Odell Beckham Jr. clears waivers

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Odell Beckham Jr. is a free agent for the first time in his career.

Beckham was waived by the Browns on Monday and no one put in a claim on the veteran wide receiver on Tuesday. That leaves Beckham free to sign with any team in the league and he can agree to a deal immediately.

Any team claiming Beckham would have to pay him $7.5 million for the rest of the season. The Browns also would be on the hook for that amount had they not worked out a deal with Beckham that saves them $3 million in exchange for not restructuring Beckham’s deal in a way that would have made him likelier to be claimed on waivers.

The Seahawks, Saints, and 49ers have been mentioned as potential landing spots for Beckham and it seems likely that he’ll land somewhere sooner rather than later.

56 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. clears waivers

  1. The saints don’t have a Qb to throw to him and 49ers are not in the playoff hunt and don’t have a QB either.

  2. As long as the coach is solid, whatever team gets him for cheap might get lucky.

  3. I guess we are about to see what he has left in the tank. Assuming he goes to Seattle, Russ will not be the kind of QB that he can have his father draw up Instagram videos of showing missed connections. Time to put up.

  4. Get your dancing shoes on Odell, we’ve saved the “last dance” for you. Welcome to Green Bay.

  5. This is the guy that was on the giants a while back, right? Looks like he’s been with the Browns lately…can’t say I remember seeing him

    -AFC North fan.

  6. And yet again Ballard and the Colts are too cheap to sign anyone. He would be perfect on the Colts , of course it makes too much sense for it to happen. Ballard only cares about accumulating cap space year after year never to use any of it. Most frustrating team in the league.

  7. Someone will sign him tonight. Then his next team will soon be regretting signing that headache.

  8. Odelphia Beckham is nothing but cancer. Good luck with the foolish team that adds him. He’ll be a good time girl for two games and then when he feels disrespected, and he will feel it, he’ll start spreading miscontent to his new team. Book it!

  9. If he lands in Seattle, he will have to improve greatly before he approaches Tyler Lockett territory. That dude can catch anything within 10 yards of him. He has an uncanny ability to snatch the ball out the the air from every bodily contortion imaginable.

  10. Word on the street is that he wants Seattle or NE. And if he wants to go to the playoffs, he will come to NE

  11. To the surprise of no one.

    It will be quite hilarious if nobody signs him. Not sure why anyone would really.

  12. “ 49ers are not in the playoff hunt and don’t have a QB either.”
    People need to look at the standings. As bad as the 49ers have been, at 3-5 they are only 1 game back of the 4-4 Falcons for the 7th playoff spot in the NFC. The Eagles, Giants, Seahawks, 49ers, Vikings, Bears, and Panthers have all basically been terrible, but they’re all just 1 win behind the Falcons for the last playoff spot.

  13. XFL isn’t back until 2023 so his best bet is to eat some humble pie, put his head down and go to work trying to be the best WR he can be and minimizing the drama. If not, he’ll find that he’s going to be expendable everywhere he goes.

  14. Seattle screwed up by not claiming him. He would of blew his career to pieces had he made a stink and not reported happily to Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Now they have to see if he chooses them over other decent landing spots. That was their sure shot, now they have to hope their number comes up.

  15. B U F F A L O……Bills fan but this has NE written all over it they will be contending this year playoffs for sure.

  16. Whoever gets him will overpay for a head case. His ego won’t accept anything less than being the main guy. Unfortunately, in his current state, he’s anything but.

  17. Will it be BB, TD or KC .. as in the near term, signing this guy will be the closet for free and if he once again acts like a jerk well it’s goodbye n so long for yee after sitting on the bench for the last remaining games.

  18. I really think Dez Bryant won’t settle for being the third receiver in Seattle and will end up on a team outside the top four. He doesn’t have enough drama-free skill to elevate a team.

    Oh wait – we’re talking about OBJ? What did I say? Dez Bryant? SAME THING!

