Browns officially waive Odell Beckham

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham is officially a former member of the Cleveland Browns.

Beckham was officially waived by the team on Monday. The move comes after the Browns and Beckham agreed to contract revisions late last week.

Should any team claim Beckham, they will be responsible for the $7.25 million left on his contract for this season. If he goes unclaimed, the Browns will save $3 million in a move Beckham agreed to in order to make it less likely that anyone claims him.

We’ll find out if someone claims him on Tuesday. If no one bites, Beckham will become a free agent and teams like the Seahawks, 49ers, and Saints have been mentioned as potential suitors for his services.

24 responses to “Browns officially waive Odell Beckham

  1. Remember when people laughed at the suggestion that CLE would be better without OBJ? They sure got quiet 41 points later.

  2. How is the Saints even being discussed? The Saints have $700k of cap space. Is he going to take a pay cut?

  3. I remember thinking OBJ killed a lot of drives for the Giants by dropping a lot of balls in key situations despite some spectacular catches. Wonder if he will do this to his 3rd team.

  4. What Odell needs to realize is teams are thinking what can Odell do for us, not what can we do for Odell? Nobody cares about his numbers or the one-handed catch from years ago. Can you help us instead of caring about yourself Odell?

  5. When Tom Brady persuades the Bucs to sign him somehow everyone will see it as a great move. Hypocrisy.

  6. Aaron Rodgers
    Russell Wilson
    Kyler Murray
    Derek Carr
    Matthew Stafford
    Jimmy G

    Which QB will he blame next for his poor play?

  7. Remember when the Giants traded him and they were mocked for giving up such a talent?

  8. The Browns are a better team without OBJ. They should have tried moving him earlier and maybe get something for him, but better late than never.

  9. How this will play out: He will go unclaimed due to the difficulty in adding $7m midseason for any team. This means the Browns will have to pay him out this year. He can then sign with any team for double paycheck, but will be looking for something in the same pay scale. No team will sign him for 3 years at $8mil, so he will have to take a 1/2 year prove it contract with a contender. Then he will enter free agency again this offseason.

  10. jerry292 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 5:44 pm
    How is the Saints even being discussed? The Saints have $700k of cap space. Is he going to take a pay cut?


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