Other teams are “outraged” by league’s handling of Packers, Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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Jeff Pash and Mark Murphy must be pretty good friends.

That’s the conclusion some in the league are reaching after the NFL boiled multiple blatant and ongoing violations of the COVID protocol down to a single $14,650 fine for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and $300,000 for the team, a publicly-held corporation that can simply tuck the punishment onto one of the lines in the balance sheet, without it ever really hurting any one person.

Rodgers repeatedly violated COVID protocols by not wearing a mask during press conferences in the facility; the NFL now admits that. But the league claims the Packers should have been enforcing the protocols, and the league refuses to regard multiple violations as “repeat” violations. The Packers never fined Rodgers for the violations, and it presumably won’t do it now.

As one source put it on Tuesday night, “That’s bullshit.” If, for example, someone engages in shoplifting twice a week every week for eight weeks, the person has committed 16 violations of the shoplifting laws. There should be 16 penalties.

Rodgers, however, got one penalty — for attending the team’s Halloween party. And the prior violations will go unpunished. Given that multiple teams faced multiple punishments last year (the Saints eventually lost a 2022 sixth-round draft pick), it comes off as favoritism for the Packers.

It’s also potentially an effort by the league to brush under the rug that fact that it knew or should have known that Rodgers repeatedly was violating the press-conference mask protocol and doing nothing about it. Ultimately, it became an issue only because he tested positive for COVID, and his true status came to light.

The league insists that the team has the primary obligation to enforce the COVID protocols. The COVID protocols aren’t nearly that specific; the league has the power to do it, too. As evidenced by the fact that the league, not the team, fined Rodgers for attending the Halloween party.

What if he hadn’t tested positive at all in 2021? He would have violated protocol a couple of times per week, every single week, and nothing ever would have been done about it.

Other teams don’t benefit from that kind of lenience. Thus, other teams are pissed about what has happened. And they should be.

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  1. Hmmm, seems to me the Raiders got stripped of a draft pick, fined around 1 million dollars between team/coach…. no bias here.

  2. I don’t blame them at all.

    Rodgers violated safety precautions agreed to by the NFL and the NFLPA. He lied about his status on the (correct) presumption that he would face no consequences for being caught.

    While people like Carson Wentz faced major media scrutiny for his moronic decision not to get vaccinated, there is no doubt that he went through all of the correct protocols. He had the courage of his convictions and acted like a man with a sincere belief.

    Rodgers acted like a coward, unwilling either to face any scrutiny, or protect the health of those around him.

    What a terrible moment for the NFL.

  3. What a crock. It must be nice to be the golden boy and not have to worry about consequences.

  4. If this had happened to one of the league’s doormat teams, aka Detroit or Jacksonville, then the NFL’s boot to the ass would have sent somebody to the moon. Green Bay, on the other hand, gets a handshake.

  5. Is Congress paying attention? They’re looking just emails between Bruce Allen and Jeff Pash to see if there is favoritism.

    What about emails between Pash and Mark Murphy?

    Colluding to cover cheating and the promote the integrity of the game at the same time?

    1. Rodgers lied and cheated.
    2. The entire GB organization knew.
    3. No real punishment.

  6. my mistake, i forgot the league gave the pick back after the raiders appealed their draconian punishment. Still had to pay $800k

  7. Under the Covid protocols unvaccinated players must fly in a separate plain from the team for away games. Did he do this?

  8. The league never fined Cousins and the Vikings for their repeated flaunting of the mask rule at press conferences. So other teams do get that lenience.

  9. Welcome to the USA, where theres plenty of social, economic and criminal injustice to go around.

    Your outraged? Get in line.

  10. the union should kick him out, not like he ever attended their meeting as team rep, even abstained from voting at times

  11. Most protected team in NFL history and the league couldn’t make it any more obvious if it tried. Should just rename them the Green Bay Black Rhinos, and their team slogan can be “ Because we’re protected “

  12. This is not about the Packer fans. It’s about an arrogant player who happens to play for the team, and defiantly smirks at the rules and everyone around him, endangering the lives of others by his deception. Even worse are the League officials who ENABLE him. NO INTEGRITY on the part of Goodell and his cronies. These double standards need to end now. Suspend Rodgers.

