Monday Night Football: Steelers survive Bears rally in 29-27 victory

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Chris Boswell converted a 40-yard field goal with 26 seconds remaining as the Pittsburgh Steelers overcame a sloppy fourth quarter performance to hold off the Chicago Bears in a 29-27 victory on Monday night.

A 65-yard field goal attempt from Cairo Santos as time expired fell way short as the Steelers survived.

The Steelers held a 20-6 lead headed to the fourth quarter. However, Justin Fields and the Bears started finding some success on offense and a fumbled punt return that went for Bears touchdown helped Chicago claw back into the game. Fields led Chicago on a seven-play, 75-yard drive to give the Bears the lead with 1:46 left to play.

Ben Roethlisberger then marched the Steelers 52 yards in seven plays to set up Boswell’s winning kick.

Roethlisberger completed 21 of 30 passes for just 205 yards with two interceptions on the night for Pittsburgh.

It was a game that didn’t reasonably seem as though it should be that close in the final seconds.

Najee Harris scored on a 10-yard run on the opening possession of the game for the Steelers to take the early lead. After a Fields interception, Ben Roethlisberger hit tight end Pat Freiermuth for a 4-yard touchdown as the lead became 14-0 early in the second quarter.

Fields was held to just 5 of 11 passing for 63 yards two sacks and an interception in the first half for Chicago.

Cairo Santos’ 30-yard field goal with 15 seconds left in the half made it a 14-3 Steelers lead at the break.

The Bears went 89 yards on 10 plays on their first possession of the third quarter before settling for a 22-yard Santos field goal to make it a 14-6 game. Chicago gained a total of 104 yards on the drive and Fields threw a would-be touchdown to Jimmy Graham only to have it negated by a 15-yard low block penalty on James Daniels. The field goal followed instead for the Bears.

Freiermuth’s second touchdown of the night, a 10-yard score, made it a 20-6 Steelers lead after Chris Boswell missed the extra point try wide left.

The Bears answered as Darnell Mooney scored on a 15-yard run taking a hand-off from wildcat quarterback David Montgomery to close the gap to 20-13.

Boswell connected on a 54-yard field goal to push the Steelers lead to 23-13.

Jakeem Grant fumbled on the ensuing kickoff and Pittsburgh recovered at the Bears’ 42-yard line. However, they were unable to do anything with the field possession as a sack of Roethlisberger by Roquan Smith pushed Pittsburgh out of field goal range.

The Bears then got a special teams takeaway of their own to help get them back in the game. Ray-Ray McCloud fumbled on a Chicago punt as Joel Iyiegbuniwe knocked the ball loose. DeAndre Houston-Carson picked up the loose ball and ran it in for a 25-yard touchdown to close the Steelers lead to 23-20 with 6:31 left to play.

Chicago’s defense appeared to hold the Steelers near midfield as Cassius Marsh sacked Roethlisberger for a 7-yard loss to force fourth-and-15. However, Marsh got slapped with a very thin taunting call to give Pittsburgh a fresh set of downs. The Steelers turned the extra chance into a 52-yard Boswell field goal to go up 26-20 with 2:52 left to play.

Despite the flimsy taunting call on Marsh, the Bears were penalized 12 times on the night for 115 yards.

Fields converted a third-and-1 with his legs before hitting Allen Robinson for 39 yards on third-and-2 to move the Bears inside the red zone. On the next play, Fields broke the pocket and found Mooney for a 16-yard touchdown as Chicago took their first lead of the night, 27-26, after Santos’ extra point with 1:46 remaining.

Fields ultimately completed 17 of 29 passes for 291 yards with a touchdown and an interception on the night for Chicago despite the slow first half.

The victory is the 150th win of Mike Tomlin’s head coaching career with the Steelers.

44 responses to “Monday Night Football: Steelers survive Bears rally in 29-27 victory

  1. More preferential officiating for the Steelers. It is undeniable. Imagine playing them twice a year.

  2. Bears got hosed.

    These refs need to be suspended.

    Christmas comes early for the Steelers I guess.

  3. touchback6 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 9:20 pm
    Fields is a bust

    You were saying?

  4. Nagy calling the timeout to ice the kicker knowing he may need it later was really dumb and ended up being the difference at the end.

