Kliff Kingsbury says he and Josh Norman were penalized for “friendly banter”

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Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury and 49ers cornerback Josh Norman both drew personal fouls at the same time after they were talking to each other during Sunday’s game, but Kingsbury said neither one of them was taunting.

Kingsbury said he yelled something at an official that drew a flag, and Norman came over and said something to Kingsbury immediately after that. But Kingsbury said he and Norman have no beef and the officials thought there was more ill-intent than there was.

“I like Josh, I know Josh,” Kingsbury said, via ESPN. “I think it was just more friendly banter that got misinterpreted. But I shouldn’t have been out there doing that. . . . I think he was just telling me that wasn’t a very smart thing to say to the official to get the original penalty. But I’m telling you it wasn’t anything malicious.”

San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan was not happy with Norman and benched him for the rest of the game.

6 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury says he and Josh Norman were penalized for “friendly banter”

  1. To all you kids out there: Never ever talk trash to a coach, or even respond if one talks trash to you. Doesn’t matter what sport it you play, just never do it. Capiche?

  2. Too bad Kliff. We live in a world where words hurt as much as fists, blades and bullets. Saying hurtful aggressive things is actually a form of violence and very dangerous to the growing population of weaklings who are starting to run things.

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