  13. They have been getting away with holding for years… why wouldn’t they get away with withholding violations of Covid protocols?

  14. That makes no sense. Other teams have been proven to have violated protocol too and have not been penalized (yet).

    The penalty fits the infraction. The nfl said protocols were followed most of the time by GB. Just as the team said.

    This fits previous covid penalties to other teams in the past.

  15. The wailing and mashing of teeth on this is ridiculous. Per the protocol, which was followed, Rodgers was tested every day. He tested negative every day. He put nobody at increased risk any day up until the point he tested positive. He did probably catch COVID at the Halloween party. After 3 days, when the viral load was high enough on Wednesday am, he tested positive while sitting in his car & was sent home to quarantine.

    His sins were basically saying “yeah” when he had an appeal in with the league to be considered vaccinated, and failing to wear a mask on days when he had already tested negative. The mask requirement on people who had already negative was put into the protocol to basically humiliate and identify non-vaccinated players so they could be made examples of – it served no other purpose.

    Rodgers had the leverage to flout that stupid rule and he used it. I also take advantage of leverage when I have it, it’s one of the key factors in being successful in life. He was putting nobody at risk in using the leverage.

    I say this as a person who is vaccinated plus has the booster. It’s none of our damn business Rodgers vax status, and he never put anybody at risk with his words or actions.

  16. So when will League hand down fines for Cousins, etc. Also, when do we fine out the name of the NFL GM that leaked Aaron’s vaccination status? Isn’t it illegal to divulge any medical information on any player? Seems to me that the collection of vaccination status of all the players should be a private matter and no one should be required to inform the public as to their status. That said, does Aaron have a case against the NFL? Aaron could have been a breakthrough case of Covid of a vaccinated player. If he got a bad case of it he could have been out more than 10 days. I don’t appreciate Aaron’s nuanced press conference in August, but it is pretty obvious he wanted his status kept private.

  17. He shouldn’t be fined at all. This is all on the team and the league as they we’re fully aware the entire season.

  18. Not giving a pass to any of this but the league knew he was not vaccinated because of his hair brain attempt to claim the homeopathic immunity was the same as being vaccinated. They saw him do his pressers, stand on the sideline, etc. and did nothing to address via fines or other punishment so hard to come with the hammer now as they were complicit in the whole thing. Not a good look for Rodgers, the Packers, or the League office…but you can’t say they need to bring the hammer unless they are take some whacks at their own knees.

  19. If I thought Aaron Rodgers was an arrogant bore before, I can now barely stand to look at him after this blatant and disgusting favoritism. And I’m starting to feel the same way about his coach, whom I used to think was a pretty cool guy.

  20. You mean barely hitting the player and taking no draft picks from the team while also penalizing other teams harshly… that didn’t go over well with the other teams?

  21. Tom Brady was acting a fool after his superbowl win at the beach with thousands of people. Where is the outrage ?

  22. NFL is just a place where they must really believe that the majority of us, their customers are idiots. Otherwise I can’t explain how they act in such a way that insults the intelligence of everyone of us despite our differing view points and very wide cross section of opinions. They just seem to think we will believe anything released with an NFL letterhead at the top. It’s insulting if they think we are as dense as they play us for

  23. The league brought the house down on Brady and the Patriots for the amount of air in the footballs. Nothing about that is life- or health-threatening. But this Rodgers stuff is straight up lying about real stuff, and it’s a nothingburger? How much does GB kick back to the league, and why is the ONE publicly-owned team getting a slap on the wrist?

  24. So… Brady gets a four game suspension, The Pats get a $1 million fine and stripped of a 4th round pick for Brady allegedly masterminded a deflated football ring. Aaron Rodgers gets a $14,650 fine and the Packers a $300k fine for knowingly exposing countless teammates, fellow NFL players and employees and the Press to a potentially fatal virus. Seems like standard Goodell logic.

  25. The NFL and players union agreed to a discipinary policy regarding covid violations before this league year started. There was no judgement call on this! Its in the policy for what the penalties are.
    Stop the BS.

  26. I don’t blame anyone. All these rules and fines are dictated by who you know and are friends with. Didn’t the raiders lose a draft pick and get fined something like $500,000 for not wearing masks at a fundraiser?

