Matt Nagy tells Bears to “be super-careful” not to get flagged for taunting

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh was flagged for perhaps this season’s most controversial taunting penalty on Monday night. Whether the call was right or wrong, Bears coach Matt Nagy knows his team can’t afford to do anything that could give the officials an excuse to throw a flag.

Nagy said that he is reiterating to his players that the league has made taunting a point of emphasis and the officials will be looking for any sign of taunting.

“In that moment, you have to be super-careful of being in the gray with this new rule, with the taunting,” Nagy said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “And any gray that you give them, they can make a decision on, and it can be subjective — and that’s part of the rule.”

Nagy understood why Marsh was fired up but said players need to rein it in.

“It’s a very emotional game and an emotional time in the game,” Nagy said. “And so, you have that balance of somebody that’s fighting their [butt] off to make a play, then makes the play and is excited. Isn’t that a part of loving the game, man — the passion, fire, fun? That’s a part of the game. But when you’re in the gray, then . . . there can be consequences.”

Marsh was the third Bear to draw a taunting flag this season.

6 responses to “Matt Nagy tells Bears to “be super-careful” not to get flagged for taunting

  1. I don’t know if I could respect the coach in my locker room if he didn’t take a fine for calling out the insanity that was that officiating crew.

  2. He did a dance after making the sack, which was fine. Most pass rushers celebrate their sacks. But then they go back to the huddle.

    Marsh didn’t do that. He took like ten steps toward the opponent’s sideline to glare at them. Right in front of the ref. What do you think is going to happen?

    Nobody’s telling players not to celebrate. Got a sack? Great. Do your dance. Then get back to the huddle. It’s really not hard.

  3. The flag was B.S. There’s taunting, and then there’s *taunting.” Marsh wasn’t even taunting. The referee should have kept the flag in his pocket.

  4. I think he did what he did after his “sack dance” because he used to be ON the Steelers and he was basically punking them for letting him go.

  5. Not good enough. Nagy should have told them to be “Super-super careful.” That would have gotten the point across.

  6. what about lining up on your side of the line of scrimmage? A bye week gives Nagy an extra 7 days to drop new pearls of true NFL insight.

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