Report: Aaron Rodgers “feels like he’s being crucified”

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On Friday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers traded 48 hours of silence for 45 minutes of the exact opposite. It didn’t go well. And Rodgers knows it.

According to (yes,, a source close to Rodgers says that the reigning NFL MVP is not pleased with the response to his effort to explain himself, after testing positive for COVID-19 while being secretly unvaccinated.

He reportedly “feels like he just shared his point of view, and now he’s being crucified for it.”

“He knew some people would disagree with him, but he didn’t know that it would become the shitstorm it became,” per the report. “People who he thought were friends are turning on him.”

Rodgers reportedly is “upset,” and “very unhappy with the response to him.”

Yes, he’s the victim. He’s always the victim. And he’s surely feeling even more victimized because he’s being criticized not only by people in the media whom he can simply write off as part of the “woke mob,” but by Hall of Famers like Fox’s Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson, and Howie Long.

The fact that Rodgers — who does nothing accidentally — has leaked his viewpoint to underscores a topic from Monday’s PFT Live. Although the chances of it happening remain very low, there’s a soft blip on the edge of the radar screen that bears watching over the next few days. Given the torrent of criticism, the looming NFL discipline, and the inevitable mandate from 345 Park Avenue warning Rodgers that he must comply with mask requirements or else, Rodgers could be thinking about calling it quits.

I’m not saying he is. I’m saying he could be. He was supposedly 50-50 on retiring just a few days before reporting for training camp. Was he ambivalent in part because he didn’t want to get vaccinated and he didn’t want to comply with the onerous protocols for the unvaccinated? He was able to have it both ways for weeks. Now that his ruse has been exposed, his choices are: (1) get vaccinated; (2) comply with the protocols; or (3) retire.

This woe-is-me routine could be (not is or will be, but could be) a precursor to Rodgers giving EVERYONE a double-barreled middle finger and walking away.

138 responses to “Report: Aaron Rodgers “feels like he’s being crucified”

  1. Here’s a thought… maybe he shouldn’t lie about getting vaccinated? Public figures tend to get raked across the coals when they’re caught after a lie. He’s no different. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. He’s such a victim!

    I hope he’s earned enough cash to dry his tears with.

    Here’s a tip: When you are a public figure and you get caught in a lie, own up to it like a man. This modern era where we give liars a pass because we agree with them politically needs to change.

  3. Poor butthurt Aaron.

    Such a snowflake. So very very sad.

    If he thinks he’s being “crucified” now, just quit football and come home to Cali. We have tons of crosses here — one of which is sure to fit you!

  4. Nah.

    It would be a lot harder to throw a tight spiral with fresh nail holes in your hands. In any case, maybe we’ll see you in three days.

  5. Of course he used the word crucified. He thinks he’s the second coming. What a cry baby

  6. “R-e-l-a-x” and Retire. Hang out with the other petulant narcissist, Ben Simmons, and share “Whoa is me” stories while the world “cancels” both of you for your lies and undounded belief you’re above it all because of your skills. We. Won’t. Miss. You.

  7. It’s not that you aren’t vaccinated, it’s that you lied about it and then doubled down on acting like a baby about this. I’ve never gotten on Rodgers, always felt like the Packers treated him badly and thought the cry baby pee pants that he’s called was unfair. Not anymore. If you really believe that the vaccine mandate is BS and you want to argue it, then do so when people ask you about it. Don’t sit and lie about it for months and months then cry about being crucified. I’m good with the Packers sending him on his way at this point.

  8. I have so much more respect now for Beasley who (while I don’t agree with him) said he won’t get the vax and was outspoken with his opinion on the subject. The whole time that was going on Rodgers was lying and going about his work life like he has been vaccinated. His team allowed him to do so to keep up with his lie. Both Rodgers and the Packers should be held accountable but we all know they won’t.

  9. Good riddance. I don’t care if you’re vaccinated or not, and quite frankly neither should vaccinated people care. The problem is you are a liar. You lied. You can’t be trusted by teammates, other players, coaches, ownership, fans, media, or the NFL at large. There are plenty of unvaccinated players and that’s their rite whether the wine want to believe it or not. “Woke-ness” will be gone after a couple more elections and eventually the presidential election. All you HAD to do was be honest. You couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

  10. His ego dictates that he’s always the victim. Always about himself and not all about winning. What a waste of talent if only he has the mentality of Tom Brady.