  27. It seems to me the NFL has let quite a few players and teams slide on the COVID protocols. The other Team bigwigs should only be ticked if the NFL is selectively enforcing those rules. Almost seems as if the NFL imposed this Pack punishment only after all the media hoopla.

  28. Well of course they are. Everybody’s outraged about everything. And nothing. They’re just outraged. Mostly because somebody told them they should be. So now, they’re afraid if they don’t act outraged enough, the other outraged will turn on them. It’s an outrage!

  29. So all teams now should be able to ignore protocols, pay a small fine and move on. Got it.

  30. For all of you about to open your “Packer hater” closet, don’t let the league off the hook on this one. The culpability spreads far and wide on this one.

  31. There’s a conspetion problem here.
    Aaron thinks “Hey, I’m a critical thinker”.
    Fans think “Hey, it’s critical to tell the truth”.
    NFL demonstrates that it doesn’t think “Hey, Slap a small fine to avoid big headlines”
    …yeah, that’s gonna go away quietly.

  32. There’s a conseption problem here. Aaron thinks “Hey, I’m a critical thinker”. Fans think “Hey, it’s critical to tell the truth”. NFL demonstrates that it doesn’t think “Hey, Slap a small fine to avoid big headlines” …yeah, that’s gonna go away quietly.

  33. Complete slap in the face to the Saints who lost a draft pick over this crap but nothing for the Packers? And people still believe Goodell on the drummed up evidence in Bountygate?

  34. I’ve never been more disappointed in the NFL. The penalty simply doesn’t fit. From COVID, to awful officiating to the WFT debacle to players threatening death to being criminally responsible for it. Time to open up the damn emails, clean house, get some real leadership in place that will impose some objective control. This CIRCUS is turning into a national embarrassment.

  35. The blatant favoritism is blatant. They need to give the Raiders and Saints their picks back, and Cam a job. Cam was actually “Immunized”, and he lost his chance to keep his job because of the protocols.

  36. I mean is there any surprise the the NFL’s favorites are the Packers and Steelers? The fix is in

  37. It’s typical two-face policy. They won’t punish someone who brings fans to the stadium and viewers to the TV. As long as it’s business as usual, they don’t care how many ‘policies’ he broke.

  38. I knew the golden boy wouldn’t be subject to anything near what the other violators faced. The blatant favoritism for this guy is ridiculous.

  39. Shoplifting under $950 in some major nfl cities won’t even get the police to respond. You can do it 16 times a day.

  40. The NFL has a real credibility problem. Rodgers and the Packers get away with things that other teams get punished for. Refs decide who wins games with phantom calls and initiate hip checks, then throw penalty flags. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Vince McMahon bought the NFL and turned it into his version of “sports entertainment”.

  41. Follow the money.

    State Farm spent $1.17 billion on advertising in 2020 and a significant amount of that went to the NFL. State Farm apparently wants to keep using Rodgers. The owners don’t want to damage a valuable revenue source.

    My Saints lost a draft pick for arguably a less serious offense.

    NFL ownership is a ugly, money-obsessed group of old men.

  42. Hard to believe this is still a story. The real story is the nfl itself.Releases info it see’s fit, no consistency in its punishment of players and organizations.Certain teams probably would lose draft picks over something like this.

  43. Yeah, they may be outraged about it, but they won’t do a damn thing about it. It owuld be hilarious if every team refused to pay the Packers. Just refused. Not in the regular season, not in the playoffs, not in the Super Bowl. No Super Bowl. LOL. Then let’s see what Goodell would do.

    But the owners will never do it. All talk and no action. Bunch of wussies.

  44. Dude should be plain and simple. Made a joke of all the rules. The saints lost a draft pick and huge fine for celebration of a victory. That did not expose any non NFL people like this jerk did weekly

  45. They league was going to ding them for multiple draft picks, but thankfully the refs stepped in

  46. So, is Rodgers going to start following protocol now? Is he going to be tested daily? Is he going to wear a mask at all times in club facilities? Is he going to avoid eating meals with his team? Is he going to avoid all media while traveling? Is he going to remain confined to his hotel except for travel to and from the away game? Is he going to avoid traveling with his teammates? Is he going to avoid all indoor events with 15 or more people if masks aren’t being worn? Because those are the protocols, and the next time he violates any of them, the NFL is not going to be able to lump it together with the last eight weeks of violations.

