Mike White will start for Jets this Sunday

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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Jets head coach Robert Saleh said on Monday that Zach Wilson would return to the Jets lineup if he was fully healthy, but noted that the team wasn’t going to rush the quarterback back into action.

That suggested Wilson’s knee will need some more time to heal and Saleh confirmed that on Wednesday. He said at his press conference that Mike White will start against the Bills in Week 10.

White threw for 405 yards in a Week Eight win over the Bengals and then hurt his forearm after throwing a touchdown early in last Thursday’s loss to the Colts. Saleh said that injury isn’t an issue heading into the Bills game.

“We had a feeling on Monday with Zach’s knee that he’s not fully ready to go,” Saleh said, via SNY. “Mike obviously got all his strength back. He feels good, no residual effects from Thursday, so we’re going with Mike.”

Saleh was asked about Wilson’s outlook for next week and said the team wants to see if and how he practices this week before starting to think about anything beyond the plans for the Buffalo game.

9 responses to “Mike White will start for Jets this Sunday

  1. Every week I say “maybe the Bills will finally get their act together this week”. I’m saying the same thing now, except I see no reason to believe it.
    I should be saying “maybe this team isn’t very good”.

  2. The Bills should bounce back big this weekend or they don’t deserve to be in the Superbowl conversation.

  3. I think they are seeing what they have with White and if anything – it would increase his trade value.

  4. Having – potentially two – three if you count Johnson – decent to good qb’s is not a problem I recall us having. It’s a good problem.

  5. White is this year’s Gardner Minshew. He had a freak good game and will fall back to earth. The Jets should Trade him asap while he still has some value!

  6. With the Jets potential to wreck the Bills Oline, it’s going to be another Jax week.
    Teams are finding their groove late and the Bills thought their early groove would extend all season.

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