Browns ultimately will pay OBJ another $4.25 million as termination pay

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
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The Browns ultimately saved $3 million by negotiating with Odell Beckham, Jr.

Albert Breer of reports, and PFT has confirmed, that the Browns will owe Beckham only $4.25 million of the $7.25 million that he was due to earn over the balance of the season, pursuant to the terms of a settlement agreement.

Originally, the Browns and Beckham had planned to reduce the liability from $7.25 million to $4.25 million by moving $3 million to a roster bonus due this week. The Browns and Beckham decided to instead reduce his potential termination pay by $3 million, under the terms of Article 30, section 3(f) of the labor deal, which authorizes the such agreements.

And so Beckham will get $4.25 million from the Browns plus whatever his next team pays him, and he’ll keep both amounts.

Now, the question becomes who will sign him. We’ll be posting something on that in a bit.

20 responses to “Browns ultimately will pay OBJ another $4.25 million as termination pay

  1. Fair deal but OBJ clearly had the upper hand. Some team will take a flyer and pay 3 mil easy for 8 or 9 games. If he doesn’t pan out by the end of the season he should retire pronto or accept WR 3 role next season

  2. Cant believe people were saying to take a WR over the most capable QB that franchise has had in literal decades. Lol

  3. How much are the officials making to wrongfully penalize the Browns? Cost them 2 games, plus numerous sacks for Myles Garrett.

  4. Wow! Paying a guy 4.25 million dollars to get rid of him. What a dream world pro athletes live in!

  5. Good Lord….. Beckham with Cobb, Adams, Lazard & MVS oh my goodness, Aaron Jones & AJ Dillon will each be rushing for 100 yards a game each……

  6. As that great Philosopher Clint Eastwood once said ” A Mans got to know his limitations ” The Browns paid you to go away, how many teams want you now ?

  7. That’s a lot of torn jeans and tattoos. It must hurt to be irrelevant. Money wont fix that. Invest well and grow up, that would be Epic!!

  8. Billy Beane would tell OBJ.. No, no. We aren’t paying you. The Browns are paying half of your salary. The Browns are paying you 4.25 million dollars to play against them.

  9. If you are angry Beckham is getting a bunch of money for getting fired, don’t look at CEO “golden parachutes” or Coaching buyouts. 4.3 mil is CHUMP CHANGE compared to that grift.

  10. Welcome to the Patriots Odell. Now we are going to need your jersey size, helmet size, shoe size, and your ring size.

  11. They’d likely pay a lot more than that just to get him out of the building. Hey, that’s a creative idea. Be such a cancer in a locker room that a team will pay you millions to leave.

  12. 4.5 Million don’t mean anything in the NFL except to all the players down in the trenches who bust their rears for much less.

  13. Given how expensive divorces can be, the Browns got off rather easy to be rid of this toxic ex.

  14. Honestly I made some posts saying to keep him to save the money but seeing as it’s $4.25, I’m happy to say I was wrong. I honestly thought it was closer to $20 million. For a buck-25…well…that’s a deal to off-load a below-average receiver with a diva brain. They definitely play better without him: there’s been exactly (1) exception to that rule and it was last year before the injury.

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