NFL Senior V.P. of officiating defends taunting penalty called on Bears’ Cassius Marsh

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders
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The league’s officiating department is standing by referee Tony Corrente’s controversial taunting call on Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh on Monday night.

In a video released by the league’s officiating department, Senior V.P. of Officiating Perry Fewell said that the call against Marsh was correct, and the officials will continue to enforce the point of emphasis against taunting.

“He takes several steps toward the Pittsburgh bench, posturing toward their sideline. Taunting is a point of emphasis to promote sportsmanship and respect for opponents. This was recommended by the competition committee and coaches,” Fewell said.

Fans and players have complained about the taunting point of emphasis, but the NFL’s decision-makers don’t seem interested in making any changes. Expect taunting flags to continue, whether fans and players like it or not.

49 responses to “NFL Senior V.P. of officiating defends taunting penalty called on Bears’ Cassius Marsh

  1. Am I expected to buy that? NFL you really need to raise your opinion of your customers because I’m not dumb enough to even consider buying that noise.

  2. No comments on Corrente’s hip check technique? The league has no issue with referees initiating contact with players?

  3. footballcuresboredom says:
    November 10, 2021 at 2:13 pm
    Someone needs to investigate Corrente’s connections to gambling ASAP


    It sure did look as though Corrente had a dog in this fight.

  4. Marsh’s position coach immediately chewed him out on the sidelines ON LIVE TV. Seems the coaches agree that the penalty was deserved and a dumb thing for him to do.

  5. they will back this call until 5 years from now, then admit they were wrong.
    When the league does this, I would rather not know.

  6. “Expect taunting flags to continue, whether fans and players like it or not.”

    They’ll continue amongst the poorly coached teams. Well coached teams are taught that you can’t win an argument with the officials, so like them or not you have to know the rules in every detail and follow them.

    That said, there’s been 27 taunting fouls in 136 games so far this season … about 1 taunting foul every 5 games, and 14 teams have yet to be penalized at all for taunting. Not exactly the epidemic some people seem to be making it out to be.

  7. The fix is in. Officiating has been abundantly horrible this season and Monday nights game was further proof that the NFL needs full time officials. The point of emphasis should be on correcting the obvious calls that get missed. Like defenders lined up in the neutral zone. Happens in all games every time and they don’t call it.

  8. A very selfish, stupid move by Marsh! Has he not been told about taunting? To do he’s silly little dance facing the Steelers, he’s just asking for a penalty. Wasn’t even that good of a sack! Then to compound his error, he purposely runs toward the ref?

  9. The only purpose his actions had was to taunt otherwise just celebrate with your teammates and go to your bench. There is a simple fix for the taunting problems….just don’t do it.

  10. When a CB intercepts a pass, I notice the defensive group runs to the endzone to pose/preen for the crowd. Is that taunting? I’ve never seen it called. Just wondering….

  11. Well ok then. It’s official. It was a good call and the Bears player made a serious mistake for his team.

  12. Marsh wasn’t even outside the numbers. How could the Steelers bench hear whatever he said? Terrible call. Is the league claiming the dance itself was taunting or just that he was facing the wrong side of the field or does the league office know what Marsh said?

  13. Marsh’s position coach immediately chewed him out on the sidelines ON LIVE TV. Seems the coaches agree that the penalty was deserved and a dumb thing for him to do.

    No, the coaches are made at him for getting flagged. That’s an entirely different issue from “the penalty was deserved.”

  14. He can defend it all he wants. We all know what it was. Bit of course they never flagged Rodgers when he yelled I still own you. That was not taunting? Give me a break.

  15. I have no problem with the taunting call and I’m glad the coach chewed him out afterwards. What about the no call on the blatant late hit on Fields and the horrible illegal block call where the blockers jersey might’ve grazed TJ Watt which wiped away a touchdown???

  16. Marsh is now whining about a ‘hip check’ from the ref. The LB in the NE-Panthers game whined about Mac Jones grabbing his foot.
    Where are the fans claiming the game is too soft and protecting QBs? Why aren’t you calling out these defensive whiners?

  17. Shocker… because there’s such a long history of holding NFL refs accountable. And I guess he just decided to ignore the hip check then?

  18. The league officials defended Super Bowl XL officiating too. Only to have the referee admit 4 years later that he blew some calls that were critical to the outcome of the game.

  19. The taunting call was correct and was in line with the new rule. The hip check by the ref was odd. He really looked like he was angry at the player.

  20. The league is turning into a JOKE. I swear, just wait till this happens in a big playoff game. Godell is nothing more than a mouthpiece for a bunch of rich jerks. Don’t worry about what is real, just do what ever we want.

  21. Anyone actively involved in sports betting who doesn’t believe the NFL and Vegas are doing everything they can to make each other money and fixing games is naive

  22. And now the wrong side of the gambling industry knows that, even if they didn’t here, in the future if they lean a bit on someone and it becomes kind of obvious, the NFL will still back that ref.

  23. He should act like a professional Walter Payton is great example always classy. Go to your bench a celebrate with your team instead of doing that

  24. I don’t see a controversy here regarding the taunting call. He clearly taunted the opposing teams sideline and it drew a flag. Much ado about nothing.

  25. If he looks at the whole game and the calls and is not sick to his stomach he is in way over his head

  26. Is anyone surprised by this? There us NO WAY they would undermine this ref in public because would admit they are human.

  27. Of course… the league defends all of this blatantly poor officiating because the league is probably in on it. It also explains why the NFL doesn’t want a sky judge because the NFL cannot fix games anymore or gambling spreads. Part of the great facade.

  28. Nothing said about his little hip check? If they hold players to such a high standard regarding incidental contact with an official then the officials need to be held to an even higher standard. Why are so many NFL rules subjective? Why put the onus of calls on the officials when multiple things can sway their opinions? They are people. They have beliefs and personal lives. I think the best thing for the NFL would be to have some accountability regarding officiating. They should be rated on how well they call a game. We as fans just have to take things at face value. Sad.

  29. That was blatant taunting, unless he’s color blind and thought his team was wearing black and yellow. The guy just lost his head for a few moments. He got penalized. Move on. Hopefully he’ll learn. Hopefully everyone will learn. Just play football. Leave the cheerleading to the cheerleaders.

  30. Why give yourself a chance to do something that could be penalized? trash talk when you are up 26 points.

  31. About that collision with the ref:
    It is a long-standing ‘rule’ that players can’t touch an official. Very simple concept. If the two are on a collision course (in this case the ref was standing in place) it the player’s responsibility to avoid the collision. As much as I dislike the officiating in this game, I am totally fine with Corrente ‘standing his ground’, and even defending his ground a bit with his hip.

    And Marsh celebrating like it was his birthday, after a coverage sack, six seconds into the play is just stupid. The guy has always been unprofessional. That’s probably why he is on his eighth team in eight years.

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