  11. Dude…

    You aren’t being “crucified” for sharing your point of view…

    You are being “crucified” for blatantly lying, and putting your team and the rest of the league in a really bad spot.

  12. Rodgers is going to be cured, therefore full of antibodies. vaccinated isnt as secure as cured.
    4) Rodgers stays and business as usual

  13. Dude is pathetic. He need a suspension for his actions. Needs to be held accountable.

    The teams that got fined and even lost picks last year should be bent.

  14. Ugh. This guy wants to compare people being mad at him for lying and trying to be clever with his wordplay to being nailed to a cross? I’ve never seen an NFL player master the impression of entitled immature brat quite like he does. He makes it almost impossible not to dislike him.

  15. Yes, I often confuse Our Lord & Savior with liars who put their own irrational, personal choices ahead of those of the greater common good… SMH

  16. Then it’s clear that this guy has absolutely no self and situational awareness whatsoever.

    If you don’t want to get vaxxed, then don’t. But at least follow protocols set to keep others around you as safe as possible. And don’t cry about it; you made that decision.

  17. Aaron is running out of money to wipe his tears with. First he was just like Dr. King and now he is the Messiah being crucified. Time for a psyche evaluation to look at all his narcissistic tendencies.

  18. It’s priceless that Rodgers is crying about people picking on him. This guy has turned into a real whiny malcontent. This isn’t woke it’s normal people having enough of this guy and calling him out. What a diva.

  19. This investigation by the NFL will probably end on the Monday after the regular season ends. At which point any suspension would be instituted after the playoffs. If it ends sooner, then Rodgers will turn heel and quit. Because this is not a Kyrie Irving deal; it’s an “I’m smarter than you are” deal.

  20. He should be able to have his own opinions and beliefs just like anyone else, I know people like to kick him while he’s down cuz he’s Aaron Rodgers, but let the guy just be himself.

  21. Yep. And everyone in prison is innocent. Dude, you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Nobody told you to lie. That’s all on you. If you’re a public figure, you have to be honest, or people will call you out. That didn’t just start yesterday.

  22. Maybe this dude should keep his trap shut and just play football.
    He’s getting hammered no matter what he says.

  23. Someone needs to remind Aaron that despite his football talents (great as they are) he is not in any way, shape, or form a biblical figure.

  24. There are are only “oppressors” and “victims” now. Nothing else. Aaron is just living by that now I guess.

  25. in mid 2021, not sure how you can not understand the dangers posed to other players and team personnel who could have a very difficult time with contracting C19. Read up on Eduarado Rodriguez from the Red Sox and what he went through. Knowingly putting all of the people in his orbit in danger is confoundingly selfish. It really describes some of todays pro athletes, their self-absorption and arrogance. Time to turn the page on pro sports.

  26. this is such a typical victim playbook.

    people go out do and say whatever they want w a give no Cares attitude, except that most people DO care.

    then, when their works and actions blow up in their face, they cry about cancel culture, the woke mob, and every other buzz word they can throw out. we have freedom of speech, and freedom to make our own decisions in this country, but that doesn’t exempt you from the blowback caused by what you do and say.

    I said it before- I think it’s fair to ask if this type of stuff is indicative of his behavior inside the building that the public, media , and fans never got word off. assuming that it is, the team wanting to move on from him when he still has MVP level seasons left in him makes perfect sense.

  27. I would gladly take a double-barreled middle finger just to have this cry baby diva walk away for good.

  28. Rogers is now comparing himself to Christ being crucified on the cross. He’s delusional. He’s obnoxious.

    He was asked a plain English question: “Are you vaccinated?”

    He responded: “Yes.” That was a lie. Then he added the fudge about being immunized.

    Our country is permeated with individuals that claim victimization. Many of these claims are legitimate but it is hypocritical when mouthed by those with incredible privilege like Rogers, our former president who wore victimization as a badge, and by billionaires who really have rigged the system.

