Dalvin Cook contends that he’s the victim of domestic abuse and extortion

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A strange story has emerged out of the blue on Tuesday night.

Here’s the vague tweet from Adam Schefter of ESPN.com: “Minnesota Vikings’ RB Dalvin Cook is the victim of domestic abuse and extortion – there’s pending litigation, according to his agent Zac Hiller.”

It’s confusing, to be sure. So we spoke to Hiller. Here’s what he told PFT by phone.

Roughly a year ago, someone unlawfully entered Cook’s house. The female who did it, a sergeant in the U.S. military, allegedly attacked Cook in his home while he had a guest present. The invader then allegedly tried to extort Cook for millions of dollars, claiming that she suffered injuries during the course of the attack that she allegedly initiated.

Because she allegedly entered Cook’s house illegally, he believes he had the right to defend himself, as authorized by Minnesota’s version of the Castle Doctrine. Litigation, per Hiller, has not yet been commenced, but it’s in the process of being initiated. No criminal complaints have been filed in connection with the incident.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story.

20 responses to “Dalvin Cook contends that he’s the victim of domestic abuse and extortion

  1. I wonder if it’s the same chick he punched out in college, all grown up and looking for payback. If it is, I’d call it all-square.

  2. Sounds like the sergeant took a play out of Zimmer’s offense. Attack first, then crawl up and cry out loud.

  3. If you want to know what it’s like to be the victim of abuse and extortion-try being a Vikings fan!

  4. Weird. If this happened the way he said it went down, why wouldn’t you immediately call the police.
    Especially if you have an impartial witness to the event.
    It makes no sense.

    You know, he has a history of violence and deviant behavior that he’s kept in check for most of his pro career.
    I think there’s more to this story than we’re being led to believe.
    Buckle up.

  5. What is the Real story though? There has to be some connection here between the two.

  6. Fairly easy to see what’s coming here based on the announcement from his attorney. First, the fact that his attorney leaked this news and then made a statement is a clear sign that he is trying to front-run some very bad accusations that are about to be released to the public.

    Additionally, the attorney’s reference to Cook’s “right to defend himself” is a clear tip-off that there are accusations of assault by Cook on this woman. And the litigation is being initiated by the woman.

  7. Annnnnnddddd the court of public opinion weighing in all ready before that facts are presented 😆 .

  8. Criminal complaint is the first thing that should have been filed. If it’s how Cooke is saying, filing charges works for him.

  9. These poor professional athletes with all the cars and money. They always surround themselves with the best of company but somehow it always goes south.

  10. So Cook’s agent would like us to believe that GI Jane broke into Cook’s house, started punching Cook, and then with no other choice but to defend his castle he fought back? Cook then subdued Rambo, let her go and didn’t call the police or file a report until after she wanted money?

  11. I’d say that’s a puzzle with some pieces still unseen that’s quite a story. Imagine we’ll be hearing more on this one.

  12. Everything about this screams Gerry Springer. The strange timing, the strange account of events, it all seems pretty suspicious. Who needs reality TV?

  13. Reading more info from a news site helps paint this in a different light. Of course there are two sides to this story but hers sounds more credible right now.

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