  47. So the League itself has – once again – now clearly demonstrated that there are teams and players who will get special treatment off the field and we’re supposed to believe that doesn’t ooze its way into on the field officiating?!

  48. Goodell observes Rodgers’s recent setting-himself-on-fire series of 3 announcements– each making his situation worse than before– and decides to wade into the fun– ‘Hold my beer’, says Goodell. Goodness gracious, good thing that Rodgers ‘only’ endangered the lives of his teammates and others with his lies (sic)– that he didn’t (gasp) deflate a football 10% (a common practice of QBs at the time). For if the latter had happened, there might have been REAL penalties! Resign Goodell.

  49. People should be glad that Rogers allowed people to think he was vaccvinated. I bet a lot of people went out and got the shot because they thought Rogers was vaccinated and they were convinced it was good for them too.

  50. I agree Rodgers and the Packers got off easy. But it’s not because the league favors Green Bay. The reason the some teams were fined more heavily is that Covid spread within their organizations so widely that games had to be moved. It shows the league doesn’t care about protocol until it gets to the point that one of its games might not happen. Just like the 17-game season, it’s not about player safety. It’s about viewership and ad revenue.

  51. After resentment of this slap-on-the-wrist turns to renewed criticism of The Delicate Genius, Rodgers will wish he’d been suspended.
    With his freakishly-acute personality flaws, I can’t imagine him handling much more public scorn. I see him retiring shortly.

  52. And now I’m officially done watching. I am so sick of this league and it’s double standards. If this was the Lions the league would have taken the team from Detroit. It’s pathetic

  53. This is quickly turning into Favre 2.0

    We’re probably a short time away from Rodgers in Crocs and Mason Crosby flying to his family reunion to talk him into staying in Green Bay

  54. Just shows once again how two-faced the NFL really is. They should have made an example of Rodgers. Suspending him for the remainder of the year without pay would have been a more appropriate punishment. $14,500 may be a lot of money for most of us, it certainly is for me, but it’s pocket change for Rodgers. What a complete joke the NFL has become.

  55. That is the great thing about my Packer stock, this scandal or fine won’t cause it drop in valve. But this stock holder agrees with the “first row lady” from Chicago.

  56. When you consider how other teams were treated for things that are not nearly as serious as preventing the spread of a communicable disease, I.e., ball inflation, illegal use of a camera, illegal noise, etc., it’s difficult to understand what’s going on here. This same league did everything in its power to destroy Tom Brady’s reputation is treating Rodgers with kid gloves. Why?

  57. Thats some grade A you know what !!!!! . Something tells me that girl we all call Karma is gonna come back and do some “nice” things to Rodgers and the Pack .

  58. I guess it’s safe to say that source came from the Saints. NFL is a joke these days with all the inconsistencies from the top down to the refs.

  59. Maybe they have the same attitude most Americans have now, were over the virus and don’t sit around and wait for the world to come to an end, besides were talking about the Packers, the Golden team of the NFL

  60. It was proven through video evidence that Aaron followed all protocols while in the facility, EXCEPT when in the media auditorium. Aaron is in the media auditorium twice a week on game weeks. Postgame presser and every Wednesday presser. Those are the only 2 times he enters that auditorium.

    The other violation that they cited was outside of the facility at a Halloween Party where he was unmasked. Fined because that was a team event.

    They fined the Packers 300K. Even had they taken a draft pick, it would not have been enough for some. I would advise to get over him and start focusing on football. This is over. Move on.

    Aaron is very excited about getting back to “playing ball.” Everyone is excited about Aaron vs. Russell this week.

    Play Ball!

  61. So the officials must get orders from the NFL to go easy on the darling packers when calling the games as well !

  62. The way the packers get treated every single game by the refs is a big joke. Add the front office to that big joke. Imagine if this was some random teams backup QB?! The league would be demanding the player be cut to make an example. Instead an elite QB is breaking the rules so there are no rules. Such is life.

  63. It’s good to be a Packer fan! I can’t believe we got away with this. Even Tom Brady was suspended 4 games because Goodell couldn’t wrap his brain around basic science.

