Questionable call costs Bears a touchdown

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Bears have some legitimate complaints with the officiating after a 10-play, 89-yard drive that drew them within 14-6 of the Steelers.

The Bears reached the Pittsburgh 14 on a 50-yard pass from Justin Fields to Marquise Goodwin, who lost the ball as he was going out of bounds. The Steelers challenged the ruling on the field, but replay upheld the call as a catch.

Three plays later, the Bears were in the end zone as Fields hit Jimmy Graham for a 1-yard score. But Bears offensive lineman James Daniels was flagged for a 15-yard low block, even though Daniels was not outside the tight end box when he whiffed on a block at T.J. Watt‘s legs.

ESPN rules analyst John Parry disagreed with the penalty.

Bears coach Matt Nagy then was livid after the Bears didn’t get two questionable hits on Fields. Cam Sutton planted his helmet into Fields’ back. Fields questioned the lack of a flag, but he was a runner and he started his slide late. The second was more egregious as Alex Highsmith hit Fields, knocking him to the ground, two steps after Fields threw the ball.

The Bears settled for a 22-yard field goal by Cairo Santos.

The Steelers since have scored again with tight end Pat Freiermuth catching a 10-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger. It’s the second time tonight the two have connected. Chris Boswell missed the extra point, so the Steelers lead 20-6 with 2:08 remaining in the third quarter.

19 responses to “Questionable call costs Bears a touchdown

  1. Ah yes the homer Pitt refs. Consecutive 3 plays when the Bears are about to make it 14-10. A blatant made up illegal block-15 yard penalty and two no call roughing the passer penalties (mind you, after a very suspect/weak one called in Big Ben’s favor on the drive prior). Not even a Bears fan but every NFL fan should be outraged by that sequence and blatant cheating in the Steelers favor. The fix is in.

  2. There have definitely been some questionable calls. That one on the touchdown that was called back was terrible. I hope the league looks at that and fines the refs like they would when they review plays by players.

  3. A practice squad player called for taunting. It looks like the coaching staff knew it was wrong the way they were yelling at him on the sidelines. What he did was stupid. It was a borderline call but you can’t give the refs a reason to throw that flag.

  4. Surprising that nobody has mentioned the real reason for these BS calls — legalized gambling.

  5. The Bears got Robbed on this game and should be outraged ,thanks to horrible Officiating in favor of Steelers.
    Just like the Seahawks/Steelers super bowl, where refs tainted the game outcome with erroneous penalties on Seahawks to make sure the steelers took home the Lombardi trophy!!

  6. Correnthie and his whole crew should be fined and sat down. Worst officiating I’ve seen all year.

  7. As soon as you legalize sports books this was bound to happen. Just think everyone, this is just year one of it. In a few years the officials will have it down to a science on what calls to make and when to make them. The product on the field will suffer and the NFL will falter along with it. Once the integrity of the game is gone then what else do you have????

  8. The Raiders are the leagues most hated team and the Steelers are the most loved. This was like the garbage Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl which was totally fixed. I can’t watch Steelers games because this garbage will happen when they need it.

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