Who’s really in the mix for OBJ?

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Odell Beckham Jr. has been a free agent for nearly 18 hours. How much longer will that last?

It’s surprising it’s even lasted this long. We’ve known for a week that he’s going to be available. Teams didn’t begin thinking about it last night and/or talking to his camp at 4:01 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Tampering happens all the time. There’s no reason to think teams weren’t having hypothetical conversions about hypothetical contract offers to hypothetical players who may become hypothetically available, hypothetically.

Here are the teams we’re currently keeping an eye on as things churn a lot more slowly than many thought they would.

Patriots: They’re the only team whose affirmative contact to Beckham’s camp has been publicly reported. If that leak came from Beckham’s camp, that could be enough to get the Patriots to back off. The team routinely makes it clear to potential free agents and their agents that if word of the interest leaks prematurely, the Patriots will move on.

Seahawks: Over the weekend, the Seahawks were the team Beckham preferred. On Monday, coach Pete Carroll was just coy enough to make it clear the interest is mutual. The question is whether Carroll has truly had the kind of epiphany during a month without Russell Wilson that would make him embrace an offense that runs through the quarterback, and that will extensively distribute the football to three high-end receivers.

Saints: They talked to the Browns about a trade for Beckham, so they’re obviously in the mix. The question is whether Beckham will take whatever the Saints can pay.

Packers: It makes sense, plenty of sense, for the Packers to add Beckham to the offense. How would Aaron Rodgers and Beckham co-exist, however? That’s a fair question given the oil-water mix between Beckham and Baker Mayfield.

Rams: Teddy KGB would love to splash the pot with OBJ.

49ers: One of the teams linked to Beckham over the weekend, coach Kyle Shanahan had a high opinion of Beckham three years ago (per Chris Simms). What does Shanahan think now? And are the 49ers good enough to attract Beckham’s attention?

Buccaneers: They’ve added Breshad Perriman to the practice squad, which suggests that Antonio Brown will be out even longer. It would be the ultimate all-in Tom Brady move to try to further stack the deck with OBJ. It currently seems unlikely, however.

55 responses to “Who’s really in the mix for OBJ?

  1. He thinks he can mandate his team, wanted a playoff team, but couldnt work hard enough on the playoff team he was on. Teams should “cold shoulder ” him, ignore him, let him sit.

  2. He’s your chance Gutekunst. Few get to peer into their future in the NFL, you’ve been gifted with seeing where the Packers are headed if they don’t do what they can to keep Rodgers. QB misery, mediocrity at best and perpetually losing at worst.

  3. footfan68 says:
    November 10, 2021 at 10:44 am
    If he’s smart, he’ll sign with the Rams. Best team in football, best city in the NFL

    If best city is defined as a stadium full of your opponent’s fans.

  4. Who really cares? A high maintenance diva whose baggage is not worth the on field production but hey did you see that catch from 10 years ago?

  5. I bet the Pats leak was from OBJ’s side and it was probably done b/c he has no intention of signing there but they figured it’ll drum up interest.

  6. It’s easy to see why it is moving so slowly. OBJ has built up a rep as a somewhat difficult player that can be disruptive to whatever chemistry you might have. Argue over whether or not that is fair, but there it is.

    He’s not the first talented player to be “slow-rolled” due to concerns other than his talent level.

    If this were a 29 year old Larry Fitzgerald (who was NEVER a diva), teams would be cage fighting to sign him.

  7. thepurupledongoftruth says:

    November 10, 2021 at 10:48 am

    The Rams/Seahawks are already loaded at WR

    Raiders make sense since they lost Ruggs

    Except the Raiders dont make sense since they’ve already signed DeSean Jackson since losing Ruggs.

  8. thepurupledongoftruth says:
    November 10, 2021 at 10:48 am
    The Rams/Seahawks are already loaded at WR

    Raiders make sense since they lost Ruggs


    Guess you didn’t hear they signed Desean Jackson

  9. Signing him would be the equivalent of a perfectly healthy human being and saying would you like an injection of diabetes

  10. I can’t imagine the Chiefs not being interested. They tried for JuJu in the offseason, took a flier on Josh Gordon and Mecole Hardman has been borderline unplayable.

  11. Every other NFL team saw how OBJ made an ass of himself leaving Cleveland – if that’s a pre-interview for a job, who’s looking at that and thinking OBJ would be a good addition to their chemistry?

    Displaying immature, arrogant, selfish behavior in a team sport really should be a red flag, if he didn’t already have others, as well.

  12. That silence you hear is OBJ’s side realizing how much less the market thinks he’s worth than he does.

  13. Any true contender doesn’t need the services of OBJ. He will only end up getting offers from delusional and desperate teams.