  64. If I was a player I would violate every uniform protocol and challenge any fine by going public if they do. I have to imagine the NFL doesn’t care because they believe they’re beyond reproach by the way they handled the WFT and Aaron.

  65. I mean c’mon… it’s not like the cool fall temperatures in Green Bay were affecting the PSi of the footballs. The Commish only worries about serious stuff, you know?

  66. Well, I was always told, it’s not “what you know”, “it’s WHO you know”.

    What a bunch of bull. He should be suspended for a minimum multiple weeks.

  67. Seems like his teammates don’t have a problem with his vaccination status. Just the media that was “misled”

  68. If these upset teams constitute a majority of teams they then have the power to change the result. The league office answers to the owners. Use your power to address your supposed outrage or stop complaining.

  69. Certain organizations get preferential treatment off the field and certain players get preferential treatment on the field, that is a problem for the league.

  70. If this was the Giants they would have docked Dallas and Washington 30 million in cap space.

  71. I’m sure most teams are just happy that they are not under investigation. Every team has violators, they just haven’t blatantly tried to outsmart the system.

  72. Take a draft pick from the team in question. See if that doesn’t trigger a lot more compliance enforcement inside clubhouses across the league.

  73. I’m likely drunk right now says:
    November 10, 2021 at 7:55 am
    If this was the Giants they would have docked Dallas and Washington 30 million in cap space

    Patriots would lose draft picks and Brady would get suspended too.

  74. The same treatment Aaron Rodgers gets from the officials during games… Favoritism and special treatment. Shocker.

  75. Well of course they are. Everybody’s outraged about everything. And nothing. They’re just outraged. Mostly because somebody told them they should be. So now, they’re afraid if they don’t act outraged enough, the other outraged will turn on them. It’s an outrage!

  76. Those teams will never win a super bowl if they’re concerned about the punishment of another team

  77. Utter and total joke. Rodgers should have been suspended for a game and fined 1/2 a million while the team got hit even hard with a big fine and loss of a draft pick

  78. The NFL just made a statement that one player is above the League. Pretty shocking in my opinion.

  79. Cousins and the Vikings have not been fined for his refusal to wear a mask at press conferences. Where is the outrage over that?

  80. I don’t understand why all of a sudden you expect the NFL to be “fair”. Also, these things do not happen without the majority of owners consenting because they pull the Goodell strings and always will.

  81. The NFL expects teams to call violations on itself, like their playing golf or something. Football is not a gentlemen’s game it’s about as cutthroat as it gets. If the NFL wants compliance, they are going to have to oversee everything. But. Seems like the league wants total control of everything…. Until a tough decision needs to be made. I’m starting to agree with the Fire Goodell crowd.

  82. If any team should be angry about the NFL looking the other way regarding violations it’s the Saints. People who had nothing to do with Bountygate got punished for that as long as the NFL figured they were in the same room with Greg Williams at some point in their careers to the point the federal government had to get involved to crack down on the NFL. It’s common knowledge star QB’s can do no wrong because the NFL likes the money they bring in, just look at how much dirt came out about Peyton Manning conveniently when he decided to retire.

  83. anyone still wondering why the self-entitled Dr. Rodgers is such a prima donna when the league pulls this wink and a nod BS with this malcontent?

  84. The same teams that allowed the Patriots to cheat their way to multiple Titles?

  85. With this past week’s display of incompetence on the field with turrible officiating and off the field with this absurdly lax punishment, one can only come to a single conclusion.
    $128 million is still not enough money to hire competent management.

  86. Can anyone prove they got infected as a result of close contact with Rodgers? If not, then there’s nothing to see here. What’s done is done. Move along.

  87. 1. Rodgers lied and cheated.
    2. The entire GB organization knew.
    3. No real punishment.

    Sounds like Spygate I & II, and Deflategate…

    You guys have some nerve.

  88. If I were the Packers, to get the whiners to shut up for a minute, I’d offer the NFL a million bucks and my first round pick

  89. The most arrogant team in the league doesn’t even get slapped on the wrist…

    That was more of a kiss on the wrist.

  90. Several teams have received punishment for far less and gotten more severe consequences. Continued exposure of the league and their “preferred” teams and players. The Rodgers Rate Rule is real.

  91. Weird the NFL didn’t fine Rodgers after the first press convference. They knew his vax status from the outset. NFL again being re-active and not pro-active.

