Some think OBJ is destined to land with the Saints

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Several teams are in the mix for Odell Beckham Jr., enough that it will be his call as to where he goes next.

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics explained it to PFT, there’s a belief that he’ll eventually join the Saints.

Other teams to watch include the Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs.

And, yes, the Patriots are definitely in the mix. The question becomes whether Beckham wants to play for the Patriots, to accept whatever role he gets there and whatever they will pay him.

The Packers reportedly have offered Beckham the league minimum. As one league source interpreted the offer, it’s not a genuine reflection of interest, but instead an attempt to create the impression that they tried to sign him. They have roughly $4 million in cap space. They can afford to pay more than that. It’s basically, as we see it, an offer he won’t accept.

The Seahawks aren’t out of it, either. As explained by Jake Heaps of 710 ESPN, the Seahawks continue to be in the mix, and they have the most cap space.

But Beckham wouldn’t be the No. 1 option in Seattle. In New Orleans, he would be. In New Orleans, coach Sean Payton would design plays aimed at getting him open and getting him the football. In New Orleans, Beckham will get more targets and catches than he would anywhere else.

The Saints don’t have much cap space, however. They could get creative and use incentives that would be counted against next year’s cap, and play other games aimed at getting him money, like using a signing bonus and voidable years. They also could restructure other players’ deals.

Ultimately, it’s OBJ’s decision. And his decision will be driven by his priorities. If his top priority is to once again be a clear-cut No. 1 receiver, New Orleans is the place.

35 responses to “Some think OBJ is destined to land with the Saints

  1. More power to him. I thought, though, he wanted a team with an established QB. N.O. has a precarious QB situation.

  2. How long is Winston out for? OBJ won’t go where there isn’t a QB. I still think it’ll be the Rams.

  3. If he didn’t think Cleveland was a contender, what does NOLA have that the Browns don’t?

  4. What are the Saints going to pay him with, Bourbon Street gift cards? They have less than a million dollars in cap space.

  5. Odell has no interest in playing football. He only wants a contract and the opportunity to complain.

  6. That’s not just crazy. That’s insane! Why would he wanna go there w/no QB? It might have made sense with Jameis in the house, now? Are you kidding me?

  7. The Saints, a team with no QB and no money? Really?
    NE isn’t going to the SB, dunno why’d he go there?
    Colts? Titans? Chiefs?

  8. As a Saints fan, I’m on the fence. We desperately need help at WR. But I’m not sure it will be worth the drama and headache that will eventually ensue.

  9. If his top priority is to be a top WR in the league i think new Orleans would be his last destination. Packers too me would be the perfect situation for him, with the chiefs, bills or raiders being a close 2nd. Saints don’t have anybody to get him the ball. All the other teams I mentioned need some WR help, and have a QB who can throw the ball 40 50x a game and be effective.

  10. This guy is such an idiot. If he thinks Cleveland wasn’t a contender but NOLA is he is lost.

  11. If he passes on the chance to become Sean Payton’s WR1 he’s a fool. But, well, you know….

  12. Not so sure it really matters where he ends up. Browns already a better team with out him. Over rated!

  13. Yep been saying that all week. One job he won’t be second or third. He should take that one.

  14. Welcome to the Saints. Before anyone puts a thumbs down, Michael Thomas may not return next year due to 22 million hit. Who else on the team is a clear #1, not T Smith. This makes sense all the way through

  15. Shouldn’t you have a QB before you go through all of this cap hassle to sign a number 1 (or so he thinks) WR? Doesn’t make sense for NO, especially this year

  16. The loss of winston hurts the argument for him to go to the saints, in addition to no cap money this year or next, they not are less of a contender and lack a qb. I wonder why Baltimore does not come up. They are definite contenders but need to take a risk to get over the playoff early exits or their coach and gm could start to be at risk. They have a top qb but very marginal receivers. OBJ could get revenge on Cleveland.

  17. Trevor Siemian actually played pretty well against the Falcons. Saints had 7 dropped passes, that was the problem.

    Signing OBJ hopefully alleviates that issue.

  18. Let him go to the Packers so that they can deal with 2 divas…one at QB and one at WR. They deserve it. The Saints “supposedly” can’t afford him, anyway. Unless they were bluffing…

  19. You know, all of this shows that OBJ (and his dad…oh, and Lebron) didn’t think anything through, he just threw gas on the fire.

    Well, now he can to somewhere else and freelance his routes and then complain about being open, and he’s been around long enough – this is what you get. Good luck with that to whoever signs him.

  20. octavian says:
    November 10, 2021 at 1:56 pm
    Trevor Siemian actually played pretty well against the Falcons. Saints had 7 dropped passes, that was the problem.

    Signing OBJ hopefully alleviates that issue.

    If OBJ was on the Saints and played vs the Falcons, they would have had 9 drops

  21. He and Landry cried their way onto the same team and it blew up in their faces. Still best buds?

  22. Really, since when in Winston a top tier QB? If OBJ goes to the Saints when/if Winston comes back he will force the ball to OBJ and get picked like he was in Tampa again. Just like a guy like Brady can elevate any team OBJ can drag any team down.

  23. Maybe if Winston was still there but I don’t see the appeal now – OBJ should sign with another AFC North team on a 1 year deal just to stick it to Cleveland. Besides who wouldn’t want to play with Lamar Jackson?

  24. Steer clear of this guy and the drama that follows him. He is a clubhouse cancer & will absolutely destroy team chemistry and momentum.

  25. Saints? Makes zero sense….they have Trevor Semian and Taysom Hill at QB….a significant downgrade from Baker….why would he have all this drama – then do that?

  26. The fact that he hasn’t signed anywhere as of 24 hours after he cleared waivers speaks volumes

  27. As a Bucs fan… I hope the Saints do waste future cap dollars to sign him… wide receivers need a QB to throw them the ball and even with a QB, OBJ looks pretty washed up and has the dropsies.

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