  14. The part that OBJ & his daddy didn’t tell you in the “highlight” film was that he was running his own routs. Yes he was open many times but there was no way Baker could have any chemistry or timing because he was doing his own thing.

    OBJ is not a team player nor a great route runner.

  15. As a Seahawks fan, I hope OBJ signs with the Rams. I think the Rams are the team to beat this year and are probably superbowl bound. But, if they add a locker room cancer who constantly wants the ball, that might screw things up for Cooper Kupp and company.

  16. Not that I would want OBJ to be signed by my team, I am hearing OBJ is interested in the Saints, Packers and CHiefs. I have no idea if this is true or not.

  17. footfan68 says:
    November 10, 2021 at 10:44 am
    If he’s smart, he’ll sign with the Rams. Best team in football, best city in the NFL

    Rams just got destroyed.

  18. Devante Walker in GB is playing for a new contract and Rodgers is trying to help him by forcing throws. Beckham would be having a tantrum by the end of the first quarter.

  19. “It’s surprising it’s even lasted this long“


    It’s no surprise to anybody who has followed his antics over the past his entire career.

    OBJ is a headcase and locker room cancer.

  20. Pats are playing the Browns this weekend. Bill was just running through the Browns playbook with OBJ.

  21. Pats with Brady made sense, not a rookie QB. OBJ could be too much to handle and stunt the growth of Jones.

  22. If he wants to go to a contender that pretty much counts Seattle out. Arizona or the Rams will win the division and take one of the other Wildcards. With the Seattle defense again being one of the worse in the history of the NFL and Pete unwilling to change (not to mention have a grossly over paid safety that is semi good at blitzing but is horrible at any type of coverage) this team may win one or two more games this year. Then it will be either Russ or Pete (should be both) gone next year and since Pete is the ultimate word he won’t be the one gone so that means no competitive QB next year as they will be stuck with one of the below average place holders Dalton, Taylor, Bortles, Geno, Fritzy etc etc.

  23. A diva and not a good WR anymore. Not a good combination. Who would want him? Maybe Green Bay would be dumb enough…

  24. The fact that you think “it makes sense” for ANYBODY to add him just shows how little credibility you have. He’s a cancerous diva who doesn’t produce, doesn’t put in any effort. It only makes sense for a team that wants to be worse.

  25. I have a hard time seeing Rodgers put up with Beckham’s freelancing, lousy route running and eventual tanturums.

  26. “If he’s smart, he’ll sign with the Rams. Best team in football, best city in the NFL”

    Not to be difficult, but…”best city in the NFL?”

    How many teams have left LA? How long was LA go without a team?

  27. He might be worth a flyer at $3-5 million for half-a-season of mediocre production with an increased chance of migraines. He could be a depth player.

    Or if a team has been catching an unreasonably high percentage of catchable balls, he could help at the other end of the bell-curve.

  28. The contract available on waivers was a complete bargain for a viable/high-end WR.

    Yet no one seems to have come close to picking it up. Which tells me that no one is interested in making OBJ an even moderate priority.

    Is two teams a small sample size? Maybe. But a team that won two Super Bowls in the five years preceding his arrival, and a team loaded with young highly-drafted talent and a best-buddy WR on the other end of the line, both got worse with OBJ on the team.

    How much better does anyone think it’s going to get?

  29. Smart teams will take a hard look at this targets per game because those tell a problematic story. His 3rd year with the Giants (and his last great year) he got 13 targets per game for his all-time high but that had dropped to just 6 per game by his last full season in NY. For all his gripes about Baker ignoring him he’s had 3 games this season with targets in the 7-9 range meaning he was getting the ball thrown his way more than at the end with the Giants but just being far less productive. And very few contenders are in such dire straits they’re going to commit to 10+ targets a game to a new guy coming in late in the season. They’re having success already and need a bit of help and not looking to totally revamp the offense. It is quite probably going to be impossible to make Odell happy.

  30. Other than a few neat one handed catches, what are you seeing that indicates he can play WR at a high level? There’s a reason the Browns paid him to leave and it’s not because he was such a good WR that it overcomes the negatives brought on by being a whining, underperforming diva. I just don’t see anyone competitive wanting to risk ruin a team dynamic by bringing him in. The risk/reward just isn’t there.

  31. Maybe nobody is as fascinated with him as sports media outlets? He cleared waivers, so any team will want to renegotiate whatever contract he has, because he ain’t worth it.

  32. It’s Kansas City or Buffalo. OBJ wants a contender who will get him the ball. The Josh Gordon experience has failed in KC Andy Reid knows he needs a third option & thats OBJ. Then Buffalo lined up across from Diggs & Josh Allen just slinging it. Plus he’s used to Buffalo coming from New Jersey & Cleveland. I don’t believe OBJ would last in NE it’s a very Ocho-Cinco-esque situation.

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