  92. Between this, the WFT emails and the penalties called by Tony Corrente, the league is playing a dangerous game that could begin a chain of events that sets the league decades back. They’ve received a lot of deference in the past to resolve issues in house and without governmental oversight. It’s now tap dancing a line that indicates, specifically to those who have the right to put oversights in place, that maybe now is the time to do so.

  93. LOL…Who really cares ?
    I’m just trying to figure out how to pay for gas so I can go to work

    Corparation games is not new people

  94. What was the league going to do, were they going to treat every team the equally in all these cases of violations of the rules? Were they going to hand out a two game suspension to Aaron and possibly take out Green Bay from the playoffs? Then maybe allow the Vikings to win the division? Not on your life! The good teams will always be allowed to get a pass on the rules as it’s good for business. Yes Brady got suspended and the Patriots got fined for inflategate, but that’s simply because they are a dynasty, and dynasty’s are not good for business. Hence the reason for the salary cap. Six modern era SB wins VS Green Bays one. Get the picture?

  95. So basically the Packers/Rodgers got punished EXACTLY THE SAME as first-time COVID offenders did last year ($250k Raiders, $250k Saints, $250k Ravens, $250k Steelers, $350k Patriots).

    Saints’ second violation got a draft docked and fine of $500k.

    So what’s with the “OUTRAGE!!” now?

  96. Reminds me of the old Jerry Tarkanian quote; “Every time Kentucky commits a violation, the NCAA punishes Cleveland State”!

  97. justsaying says:
    November 9, 2021 at 10:02 pm


    Wishful thinking. 1 ring and still trying to catch up to Eli.

  98. It seems Rodgers personal revenge on the Packers organization is succeeding even better than he thought.we all read about his personal grievances against the Packers GM for months,saying he didnt want to be back in Green Bay,asking for a trade and just being a spoiled little boy. his revenge actions have now cost the team a big win in KC,a substantial fine by the league and tarnished the organizations reputation by coddling and protecting him.what else has he planned in his revenge plan.

  99. “I’m surprised they didn’t fine Gruden for this…”

    LOL. That is like the NFL version of the classic Jerry Tarkanian quote: “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky they’re going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.”

  100. The most arrogant team in the league doesn’t even get slapped on the wrist…


    They need to strip a couple of the Patriots Titles.

  101. With this kind of punishment, you might as well get rid of all the rules and stop obeying them. Its cheaper to just disobey the rules rather than deal with the extra cost of handling the COVID issue.

  102. Aaron Rogers is a perpetual soap opera. The guy is a great QB…but OMG! he’s a just non-stop drama. Bottom line: Great QB…not so great person.

  103. $50k in fines for CeeDee because of socks and jersey not being tucked in. Rodgers puts everyone’s health at risk and lied to everyone and gets $14.6k fine. The NFL is a joke

  104. Very fair, very fair. We’re just happy to get A-Rod back and get this whole thing behind us. We know he’s going to make it up to us fans and come out dominating the rest of the schedule.

  105. Who is hurt by violating the protocols’ mask rule for the unvaccinated when they are tested daily? Well, obviously Aaron Rodgers contracted the disease at the Halloween party he attended unmasked, which a mask might have prevented. Then anyone living with him or in close contact the day before it became detectable. His subsequent babbling about “woke” and “cancel” culture and media being “out to get him” indicates serious psychological problems with paranoia. His belief in conspiracy theories like vaccines causing sterility does more damage by being spread contrary to medical consensus than being unmasked or unvaccinated. Essentially he is encouraging other people to disobey protocols and endangering them with information already determined to be false. This deserves the harshest punishment.

  106. Rodgers NEEDS to Be Suspended Four Games for this!!! Brady wrongfully got Four for the so called deflate gate. A game won by the Pats 45-7 with most of the scoring coming after halftime. This needs to be pursued to the fullest!

  107. Bottom line: Great QB…not so great person.

    If you got a look behind the curtain, you’d say the same thing about the overwhelming majority of the men making their living in the League.

  108. philmccracken says:
    November 9, 2021 at 11:41 pm
    The league gets it. You don’t mess with the 13 time World Champions.

    Get real. Most of those wins were in prehistoric times.

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