  5. Tony Corrente really owes an explanation on that “taunting” call on Marsh. That flag wasn’t coming out until Tony was accidentally bumped into… and it’s not like he got knocked over… Corrente barely moved … he was just looking for a reason to throw that flag…

  6. Refs were obviously in favor of Pittsburgh. Problem is until the league starts holding refs accountable, it’ll never stop. And I’m not talking about the officiating crew getting the “bottom tier game of the week”. I’m talking about putting a dent in their pockets as they do the players.

  7. Needs to be an investigation into that officiating. Fields can’t get a roughing penalty all night but Bears get flagged for a dirty look. The call wiping out the touchdown was an error also. Hate seeing refs determine games.

  8. It will be interesting to watch Mac Jones & Justin Fields develop as pro QBs. I thought Mac Jones looks more like a reliable long-term starter at QB but when Justin Fields turns it on, you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

  9. As a neutral observer it was clear the Refs were never going to allow the Bears to win the game. The NFL has officially become a joke.

  10. How do you get to the NFL as a d-lineman and not know how to determine where the LOS is? Inexcusable…. And this comes from a Chiefs fan where Dee Ford kept KC from winning another SB and where Chris Jones still does it…

  11. Ok we need to discuss NFL officiating asap! Chicago tonight, Buffalo yesterday. It’s not an issue in MLB, NHL or NBA.

  12. lovac2 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:50 pm
    Nagy calling the timeout to ice the kicker knowing he may need it later was really dumb and ended up being the difference at the end.

    The clock would have continued to run. It stopped because of the first down measurement.

  13. lovac2 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:50 pm
    Nagy calling the timeout to ice the kicker knowing he may need it later was really dumb and ended up being the difference at the end.


    He called the timeout because the clock was going to start on the reset.

  14. I’ve been a Steeler fan for over 50 years. I’ve never seen a Steelers center manhandled like that. Kudos to the Bears DL.

  15. How about that ref stepping back into Marsh’s path? He was dying to throw that flag. This game was never winnable for Chicago.

  16. lovac2 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:50 pm
    Nagy calling the timeout to ice the kicker knowing he may need it later was really dumb and ended up being the difference at the end.


    I want Nagy fired, but I’ll defend him here. That’s not why he called TO. There was a clock stoppage to measure Ben being short of the marker. He called the time out to stop the clock.

    Not that it mattered anyway. We know the direction the league preferred this to go, as evidenced by taking away a TD pass on a phantom call that even the announcers and some Steeler fans recognized as BS. Or a ridiculous taunting call to set up the FG.

    It was a fun game regardless, Steeler fans. Best of luck this year!

  17. Steelers D was terrible in the second half…awful. Meanwhile the offense continues to under-perform. They need to seriously work on their short yardage execution. They make 3rd and 1 look like 3rd and 11.
    A win, but nothing that proves they’ll be a serious competitor come playoff time.

  18. The last min of the game was a terrible botch. The Steelers had the ball on the 30 in field goal range with 58 seconds left and the clock isn’t running cause the Bears couldn’t line up correctly on the play that set up the steelers in FG range.

    Then the Steelers commit a false start, get 13 yards only to see Ben spike the ball with 40 seconds left rather then call time out (and run two times to let the clock to go zero if they didn’t get the first down) or let more time go on the clock. Finally when Ben goes down, he’s down with 36 seconds left and the Bear’s don’t call time out until after the official stoppage and let 6 seconds off the clock.

    Finally 65 yard field goal attempt in Hines Field? Tucket barely made a 66 yarder in a dome, 65 in Kickers hell was never happening even for the Ravens.

  19. Fields looked better tonight. He made some really good throws and decisions. He made some really bad throws and bad decisions as well. But overall, he’s improving. Tonight was a big step in making some great throws at critical times to give the Bears the lead late in the game.

    Tonight was the first night where you saw a lot of flashes of how good he can be, and he really looked poised and calm in the pocket late in the game against a good defense. He’s still going to have some clunkers this year, and we’ll see how well he learns to read defenses and work through progressions- his athleticism will only get him so far. It’s obviously premature to call him a success, but only idiots looking for attention will call him a bust at this point.

  20. “Ok we need to discuss NFL officiating asap! Chicago tonight, Buffalo yesterday. It’s not an issue in MLB, NHL or NBA.”

