Bill Belichick believes Mac Jones thought Brian Burns had the ball


Panthers fans who went to Sunday’s game in Charlotte saw a pro wrestling match break out, when New England quarterback Mac Jones grabbed and twisted the ankle of Panthers defensive end Brian Burns after a sack and a fumble and a pursuit for the ball.

It looked bad. It looked like a cheap shot, an effort by Jones — who admittedly has an issue with Burns that dated back to high school — to exact a little on-field vengeance.

Neither Jones nor Belichick faced questions about the play after the New England win. On Monday, Greg Hill of WEEI asked Belichick about the moment.

I think he thought Burns had the ball,” Bill Belichick said.

Panthers linebacker Haason Reddick called the play “completely dirty.” While Jones wasn’t flagged, the league certainly will review the incident for a potential fine.

Later in the week, we’ll learn whether the league decided that Jones went too far.

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  1. Mac Jones did NOT twist Burns’ ankle. Burns did that on his own. Mac grabbed his leg and Burns injured his ankle by himself.

  2. I suggest everybody watch the play for themselves before just accepting anybody’s characterization of this as a dirty play.

  3. So nothing on the Panthers stomping on Stevenson’s neck or the blatant head hunting of Harris? Figures only the Patriots can do wrong in the eyes of the NFL even when corruption is so obvious it’s staring folks in the face.

  4. Instantaneous decisions are always second guessed by haters. There were a few “dirty plays” going on in that game. We’ll see if the league reviews the play and fines him.

  5. I don’t necessarily think it was dirty but I will admit this, it looks a bit weird on the replay. Looks like one of those frustration moments. I think the fact that the player was injured is the only reason this is being talked about. I think Mac could see the scrum and where the ball actually was, he just didn’t want that guy to have an opportunity to get it.

  6. He was watching the play the entire time and the ball was clearly 15 feet in front of him and in his eyeline.

    He was just upset about being strip sacked and acted like a baby.

  7. Mac Jones should have been flagged for Holding perhaps. It didn’t look like Mac was pulling some kind of Ndamukong Suh stuff.

  8. If you don’t like dirty, how about intentional? Pretty darn obvious to a unbiased eye.

  9. Panthers and their fans need to take a look at Burns kneeing Stevenson in the head after the whistle, concussing him and taking him out of the game. Pot and kettle, man.

    There is only one angle of this play being circulated and nowhere do you see, before the camera pans away, Mac twisting his ankle. just holding his foot to keep him from getting the ball, or leaving with the ball. As the camera moves toward Luvu getting the ball you see Burns twist and fall to the ground, but that looked like him just trying to get away. if that movement cause his ankle to twist and he got injured, that is as much on him as Mac. If there is a different and more complete angle out there that shows Mac actually twisting his ankle, I will admit I was wrong, but I haven’t been able to find anything.

  10. It was a QB laying flat on his back holding on for dear life, Burns was turning to try to get out of the hold because his eyes were big for the loose football. There was no ankle twisting by Mac. When Burns twists himself to pull free, one of Jones hands comes entirely off of his ankle.

    And it was nothing personal or frustration based. Mac did this earlier in the season on a lesser degree on a strip sack, while lying on his back he tripped the guy who hit him to prevent him getting the recovery and the guy fell down. It’s a smart play in theory since a holding or tripping penalty is way better than giving up a fumble recovery. In this case, Burns was nowhere near the ball, and I don’t think Jones did think Burns had the ball, but that he was going to go get the ball. I’m sure BB will tell him in private to tone it down a little bit. But there was nothing dirty about this. The three headshots the Panthers did to three Patriots players who all left the game with brutal unpenalized head injuries including a hit by Burns were way more dirty.

  11. antivaxxerssuck says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:00 am
    Mac Jones should have been flagged for Holding perhaps. It didn’t look like Mac was pulling some kind of Ndamukong Suh stuff.

    If there is a lose ball it’s not a penalty or illegal to grab pull or hold another player to prevent them from getting to the ball.

    The only penalty that may be called is a personal foul for a block in the back. Otherwise all is legal

  12. It was a very physical game on both sides, as evidenced by the number of players hurt/knocked out of the game. Stop crying.

  13. Burns twisted HUS OWN ANKLE…watch the tape…Mac Jones just grabbed his ankle and Burns twisted his own body. Can’t blame THAT one on a Patriots QB

  14. Dirty play? How about a “missed holding call”? Those are missed pretty much on almost every down. What’s the big deal? Didn’t affect the game; though the subsequent pick-6 did.

  15. It looked to me like Burns twisted or turned to get away from the hold but I guess it’s how one wants to interpret it.

  16. This tells me more about Haason Reddick than anything else. Mac Jones is probably the least dirty player in the NFL.

  17. Burns is being a baby. He did that to himself. Was it okay that Burns knocked Damien Harris out of the game with a head injury? He dropped his full weight on top of him, but Mac Jones is dirty? Come on…

  18. The real story is that the Patriots blocking schemes twice let Burns come free unimpeded, once forcing the Jones fumble and the other letting Harris get crunched. That needs to be fixed.

  19. People defending Jones here are nuts. When Jones first grabs him you’re looking at Burns’ left shoulder. Then you suddenly see Burns jump in the air and do a 270° twist. That means either:

    1: Burns decided to practice his parkour skills in the middle of a game, or
    2: his ankle was being twisted and his body went with it in order to prevent it from breaking.

    There’s no other explanation.

  20. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:18 am
    Mac Jones > Sam Darnold


    Really going out on limb there.
    Any living QB > Sam Darnold

  21. dirty play
    dirty player
    dirty position coach
    dirty head coach
    dirty organization
    astros of the nfl but worse
    zero untainted championships

  22. There are a lot of envious people still out there harping that Patriots only beat “Their” teams because of cheating. Good grief, it’s past time to let it go. Carolina was not a good team when the Pats were going to the Super Bowl left and right, isn’t a good team now, and won’t be a good team 2 years from now either. So yep, they can’t win because the Pats are cheaters. Riiiiight…

  23. I love the fact that our rookie QB can get an opposing defense to cry like babies!
    Mac rocks!
    There is a whole lot of jealousy around the league that the Pats got, far and away, the best QB of the draft. That’s gotta’ sting after these teams have all suffered whooping by Brady for 20 years!
    Life isn’t fair, is it, Carolina? Youre stuck with a dud QB and a whimpering defense.

  24. I see defensive players do an alligator roll on offensive players legs and ankles all the time !

  25. The dirtiest part of the part of the play is probably proof that it wasn’t malicious intent.

    And I hate the Patriots as much ANYONE so I am not looking to excuse something a player has done.

    But you can see Mac Jones clearly tries to trip Burns before grabbing his ankle. He probably thought Burns had the ball and was trying to get him down.

    Even though its against the rules to trip a player, I don’t know anyone who would be upset with their own QB making that move to prevent a potential scoop and score, so I can’t say I have a problem with that part.

    That said, maybe Jones knew Burns didn’t have the ball and was just preventing him from joining to the rest of the cavalry.

  26. MacJones has put up very pedestrian numbers thus far. The Pats have beaten ONE quality opponent, the Chargers. Their other wins came against Miami, Houston, Jets (twice), and Panthers. They are a mediocre team in a LOUSY division. They will have all they can do to sneak into the playoffs, and if they do, it’s one and done.

  27. Nobody could twist arms, ankles and necks like Dick Butkus … he laughs at todays game …

  28. I see a guy holding another player’s leg to prevent that other player from making a play. Big whoop.

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