  19. Unfortunately for OBJ, his skill set isn’t enough to overcome his ability to wear out his welcome.

  20. OBJ wants to go to a contender and at least for this season, that eliminates the 49ers. The Saints are under $1 million in cap space so they’re out. The Seahawks have Lockett and Metcalf, so they’re set at the position, making their acquisition of Beckham unlikely. Who’s left? Well, Beckham has spoken in glowing terms of the Patriots and Belichick in the past. New England needs a No. 1 wideout. And, as an added inducement, the Browns come to Foxborough this Sunday. The greatest coach in the history of the sport on line one, Odell.

  21. For some reason or other, I see this clown going to a bottom feeder like the Houston Texans.

  22. Right now every coach in the league is checking his locker room to decide if it’s just too good! If just one of them finds that the players are too happy, work too well together, are developing young talent and winning they’ll have to get on the phone with OBJ and bring him in to put a stop to it!

  23. I say he goes to the Cowboys. Not a fan of him or the Cowboys, but I think that’s where he ends up.

  24. IF OBJ can’t go to the Niners because they are not a contender, then he can’t go to the Seahawks either. They have the same crappy record as the Niners.

  25. If he’s capable of playing offensive line then, sure, the Seahawks should sign him.

  26. It would be quite funny if after OBJ put all this effort into getting released so he could find a new home, no-one signed him.

  27. This guy is one of the biggest locker room cancers ever. There’s maybe 3 or 4 coaches that could possibly deal with him in the locker room, without him causing problems. But the question is does his talent warrant the headache for any of them? Not sure it does.

  28. He hasn’t produced in two years and seems to be unable to stay on the field. Not seeing why potential of what he was two or three years ago makes him such a big catch for whoever gets this team disrupter.

  29. It always sounds like we’re supposed feel sorry for a veteran who has never been a free agent. But that’s the player’s choice based on the contracts he signs.

  30. He’s dying to play for the team you root for at vet minimum just for the honor of being on the team you root for.

  31. gumbo says:
    November 9, 2021 at 4:49 pm
    “ 49ers are not in the playoff hunt and don’t have a QB either.”
    People need to look at the standings. As bad as the 49ers have been, at 3-5 they are only 1 game back of the 4-4 Falcons for the 7th playoff spot in the NFC. The Eagles, Giants, Seahawks, 49ers, Vikings, Bears, and Panthers have all basically been terrible, but they’re all just 1 win behind the Falcons for the last playoff spot.
    Never mind they still have to play the Rams twice, Bengals, Seahawks and Titans.

  32. As an owner of the most storied franchise in team sports history, I don’t often do this but Odell, kid what the hell why don’t you come on up to TITLETOWN, U.S.A. and get yourself that World Championship Ring you’ve been chasing since you were a little boy.

    Come on you can join the lift of super stars that came to TITLETOWN & got that RING.
    Reggie White!
    Bad Moon Risen!
    Sean Jones!
    Don Beebe!
    Charles Woodson!
    Ryan Pickett!

  33. I don’t see him going to Seattle; they have receivers. R.Wilson is going to bolt and Seattle doesn’t throw enough to the WR’s they do have. Plus, it’s about as far from Miami as you can get. He’s either going to get signed for the rest of the year with an actual contender or wait until an injury happens to a contending team’s WR. Then, if he plays well, signs with a team he likes.

  34. With TJ LOCKETT& DJ METCALF in Seattle, I can’t see OBJ getting the ball as much as he is looking for

  35. I’ve seen this movie before.

    He’ll be disappointed with the “disrespect” that comes his way with lack of big money offers. He’ll fire his agent on Friday and his new one won’t do any better. He’ll continue to be available to whoever wants to pay him 10 mil a year but no one will. Then next year he’ll come to his senses and accept a near vet minimum deal. And some third round pick rookie will outshine him in camp and he’ll get cut. The End.

  36. tejastim says:
    November 9, 2021 at 4:56 pm
    Is he not perfect for the 2021 Raiders?
    If the Raiders had not signed the slightly less mercurial DeSean Jackson, I would agree

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