    I pay no attention to hockey, but to contend that there are never controversial calls in MLB or the NBA is completely wrong.

  21. Paid-off officials notwithstanding, the Bears arguably played their least bad game of the season in the 2nd half. The problem is, it’s the 9th game of the season. All the trademarks of a Nagy team were on display last night: lack of preparation, mental mistakes, coming up inches short on critical plays, and bad luck.

    The Bears are badly undertalented at some positions (OL, DB) but have average to decent players in the defensive front 7, at WR and TE and legit stars or future stars in Roquan Smith, David Montgomery and Justin Fields. Until and unless regime change happens, losing by 2 to a borderline playoff caliber opponent is about the ceiling for this team. Given their remaining schedule, that has them finishing with 5, maybe 6 games tops which hopefully is enough for the McCaskeys to pull the trigger.

  22. 3 inept NFL squads (Bears, Steelers and the NFL ref squad) met in Pittsburgh last night and left the evidence of which team is goofier until the end of the game. Bear fans did learn the following:

    1. Foles wasted cap space
    2. Red Rifle wasted cap space
    3. Nagy: True master of the art of team discipline.

  23. I was at Lambeau when the Steelers blocked a fg and ran it back 75 yards and a fantasy offsides call was made. Gene Steratore gets to chime in and say it was a very bad call. I watched the Vikings get hosed by a bad horse collar call against the Ravens Sunday. Please, if you’re going to criticize the officiating don’t just do it when it’s your team involved. The NFL has handed over the ability for refs to decide the games because of all of the discretion, and subjective grey areas of the rules. The NFL has a product with zero consistency. One crew may throw a flag on a play where another doesn’t. Other crews are throwing flags on things not even happening on the field. They are not held accountable for any of it. Which let’s face it, with legal wagering happening now, is not a good look for the NFL. I truly believe a huge NFL ref scandal is on the horizon. The NFL will be a big part of the blame for not making the rules clear.

  24. Tony Corrente has been a “homer” referee for years. Unbelievable that the NFL can’t see this when the fans can see it.

  25. The officials made the Bears line up on the wrong side of the ball right? The Bears are a really good team but they lack discipline.

  26. Bears fan here. The problem was the 115 yards in penalties. Some of that was on the refs, but Bears veterans made a lot of silly mistakes (really Robert Quinn? Lining up in the neutral zone two or three times??). Winnable ball game, but Chicago fans are happy that it looks like Justin Fields is legit. His development is all that matters and the front office needs to find him a coach.

  27. The Bears didn’t do themselves any favors with a ton of stupid penalties, like lining up in the neutral zone, but they were able to overcome most. The most costly ones were when the refs threw questionable flags and cost the Bears the game. They outplayed Pittsburgh in the 2nd half, but those penalties, two in particular, and several no-calls hurt.

    PS, I’m tired of Mario Edwards reliably getting flagged for 15 every game.

  28. Monday Night Football: Steelers/Officiating Crew survive Bears rally in 29-27 victory


    A more appropriate headline.

  29. o62885 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 11:52 pm
    Refs were obviously in favor of Pittsburgh. Problem is until the league starts holding refs accountable, it’ll never stop


    The Refs are doing EXACTLY what the league (and/or vegas) wants. There won’t be any investigation, ever.

  30. Really really REALLY tired of the “refs give (this team or that team) preferential treatment” nonsense.
    Until someone gives some rational reason as to why that might be, I don’t want to see/hear this ridiculous notion.

  31. The Steelers didn’t play well in the second half but survived. It’s a win and they have plenty of time to better themselves along the way. There is no dominant team in the afc this year. Anybody can win it.

  32. jjfootball says:
    November 9, 2021 at 2:16 am
    Fields is not the answer for the bears!
    Not with Nagy. Give him an actual NFL caliber coach and he’ll be better.

  33. All professional sports have major officiating problems because it is about the desired outcomes which is very objective! And for those of you who are still trolling Justin Fields, how’s your boys Zac Wilson and Trevor Lawrence looking right about now! Other than Mac Jones who is a beast in the making, Justin Fields is the real-deal, and probably got drafted in the worse system of the first round QB’s. I wish the Steelers had Justin Fields.

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