Former Bears strength coach Clyde Emrich dies

NFL: AUG 03 Chicago Bears Training Camp
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Clyde Emrich, a pioneering strength coach who spent 50 years working for the Bears, has died, the team announced Wednesday.

Emrich became one of the NFL’s first strength coaches when George Halas hired him in 1971, and he remained with the team until his death. Emrich last served as the Bears’ strength coach in 1991, and the team named its weight room at Halas Hall in honor of Emrich in 2008.

Emrich, who earned the nickname “The Legend,” also served as a training camp coordinator since 1984. He shared the role Bears vice president and longtime friend Brian McCaskey.

“I had the privilege of working with Clyde for nearly 40 years,” McCaskey said. “He was a wonderful mentor to me and many others and was well respected by everyone in the Bears family as well as around the league. Clyde revolutionized the way teams trained for an NFL season. He shared his knowledge and expertise with athletes from all walks of life and at all levels. Clyde would always say, ‘give me an athlete, and I’ll make them an even better athlete by making them stronger.'”

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  1. He was called “Legend” for a reason. Thank You Clyde for all the players whom you made better.

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