  29. …”feels like he’s being crucified”…”always the victim”…
    per yahoo finance, Aaron Rodger’s net worth is $120 MILLION….Jesus Christ

  30. He lied because he didn’t want the smoke and put everybody around him at risk. What did he expect ?

    Also, the team and NFL knew it and didn’t say a word about his interviewing without a mask etc.

    Now, he is probably going to spill the beans on everybody to take some focus off of him because that’s who he appears to be.

  31. We have a health and economic crisis. It’s far past the time to act responsible. Rogers acted irresponsibly. Freedom is the ability to live your life and not impair the lives of others. The path to overcoming health and economic freedom is vaccination and mandates require individuals to act responsibly. Individuals need to know they are safe when they go to work and parents need to know their kids are safe when they go to school. It’s that simple.

  32. He’ll do the protocols, but half a$$ed. Like showing up to a press conference with the mask constantly slipping off. Just watch. Quitting would require too much courage — walking away from a SB contending team. Getting vaccinated would be accepting defeat — too arrogant for that. The passive aggressive middle ground feels right…just watch.

  33. You are the one that did not say much until he got busted and somehow it is someone else’s fault, grow up. The world does not rotate around you and the Packers even though the Packer fans feel that way.

  34. Its like he’s being forced to step outside of his alternate reality and see what its like where the rest of us live.

  35. I think if he retired now his legacy would be stained forever. It’s no secret that he is highly sensitive but retiring now would cement the sensitivity as a key part of his legacy. The circumstances leading to the retirement would always be part of the conversation.

  36. Why do these idiots always begin by thumping their chests and proclaiming their “I’m my own man” independence, while simultaneously claiming to be the victim when things go south?
    Can’t have it both ways.
    Time to man up.

  37. I really thought Rodgers was smarter and had more integrity than this. He was deceptive and dishonest – those are choices he made, rather than just saying he was unvaccinated. There are repercussions for his choices. That’s how the world works – especially for high-profile people in the public eye. Not to mention how this all makes him look as a teammate.

    If he honestly can’t understand why he’s getting this negative attention then he’s just a delusional narcissist.

  38. Yeah, millionaire, rich actress girlfriend, NFL quarterback… You’re really having. Tough time bud. Poor ARod, Twitter is being mean to you. And all you did is lie to the country and put tons of peoples lives at risk all because you didn’t wanna wear a mask. Life’s not fair.. 😢😢😢😢😢

  39. His body – his choice. But the team should be able to move on because of the impact this has on the franchise. Maybe there is some middle ground – you get Covid unvacced you don’t get paid for the time you are out?

  40. Hopefully AR goes full Marshawn Lynch and refuses to speak to the media. Either that or do a zoom call while in a full hazmat suit, mask, and face shield to “protect” the masked vaccine reporters that are 20 feet away from the podium.

  41. Crucified? After comparing himself to Martin Luther-King now it’s Jesus-Christ? Come on man…

  42. Oh poor Aaron, always the victim. He keeps turning around that people are unhappy with his beliefs or choices. Unless his beliefs are to lie and be deceitful, it isn’t his beliefs that are the issue. It’s his character that is the problem always has been and always will be, he just doesn’t think the rules apply to him.

  43. I’m so tired of his nonsense. He’s always the victim. Woe is me. He’s been the biggest prima donna in the NFL for years. Hearing about trying to get an exception for having a homeopathic remedy to be counted as a vaccination by the NFL would be laughable had he not exposed everyone he’s been around for months. I’ll be happy if he retires, his side show has gone on long enough. The only question I have is, is the NFL going to have the balls to do what they would do to someone that isn’t of his stature? They ought to. And if they don’t, every other player and organization should be, rightfully, pissed the eff off.

  44. He was quoting MLK last week, now he’s feeling like Jesus. What’s next, is a going to re-tweet a picture of Mother Theresa?

    Bro, your contributions to society are that you throw for a football for a living. You are not in the hospital masked up 12 hours a day treating people dying on vents during a pandemic.

  45. The mob can’t hear you, and doesn’t care to.

    Just save it for the field.

