Did Josh Allen say anything to Josh Allen when he sacked him? “I should’ve, but I was tired”


Josh Allen got a little sick of hearing about Josh Allen. So Josh Allen made sure he handled Josh Allen.

But Josh Allen the Jacksonville pass rusher knew that his primary challenge came against the guy trying to block him, not the other Josh Allen.

“I’ve got to go against this tackle the whole game,” the Jacksonville Josh Allen told PFT after Sunday’s 9-6 win over Buffalo. “I got to beat him. I got to worry about him. I got to beat him, and then once I beat him, then I go make those plays.”

He did, sacking Josh Allen and intercepting Josh Allen and recovering a fumble from Josh Allen.

What did Josh Allen say to Josh Allen after sacking Josh Alen? Not a word.

“I should have, but I was tired,” Jacksonville Josh said, laughing. “But I should have.”

He later got his first career interception. He said he’ll save the ball. He almost lost it.

“I was about to throw it [into the stands], but I was like, ‘This is my first one, I can’t throw it.'”

It was the second win of the season for the Jaguars. Allen wasn’t surprised by how the team’s defense performed.

“I’m not saying that they’re not good or I’m not saying that, but I know the way we practiced or the way we prepared or the way we had that mentality of going out and doing our job because we showed that if we don’t mess up, we don’t beat ourselves,” Allen said. “We can play against any team out there. This is just a great start for us on what we’re capable of doing every week. Now it’s just, [we’re] ready to build on this man and get ready for the next one. . . .

“From day one, I knew what type of defense we were. I knew what type of players we had. I know how our locker room was, and I feel like we were capable of doing this every game, but we hurt ourselves. We put ourselves in this position to lose those games, but when we’re all on and when we’re all locked in, ain’t nobody beating us. And we truly believe that. We’re going to have that mentality, we’re going to grow and learn off this experience, not get too high on this, and come back next weekend and beat the Colts.”

They’re not done at 2-6, but the margin for error is small. If they can win a couple more games and creep toward .500, things could get far more interesting than anyone ever thought they would be in Jacksonville.

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  1. There isn’t a pass rusher in the NFL that doesn’t wish he could play the against Buffalo’s offensive line from yesterday. Brand Beane dropped he ball at the deadline. This team isn’t winning anything with this O-line; Moss and Singletary are good backs but 3 defensive linemen meet them before the line of scrimmage on half their runs.

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