Schefter: “I could have done a better job” on Dalvin Cook reporting

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Some in the industry think Adam Schefter is trying to get fired by ESPN so that he can cash in one of the cash-rich sports books. If so, he may not have to resort to going streaking in a bodysuit.

Schefter stepped in it on Tuesday night, with this tweet: “Minnesota Vikings’ RB Dalvin Cook is the victim of domestic abuse and extortion — there’s pending litigation, according to his agent Zac Hiller.”

On Wednesday’s 6:00 p.m. ET SportsCenter, Schefter acknowledged as a by-the-way tag on an update regarding Cook that his Tuesday night tweet had been ill-advised.

“In a case like this, it’s important to reach out to all sides for information and comment,” Schefter said. “When I got the information the other night, I didn’t do that. And I could have done a better job reaching out to the other people, especially on a story as sensitive and as significant as this. Didn’t do that properly, and it’s a reminder to slow down in this world.”

But this wasn’t an issue of Schefter sacrificing being right in the name of being first, which is definitely a hazard in this specific. It was a case of carrying water for a source in order to preserve his maximum network of those who will let him know about transactions and contracts five minutes before they’re announced, and ideally before any other insiders get the text message. Hiller wanted Schefter to blast the notion that Cooks is the victim to Schefter’s massive Twitter following. Schefter did it, in consideration for past scoops and in anticipation of future ones.

That’s how it works for some in this industry. There’s no law against it, and there’s no law against those who understand what’s happening to call it out.

So, no, let’s not confuse it. Schefter’s ambition to beat the rest of the insiders didn’t lead to Tuesday night’s outcome. It was his desire to preserve the ability to beat the rest of the insiders in the future that prompted him to hold his nose and do Hiller’s bidding.

15 responses to “Schefter: “I could have done a better job” on Dalvin Cook reporting

  1. This is how it has always been with Shifty. He epitomizes the “rules and ethics are for other people” mode.

  2. Maybe understandable I guess if he hadn’t JUST just been called out on questionable journalistic ethics 2 weeks ago

  3. Maybe should have started tweet with ‘According to his agent …’. Sticking that at the end makes it look like minor detail after people accept the big scoop.

  4. It’s totally ok. This is 2021. Nobody gets a second opinion, or two sources hardly anymore. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have much to read. I wouldn’t spend half my night on my favorite website. You’re ok Schefty. Just doing your job. When they make a law that you have to have all the facts, then you can change, but in the mean time, keep it coming.

  5. How come truth, justice, and the American way isn’t taking a lick of responsibility for amplifying Schefter’s shoddy report?

  6. He always has the dam phone in his hand or talking on it like he’s some kind of big shot
    shifty schester is just a huge fakester.

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