Sam Darnold likely out several weeks with shoulder injury

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers
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A bad season has just turned worse for Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold.

An examination of Darnold’s throwing shoulder revealed that he has a crack in his scapula that will likely cause him to miss several weeks, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

While Darnold is out, P.J. Walker will start at quarterback for the Panthers, starting on Sunday against the Cardinals. The Panthers have also signed Matt Barkley to back Walker up.

Darnold apparently suffered the shoulder injury against the Falcons in Week Eight and played through it against the Patriots in Week Nine before tests this week revealed the extent of the injury.

The 4-5 Panthers were hoping to take a step forward in Year 2 with head coach Matt Rhule, but trading for Darnold and not signing a viable backup looks like a major mistake in what may prove to be a lost season in Carolina.

19 responses to “Sam Darnold likely out several weeks with shoulder injury

  1. I bet the team and the fans are breathing a collective sigh of relief. He has been absolutely abysmal lately. This is why the Jets moved on. Worst part is, they moved on from Teddy and he’s twice the QB of Darnold. You can fix mechanics and footwork. You can’t fix arm strength or decision making. He has the arm, his decision making is still horrible. He’ll be lucky to catch on as a backup, especially if Carolina totes him out there as the starter again.

  2. He done. Panthers will go with Walker for the rest of the year, draft a QB or trade for one, and Darnold will be with another team in 2022 (if he’s lucky).

  3. He’ll be on another team if the Panthers are lucky. Not only did they trade a 2, 4, & a6 for him but they picked up his 5th year option. $19 mil guaranteed.

  4. Literally anyone they start would be an improvement over Darnold. He can go watch the new Ghostbusters movie in his spare time.

  5. Remember the narrative in the first few weeks that Darnold was fixed since he got away from the Jets

  6. Let’s all hope he saved his pennies cause for NFL starting job QB chances ?? well not very many or maybe after this many years of playing like crap n continually sacked he would rather gladly retire.

  7. Matt Rhule & Joe Brady are both going to encourage Sam to take plenty of time off to be certain of a full recovery

  8. Not5t sure it’s fair to call signing him a major mistake if he’s been playing last 2 games with serious undiagnosed injury.

  9. Tepper is supposed to be smart. I mean after all, he is a of the cherished billionaire class. Whoever decided to trade for Darnold should never work in the business again. Even casual viewers knew Sam was no good in NY. Who thought a change of address would change his poor play?

  10. WOW! This kid is being trashed for playing poorly in a game ONE WEEK after a game in which he played well for three quarters and then took a brutal hit from which he emerged with a concussion and an injured shoulder. WOW!

    I was shocked that he played – he clearly shouldn’t have, because that shoulder injury will take who knows how long to heal. I’m guessing that he begged to play because he’s a competitor and it was New England.

    Does he sometimes try to do too much and throw head-scratching interceptions? He does. Does he sometimes miss deep open throws? He does. But what I have seen since his first start at USC is a unique talent, a football player playing quarterback.

    Instead of vitriol and mockery, how about some patience. Goodness,he’s younger than Joe Burrow, and about a year-and-half older than Justin Fields. And today,how about some sympathy.

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