Carson Wentz says he’ll play Sunday, even if he has to miss his child’s birth

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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Colts quarterback Carson Wentz‘s wife is due any day, but if she goes into labor on Sunday, Wentz will still play against the Jaguars.

Wentz confirmed today that he and his wife have talked it over, and he will not miss the game even if that means missing the birth of his child.

I could get a call at any time,” Wentz said, via Stephen Holder of

And if that call comes on Sunday shortly before kickoff?

“I’m playing,” Wentz said.

Wentz said he and his wife have discussed the matter and that she is on board with his decision. Wentz said his wife understands that if she gives birth during a game, he’ll see her later at the hospital.

25 responses to “Carson Wentz says he’ll play Sunday, even if he has to miss his child’s birth

  1. Be there for the birth of your kid. A football game isn’t worth missing a once in a lifetime event.

  2. Don’t see how anyone could judge him. If my dad told me he missed my birth because he was playing in the NFL, I would think that’s pretty cool. I won’t remember seeing him that day anyway.

  3. Carson… this is one of those moments where your wife is saying that she agrees with you, but in fact, will never ever let you live it down.

  4. Trust me, this’s guy is dumber than a stump. And, no matter what your wife said, she wants you there

  5. They could induce the baby on Fri/Sat and solve the problem is this is really her due date…

  6. Don’t let your job get in the way of your life. This is perhaps the most important thing that will ever happen in your life – do all that you can to be there with your wife when your child is born.

  7. Carson please go the hospital and dont listen to your wife. She doesn’t mean it when she says its fine. The game isn’t more important than your family.

  8. I kinds find this, I don’t know, gross?

    In 20 years when his career is long since over he will regret that.

  9. Carson, one things is literally the first part of life and death. The other is a sporting event, that is not a playoff game. Go be with your wife I’m sure she, regardless of what she says, would be comforted by having her husband there as she goes through something we men here can’t really comprehend. IMO

  10. I get he is trying to be a team guy but you don’t miss this. The Colts organization should insist that he misses the game to be there if needed. They should tell him, don’t miss this event in your life for a regular season game against the Jags. If we can’t beat them without you then this team isn’t worth making that sacrifice for anyway.

  11. Good grief – my Dad was in the Navy and he missed both my birth and my sister’s. Not sure where it became the in thing for Dad’s to be expected to be there. I guess I’m old-fashioned.

  12. It’s pretty standard practice in the NFL. Why single out Wentz?

    Pro athletes’ wives know the deal. Either plan a birth for the off-season, or induce on an off day.
    Or just expect that hubby will show up when he can.

  13. That’s a really bad idea and hope the Colts would help talk him out of missing the birth of his child.

  14. A Game check for Wentz is about 2 million bucks. I was at the hospital for my kid’s birth, but for 2 million my wife would rather me get the cash. People need to not project their circumstances on others. I’m sure most of you would take your wife on a nice vacation to make it up to her and she would happily enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  15. If you worked in a factory or some other menial job sure, be with your wife when she gives birth. But when you are the starting QB on an NFL team your priority should be playing for your team to help them make the playoffs.

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