Raiders release Damon Arnette

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A week ago, the Raiders has two 2020 first-round picks on the team. They now have none.

Cornerback Damon Arnette is being released by the team, per multiple reports.

Arnette faces a pair of lawsuits. Over the weekend, a video emerged in which Arnette makes death threats against an unspecified person while carrying a gun.

On IR for the last month, Arnette has appeared in only 13 career games, with seven starts.

Last week, the Raiders released 2020 first-round receiver Henry Ruggs after a high-speed collision claimed the life of 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog. Only four weeks ago, coach Jon Gruden resigned after a flurry of emails that he sent to former Washington executive Bruce Allen were leaked.

38 responses to “Raiders release Damon Arnette

  1. Hmmm…. sounds like cap room and roster space might not be problem if they want to grab OBJ.

  2. Only a month ago, the Raiders looked like they wouldn’t be the dumpster fire that they’ve been for the last 3 decades.

    That was fun.

  3. When it rains, it pours. Fortunately, this loss doesn’t affect us at all. Arnette didn’t do didley while on the team. Mayock’s first-rounders from last year are both gone now, though. Someone’s gotta take the fall for that. I don’t think he survives this.

  4. Is Vegas really a good place for some of these young players who suddenly have money, guns, fast cars and a place to live that’s open 24/7? I’m beginning to wonder.

  5. Every since the now blatantly obvious poor decision to move to Las Vegas, the Raiders have been exposed of the poor management and gross incompetence.

  6. mikethevike11 says:
    November 8, 2021 at 2:13 pm
    Raiders gonna Raider…..

    Yes they are. Classic!

  7. Raiders gonna continue to Raider.
    What a disaster the Gruden/Mayock regime has been.
    Carr is the only consistent keeping them, somewhat, afloat.

  8. Turn’s out Mayock & Gruden’s assessment of character is even worse than their on field evaluations!

  9. What a roller coaster of a season this has been, Arnett was very iffy, ruggs did have some upside, Gruden could have been in the hot seat next year, lets keep fighting…..

  10. Moving to Vegas seems like the worst thing to ever happen to this team it’s like everything is falling apart.

  11. Conspiracy believers would say the NFL has a hand in all of these events in order to get KC back in the playoff hunt.

  12. Addition by subtraction, he barely saw the field and wasn’t impactful when he did.

  13. As he should be. Goes for every player on every team. Commit a crime, go put your college “education” to use elsewhere.

    Goes for ownership, coaches and media alike.

    Do your job and live a luxurious life. All you have to do is be a decent human being.

  14. What a brilliant business decision, moving to Las Vegas. No trouble for 20 year old millionaires to get into there!

  15. Mayock better get on the horn to NFL Network & ask them to keep his favorite chair warm..

  16. In case Aaron Rodgers was curious, this is actually “cancel culture”, and appropriately so in this case.

  17. Solution: Move the Raiders to St. Louis next year. Good for the Raiders/NFL and good for St. Louis.

  18. No worries here! Guy was trash and made of glass, he never played. They now have one of the top secondary’s in the league!

  19. And when the ‘21 season concludes and the off-season emerges…the Las Vegas Raiders can trade/cut Clelin Ferrell and that will complete the Raiders last 3 1st round bust trifecta.

  20. Mayock loves football and scouting players. But is learning a lesson that getting them to play is one thing. Now they are getting paid more than you and you have to babysit them. Draft board and combine is cool. That’s not the end of it. I think you need to go back to tv.

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