Rich Bisaccia on DeSean Jackson: It will be good for us to get another speed element

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The Raiders’ offensive performance against the Giants on Sunday made it clear that the team could use a solid deep threat to stretch the field.

Enter DeSean Jackson, who officially signed his deal with Las Vegas on Monday.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia said in his Monday press conference that he’s excited to see what Jackson brings to the field.

“I think we all have a lot of respect for his career and what he’s done, and I can remember him coming out,” Bisaccia said. “So, we are excited about getting another speed element out there to be a complement to what we are trying to do on offense, certainly with the speed that Zay [Jones] has and what Bryan [Edwards] and Hunter [Renfrow] bring to us. It will be good for us to get another speed element going on offense. We are excited about getting him to practice.”

Bisaccia, who was Las Vegas’ special teams coordinator before becoming interim coach, said he doesn’t anticipate Jackson will return punts for now. But it’s apparently not out of the question.

“I’m certainly going to envision him getting work at it and see how he feels about it,” Bisaccia said. “I think the last time he did it was a couple years ago, but I remember him being really good at it when he came out. So, we are going to get him up to speed as quickly as possible and get a lot of work with him and [receivers coaches] Edgar [Bennett] and Nick Holz. We’ll get him position to run some routes or some packages that will help us hopefully be in position to play a little bit better.”

Jackson caught eight passes for 221 yards with a touchdown in seven games for the Rams this season. After Los Angeles released Jackson, he cleared waivers over the weekend and agreed to terms with Las Vegas on Sunday.

10 responses to “Rich Bisaccia on DeSean Jackson: It will be good for us to get another speed element

  1. Jackson is an upgrade over Ruggs when it comes to route running and catch radius/ability. The only thing that Ruggs had over him was youth and speed. Give me DJax route tree over Ruggs any day. This move by the Raiders has a chance to be a sneaky upgrade over what they had in Ruggs. And they’re reportedly only paying him $1 MIL for the remainder of the season.

  2. Hope it works out for both.

    Jackson has always been a solid WR just on bad teams since his younger days.

    And the Raiders fan base deserves some good fortune after everything they have been through.

  3. Speed Element? He is good for one to two games max – then he will have lost two steps and have a season ending case of turf ego.

  4. DeSean Jackson did nothing for the Rams and I doubt he’ll do much for the Raiders. He’s old and doesn’t possess the speed he used to have. He’s not going to step in and replace Ruggs. There was a reason the Rams weren’t using him and let him walk, despite losing Tutu Atwell for the season.

  5. Time will tell how this turns out, OBJ looks the DIVA part , DJAX is more experienced, the Raiders deserve a break after all that has happened. Now lets pound the Chiefs

  6. I like DeSean. However his last decent season was in 2018 and he didn’t even play a full season then. Got my fingers crossed though. The Raiders need him.

  7. Good move, great timing for him to be available for us. Raiders should’ve brought him on board a few years ago.

  8. Mayock had every opportunity to trade for or sign a quality WR. He failed the team in a year where the playoffs and more should have been a lock.

    The offensive collapse against the Giants had nothing to do with lack of speed. Take a look at the receiving weapons:

    Bryan Edwards a major up-and-comer with superior body control, highly under-utilized, a poor man’s Larry Fitzgerald.

    Renfrow with elite routes, elite hands and can contest with the best of them, the best slot WR in the league.

    Waller, can’t be covered, elite top-2 TE.

    Foster Moreau, deceptively gets open a lot in the end zone, strong hands, one of the best #2 TEs on the league.

    Kenyan Drake, out of the backfield an incredible dual-threat RB, has far more receiving yards for us than rushing.

    Alec Ingold, in the top 3 FBs in terms of route running and hands out of the backfield.

    Josh Jacobs, also a solid threat out of the backfield.

    Jalen Richard, another dual-threat RB, been doing it with Carr for many years.

    Even without Ruggs, these are weapons a majority of QBs would literally beg for. These are game-winning weapons, and against the Giants, these are SKULL-CRUSHING weapons.

    Once Carr threw the pick-6, it was all over. Carr is weak mentally. He has ALL the physical tools, a great arm, excellent accuracy, can run. He’s even a strong competitor and a good leader. But when he starts playing scared, everything falls apart. And that happens WAY too often. And I can prove it.

    The Raiders ranked #27 in the league in red zone conversion rate. Yeah, every wonder how the offense that’s ranked #6 in the league in yards is also ranked #16 in points? Well I’m telling you how right now. Because DEREK CARR can’t throw TD passes in the red zone. Too much pressure for him. Too much on the line.

    And with the kind of pressure playoff teams face constantly, we’re just going to have to admit sooner rather than later that this dude can’t take us to the promised land.

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