Bill Belichick surprised by Stephon Gilmore’s complaints about handling of his injury

New England Patriots Vs Houston Texans At NRG Stadium
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Panthers cornerback Stephon Gilmore said last week that he didn’t agree with how the Patriots handled his injury before he was traded from New England to Carolina. That came as news to Bill Belichick.

Belichick said this morning on the Greg Hill Show that from everything he knew, Gilmore agreed with how the Patriots were working on rehabbing his quadriceps injury.

Surprised to hear him say that, because we had several meetings and laid out a plan on how he would rehab once he came back to training camp,” Belichick said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “Of course, he wasn’t here all spring, so we really didn’t have any idea where he was. But when he came back, we had several meetings and talked about that. So you’d have to ask him.”

Gilmore played well against his former team on Sunday, intercepting a Mac Jones pass, but it was the Patriots who got the last laugh with a win over the Panthers.

16 responses to “Bill Belichick surprised by Stephon Gilmore’s complaints about handling of his injury

  1. Hey, anything Bill says is gospel, according to Pats fans. Remember – he is playing chess while every other coach on the planet is playing checkers.

  2. Waaaaa? You mean it wasn’t really about his injured quad? Dude you got your money early and still whined til the pats traded you. Have fun being on a team going in the wrong direction

  3. For Gilmore to say it was about how the Patriots handled his injury is a lie. It was all about his contract.

  4. Giving Gilmore away for a measly 6th was an epic whiff by BB…. He’s been back two games and already has two interceptions. BB the GM is killing BB the Coach

  5. Gilmore was really ambiguous and vague (probably on purpose) with his injury comment, but I suspect his gripe was not with the treatment/rehab side of things but rather with the fact that the Patriots wanted him to prove he was healed and healthy before even considering a raise/extension. Personally, I don’t find it unreasonable to expect a 30+ year old player to prove they’ve fully recovered and haven’t lost too much before handing them a bag of cash.

  6. In one ear, and out the other. A player is in charge of his own boy. Especially a great player. He may have received different information since he was in New England, but I believe at the time, he was in agreement with everything they were doing. Kind of like the Aaron Rodgers play on words thing. So Gilmore might have been speaking in retrospect, but it’s not coming across like that.

  7. Nothing was mishandled. Gilmore wanted one last big deal and to stay in NE.

    He wanted too much and tore his quad after a down year.

  8. Gilmour got paid in a manner that front-ended his 5-yr contract. For him to say he was ‘only’ getting $7M in the last year is not worth addressing. He did not feel like playing anymore for Bill because he was not about to get anywhere near the last contract in money and term going forward.

  9. It’s a business. Gilmore is 1.5 years removed from being a Defensive MVP. His agent saw $$$ falling from trees. Unfortunately for them, 2019 was not SG’s contract year. They are frustrated by the lack of big dollar offers. The Pats don’t handcuff the team for the player. Frustration showed through in attitude (as written about above). SG did some great stuff with the Pats. I wish him nothing but future success (preferably not against the Pats, though…)

  10. Word is that Gilmore was playing a strategic game with his injury, trying to get New England to give him more money. The Patriots called his bluff by putting him on the PUP list, and that really bugged him. It looks like he’s still a good player, but it also looks like New England had his pay level just about right.

  11. Could it be Gilmore was surprised by the trade, and maybe his ego got a bit bruised by it, and maybe he might have had some sour grapes because of it?

  12. Hes on the wrong side of 30 coming off a quad injury and wanted a new fat deal the Pat’s wanted to see him on the field before they made an offer. He balked so they put him on the pup once they realized things were untenable an moved on.

  13. You don’t re-negotiate your contract while you are hurt. That’s the breaks. It’s money he doesn’t need and even his heirs will ever spend. Best of luck to him though. Hope he can find a team that wins games for the short remainder of his career.

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