Mike Mayock: We cannot stand for the video of Damon Arnette with a gun threatening a life

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The Raiders have waived cornerback Damon Arnette after video emerged of him carrying a gun and making death threats to an unspecified person.

The 2020 first-round pick had been on injured reserve since Oct. 9 and ends his time with Las Vegas having appeared in just 13 games with seven starts. The news comes after the Raiders also waived their other 2020 first-round pick, Henry Ruggs, after an alleged high-speed, DUI collision that killed a 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog.

On Monday, Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock told reporters the decision to waive Arnette was “very painful.”

“We cannot stand for the video of Damon with a gun threatening to take a life,” Mayock said, via Cassie Soto of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Bottom line, the Raiders will not tolerate this behavior.”

Mayock noted that there were character concerns about Arnette when he was entering the league, saying the club spent significant time trying to understand his behavior. But when drafting him, the Raiders felt like they would be a good fit for the young corner. Mayock said he’s sick to his stomach about Arnette.

“We did more research on Arnette than anybody else since I have been here and we missed,” Mayock said, via Vic Tafur of TheAthletic.com. “And that is 100 percent on me.”

By cutting Arnette, the Raiders have now let go of four of their top five picks from the 2020 draft — each of whom were selected in the first or third round. Lynn Bowden was traded to the Dolphins at the end of his rookie training camp. And linebacker Tanner Muse was waived at the end of this year’s training camp. Neither Bowden nor Muse ever played a snap for Las Vegas.

While the club still has receiver Bryan Edwards, guard John Simpson, and corner Amik Robertson from its 2020 draft, Mayock acknowledged the class as a whole was a miss.

“I think in ’19 and ’21 we’ve done a heck of a job … we’re going to be consistent with that,” Mayock said, via Soto. “It’s just as important to me that these guys are good in the community as well as good football players.”

But frankly, Mayock may not get that chance with another draft class. Though Rich Bisaccia is 2-1 as the Raiders’ interim coach, there’s a lot to be determined about how owner Mark Davis will shape the franchise following Jon Gruden’s resignation. Mayock currently has control of roster decisions, but that could easily change if Davis wants to hire a big-name coach who brings in his own G.M.

The best argument for Mayock will be if the Raiders continue to win. Now at 5-3, Las Vegas will host Kansas City for Sunday Night Football in Week 10.

38 responses to “Mike Mayock: We cannot stand for the video of Damon Arnette with a gun threatening a life

  1. He’s not even a coach, but I think the only way Mayock keeps his job is if the Raiders make the playoffs. And even that may not be enough to save him.

  2. Mayock is gone. You can’t have a 1st round pick you knew had red flags waving a gun in a video and threatening people. Toss in Ruggs tragic DUI and Mayock turned two 1st round picks into two felons

  3. Without the video they probably wouldn’t have cut him.Same for Ray Rice.It shouldn’t have to be that way.

  4. I can’t remember a team going through this level of drama in such a short amount of time; anyone have ‘better’ examples?

  5. This is on Mayock.

    Not only was Arnette’s off the field issues a concern at Ohio State, but also he had mediocre measurables.

    Slow, short arm cornerback.

    Mayock owns it. Not Gruden.

  6. The Raiders and Dolphins really need to increase due diligence when it comes to number 1 draft picks.

  7. I don’t know how much control Mayock had over those drafts while Gruden was there. Just looking at the on field performance the track record is horrible on early picks though.

  8. And I giggle at all these people saying Gruden ran the show last month and now this is 100% on Mayock.

  9. I’d like to see what Mayock is capable of without having to worry about pleasing Gruden. I’d give him a shot to get a coach he selects and be able to the job his way.

  10. Mike Mayock isn’t going anywhere. If he does, by all means Jeffrey Lurie, please bring him to the Eagles.

  11. This doesn’t reflect well on the Raiders front office along with the Ruggs tragedy. Maybe they should be rethinking the hiring of Mayock and the move to Las Vegas. I do believe this is the 3rd occasion of criminal activity from one of their players since the beginning of the year.

  12. People think Aaron Rodgers saying he was immunized and people confusing it for being vaccinated should have the same consequences as what this guy did, threatening people with a gun.

  13. Gruden had final say on everything including all roster decisions and the draft especially 1st round picks this is all on Gruden.

  14. Smartest thing the league could do would be to institute a low maximum salary for rookies, and allow teams to choose to pay players more after 2 years. That way teams could evaluate young players under actual league play and let the players mature instead of being lottery-winner knuckleheads.

  15. So they traded away a guy in Khalil Mack who is well on his way to the HOF because they didn’t want to pay him and the only thing they have to show for it now is what? An injury prone but talented RB, a safety who can’t cover, and a DE taken 4th overall who is riding the bench? Well done Mayock and Gruden.

  16. Problem is, even if you whiffed on the character evaluation, no one had his talent evaluated for the 1st round. He was a 2nd round talent at absolute BEST with major character concerns. You just don’t need to go against the grain this much.

  17. Give a kid a multi-million dollar signing bonus and have him play in Vegas. What could go wrong?

  18. Raiders: trade Khalil Mack in his prime for first round picks, most of which aren’t even on the team anymore after less than 2 years.
    Rams: trade any picks needed for players like Stafford, Ramsey, and now Von.
    Uhhh, yeah, I’d rather be a Rams fan!
    Lucky for me I’m a Vikings fan, we rarely even make our picks even when we’re on the clock!

  19. Mayock is being a stand up GM by owning it but get real. Gruden made these picks. Not Mayock.

  20. Arnette is trash, both on and off the field. That said, I strongly suspect Mayock didn’t actually make any of the picks since he was installed as GM. Gruden had final say over everything and Mayock was likely just there to appease him. I’m interested to see if he gets to make picks that are truly his own in the next draft. I suspect they’ll be better than what was gotten under Gruden”s watch.

  21. If Raiders make the playoffs Mayock keeps his job one more year, but the seat will remain hot.

  22. As a Buckeye fan i am very ashamed of him hope the person he held the gun on flies charges so we can put him in jail for the next 30 yrs were he belongs.

    Looks like Mayock days are numbered as GM hope he goes back to his tv job were he was very good at just like all us other draftniks.

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