No, Aaron Rodgers didn’t break quarantine for a trip to California

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Aaron Rodgers broke COVID quarantine and went to California on Monday! Unless he didn’t.

And he definitely didn’t.

An item from the Daily Mail claims that Rodgers was spotted in California on Monday. That would be a blatant violation of the NFL’s COVID protocol for unvaccinated players who have tested positive.

But it wasn’t him. The photos, even with the person in them wearing a mask, didn’t really look like him. (Maybe it was Pete Davidson.)

More importantly, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Rodgers was in Green Bay yesterday, communicating via video link in his home to a member of the organization. As of Tuesday morning, Rodgers remained in Green Bay.

Thus, for all the things about which Rodgers can be criticized, he can’t be criticized about leaving Wisconsin for California while in COVID quarantine. He did not.

26 responses to “No, Aaron Rodgers didn’t break quarantine for a trip to California

  1. Please retire and go away.

    I had a lot of respect for this guy at one point.

    I have ZERO respect for this guy now, and never will again.

  2. floridapackfan says:
    November 9, 2021 at 10:13 am
    the witch hunt continues. who needs facts.>>>

    He lied, he got caught, he doubled down. He’s not a victim.

  3. His feelings were too hurt to leave his home once he realized that people wouldn’t praise him for his lies and stupidity!

  4. Unbelievable selfish acts to jeopardize your teams season however not shocking.

    Remember all the offseason drama too?

  5. Typical low rent level of unprofessional reporting by this rag. First, no one cares what Ewwin Wawgers has done. He is now a documented liar and deceiver. If he travels or doesn’t wear a mask, that is of no importance other than to file a police report for attempted murder on his case. Second, we don’t need you saying a false report is false since you have knowingly posted false reports as fact!

  6. That’s one thing that’s irritating about society. Once someone screws up, we have tunnel vision and just focus on that one person, completely disregarding our own skeletons, and it gets so carried away that stuff like this happens, seeing someone who might possibly be that person and a story gets made of it, and it’s not even that person . Not defending Rodgers, just pointing out the craziness of society

  7. Oh good, I’m glad that is settled. Anything coming down the pipe that we actually care about?

  8. “Does it matter. The NFL has made it clear that Rodgers can do anything he wants.”

    Why? Because they did not immediately fine or suspend him during their investigation? Get over the need of instant gratification. They are investigating. Give it time. If they let him off the hook, then go ahead and complain. Until then, chill out.

  9. The upside of the pandemic is that it has revealed we have a lot more medical experts than previously thought. Get over yourselves, mind your own business and move on. If you want to get the shot go ahead but let everyone else make his or her own decision.

  10. If you’re vaccinated then you’re protected from COVID-19 but you’re not protected from the unvaccinated.

  11. minime says:
    November 9, 2021 at 11:15 am
    It’s a free country.
    Least it used to be.

    This is not about refusing a vaccine. Since when does lying and deception qualify as admirable character traits? His arrogance failed him and he lied about it.

    This is NOT about freedom of choice. Kirk Cousins is an example of freedom of choice. Not Rodgers.

  12. When people do stupid things and have no valid defense for their actions, they always start yelling “witch hunt”.

    Grow up Aaron and try getting your medical advice from real doctors, not college dropouts that spend their time spreading conspiracy theories.

  13. I hear Big Foot was right behind him getting a coffee to go. But the journalist thought the bigger story was a Rogers look-a-like getting coffee in L.A. It has to be Rogers because we know there are no celebrity look-a-likes in L.A.?.

  14. The game is better with Aaron Rodgers playing and I love watching him play the game. I feel that Aaron Rodgers lied to us. This is nothing new. Coaches and players lie all the time, but to me you lose credibility. Now when I think of Rodgers I will think of a person that crushes the soul of Lions fans, owner of the Bears and Liar.

  15. Steller is spot on — if you get busted in a lie, own it and you might get back some respect. As to freedom, said it before and will say it again — Rodgers metaphorical freedom to swing his fist ends at the nose of his teammates and the NFL.

  16. When your nose contains comorbidities it’s your job to keep it safe, not society’s job to shut down entirely.

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