger’s last year in Green Bay. I also figured that I’d feel bad about it. Thanks, Aaron, for making me feel so much better.

  10. Aaron thinks he is extra special. But soon something will happen that will humble him. Count on it.

  11. This reminds of the Gruden thing. It’s one thing, and then the other, and then he resigns. I expect Rodgers to announce his retirement before next season, if not sooner. I guarantee you Monday morning State Farm will be unavailable by phone. They won’t have nearly enough phone lines to handle all the calls. They are a big business, and their shareholders aren’t going to take one for the team. Or they’ll be in the unemployment line, too.

  12. Wonder if Mr. Rodgers realizes how much future endorsement income he has flushed down the toilet in the last week?

  13. I can see a healthcare company dropping him but an insurance company makes no sense.

  14. Just wondering—has Rodgers ever admitted being wrong about anything?? Seems to me a simple “I used poor judgment and I am sorry” would benefit him greatly.

  15. He’s exactly the liar we’re talking about. Kirk Cousins stood his ground, and he’s not vaccinated. I think it’s the wrong decision but at least he didn’t lie about it and roll his eyes. Rodgers buried his head in the sand and (unbelievably) thought his sparkling personality could carry it.

  16. Does anyone have a nice list of these idiot sponsors that dropped Arron Rodgers?
    That would make it much easier for me to know who to never buy anything from again EVER.
    Thanks in advance.
    I only see some third-rate health services so far, is there more?

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