  46. He’s so bitter and petty that it won’t be enough if he wins a Super Bowl on his revenge tour.

  47. Don’t wanna get vaccinated? Fine. Obey the rules and wear a mask. Legacy forever tarnished.

  48. hell of a leader he is, right?

    Funny, have you heard a single Packer come out and say how much this offended them? Or that they were put in harms way beacuse of Rodgers choice?

  49. Funny thing is, if Rodgers was a free agent and signed with the Vikings, Viking fans would embrace him like the second coming of Mondale.

  50. If this is the end for Rodgers, he’ll be remembered with the Jeff Hostetlers and Brad Johnsons of NFL lore, a guy who once won a single Super Bowl whose name only comes up in conversation during trivia night.

  51. Just spitballing here, Aaron, but maybe if you’d told the truth and followed the unvaccinated protocols like you were supposed to this would be a total non-issue. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  52. All he needs to do is admit he screwed up and get the vaccine. This isn’t rocket science.

  53. He seems to be following the patented Pete Rose strategy of exponentially making your situation worse by doubling down time after time. But he found a way to do in days while Rose took years.

  54. If he thinks he’s being “crucified” now, just wait until he runs away and hides. Talk about Jeopardy…

  55. It seems like more QBs are unvaccinated than other positions… Jackson, Rodgers, Wentz, Cousins and those are just the ones we know…

  56. Good. Keep it up, keep saying stupid things, and eventually everyone will hate you, not just the “woke” crowd. Dig the hole as deep as you can and then complain you can’t get out. I love it. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Think Jeopardy still has interest lol?

  57. thorpehalfback says:
    November 9, 2021 at 1:25 am
    Brett Farve where are you now?

    Favre is still busy trying to avoid fully paying back the $ he bilked from a Mississippi welfare fund.

    The better question is, “Can you save us Bart Starr?”

    As for #12, I’ve pulled for you for 16 years. You blew this, completely. In actions and words. This is all your own doing. Just stop, and knock off the MLK and Jesus comparisons. You just keep digging deeper.

  58. Jeez man….R-E-L-A-X

    Also, like Howard Stern said, next time he’s sick or hurt he’s not allowed to see doctors, send in Joe Rogan.

  59. Rodgers can now be added to a very long list of players in all professional sports admired for their athletic talent and disregarded for their poor choices and despicable character. Good job.

  60. Actually Vikings fans would not be embracing him. Plenty of us have been giving Cousins grief and now Harrison Smith for not getting vaccinated.

  61. This is exactly why he didnt want to say anything about his vaccination status before the season. It was a witch hunt then and it is now. I remember people calling out Kirk and Carsons leadership ability for refusing the vax. It will continue to be a witch hunt. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your personal information to yourself.

  62. Apparently this is the price for HOF/MVP quarterbacks. It doesn’t end well. First Favre now Rodgers. Not the same, but badly nonetheless. If that’s the price I’ll take it, but come on man.

  63. While this was the straw that broke the camels back on my respect for the guy, I still think the Pack would be nuts to get rid of him — he’s the best QB in the NFL. By the same token, if he came to MN as a free agent, I’d still not respect him, but nonetheless be glad the team had the best QB in the NFL. A player’s vax or political beliefs don’t impact how I feel about them as NFL players.

  64. Either it’s only children that post on here or we as a people need to raise our IQ levels. Every post is the same regurgitated child level insults. Will he go down as one of the greatest QBs of all time? No doubt. SB winner and MVP? No doubt. Our sporting news is twisted man. This is why he said what he said to the media. Because if he said he wasn’t vaxxed it would’ve opened up the floodgates. Did he act smarter than everyone? He did. But judging by all these comments he wasn’t too far off. He should’ve just said it in the first place so everyone would’ve forgotten about it by now. Funny thing is, how many fully vaxxed were placed in covid protocols today? On top of that is Rodgers on a respirator due to this virus? Think for yourselves, not what your favorite politician or news channel tells you to.

  65. Dude, you put other people in danger, lied about it, and let this team down as someone who was trusted to be a leader.

  66. First he was Martin Luther King, and now he’s Jesus Christ? No, Aaron, you’re just a garden variety nincompoop who did something really stupid, lied about it and got caught. People are only showing you the contempt you’ve earned.

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