Bill Belichick credits Christian Barmore for pressure on J.C. Jackson pick-six

New England Patriots Vs. Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium
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Patriots rookie defensive lineman Christian Barmore was singled out for praise by Bill Belichick for his role in cornerback J.C. Jackson‘s pick-six on Sunday.

In a film breakdown posted by the Patriots, Belichick shows how Barmore’s pressure on Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold forced the interception.

“It’s a good play here by Barmore. Barmore sees the backfield play action go away from him and is able to recognize that and go up the field and chase Darnold,” Belichick said. “This is a real tough situation for the quarterback.”

Belichick also noted that linebacker Matt Judon, who had initially dropped into coverage, came off his receiver and pressured Darnold into an errant throw.

“By the time Darnold recognizes it, he tries to flip the ball and it’s an errant throw and J.C. picks it off and there they go. But this is one of those pressures that helps cause the interception, which actually turns out better than a sack here,” Belichick said.

The Patriots drafted Barmore in the second round out of Alabama this year, and just like their first-round pick out of Alabama, Mac Jones, he has shown a lot of promise and given Patriots fans a lot of hope that Belichick can lead them back to the playoffs.

5 responses to “Bill Belichick credits Christian Barmore for pressure on J.C. Jackson pick-six

  1. The main stream media gives all the glory to the QBs and diva receivers, but It’s still a team game.

    Nice job, Bill.

    John Madden and Dan Dierdorf used to recognize and acknowledge that, but there’s no one left today who does, except for maybe Mike Reiss.

  2. Belichick doesn’t like to single guys out to the press. His emphasis is always team. But either he think Barmore is fantastic or he’s softening his stance (maybe both?) because he was practically effusive about Barmore’s performance. He was also pretty outspoken about how well Judon is playing–as is only appropriate, but you’re still kind of surprised to hear it from Belichick.

  3. Ted Johnson (former Patriot #52) did an excellent job earlier in the week breaking down this play (with Phil Perry) — explaining the offensive perspective and showing how/why Barmore altered his pursuit. It’s worth looking for.

  4. There’s an interesting symbiotic relationship between the d-line and the secondary.

    If the secondary doesn’t let anyone get open, it helps the d-line get sacks. If the d-line gets pressure, it helps the DBs create turnovers. If either side doesn’t perform well, it can make the other position group look bad (like you can have great corners, but they’re not going to be able to cover receivers for 10 seconds).

    It’s a team sport, and you could make the argument there’s no such thing as an individual stat because every successful play requires all 11 guys to do what they’re supposed to. That’s probably why Belichick says stats are for losers.

  5. Mac Jones and Barmore were flat out steals by the Patriots. Both will be great NFL players

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