Eli Manning’s double bird triggered three FCC complaints

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Peyton and Eli Manning are off this week. But the Manningcast is still making news.

Via TMZ, Eli Manning’s double-barreled middle finger from earlier in the season, which he used to display the messages he’d get from Eagles fans, resulted in a trio of FCC complaints. One of the complainants asked that Eli be banned from TV.

Of course, the FCC has no jurisdiction over cable broadcasts. The FCC regulates old-school over-the-air programming only.

In contrast, the halftime of Super Bowl LIV, which fell within the FCC’s purview, prompted more than 1,300 complaints over the attire and gyrations of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

16 responses to “Eli Manning’s double bird triggered three FCC complaints

  1. It was truly upsetting when Eli did that, I was very offended and will never watch another Manning cast again!

  2. We all know that was Eli’s attempt at signing when asked how many Super Bowls he had won.

  3. Eli Manning may be retired…but those 2 middle fingers are still very much in their prime and in tip top shape.

  4. im no fan of the Mannings, but this is silly. This is a sad reflection on our society. All this encourages is for people to act like spolied brats and whine and complain like a child.

  5. Haha, thin skinned people. As an Eagles fan, I actually have more respect for Eli now.. keep it up knucklehead.. HAHA

  6. Won’t someone think of the children.

    I would love to meet the 3 people that took time to file and FCC complaint over this. I’d probably have to make an appointment with the full lives they are leading.

  7. Did i hear Eli say to Payton you have a knife and fork use it to eat your pizza ? come on
    how out of touch can you get ? that was absurd .

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