How will the Rams use OBJ?

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns
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The Rams do a great job of landing big-name players, like Odell Beckham Jr. Now, they have to figure out how to use him.

Beckham’s former teammate in Cleveland, John Johnson III, played for the Rams through 2020. He had some thoughts on the subject of where OBJ fits.

“I just feel like they had a good thing going, like a complete offense,” Johnson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Being in L.A., I know for a fact that the offense runs through Cooper Kupp. Even in the run game, the pass game, the screen game. It kind of runs through Cooper Kupp. Obviously, Odell’s a big name. He’s gonna want that attention as well. It’ll be interesting. Coach [Sean] McVay, he’s one of the best doing it. I know he’ll find a way to get it done. But right off the bat, I’m like, I wouldn’t really want to go there if I were him. But we’ll see how it goes.”

Beyond Kupp, the Rams have Robert Woods and Van Jefferson. They recently cut DeSean Jackson because (drum roll) he thought he wasn’t getting the ball enough.

OBJ basically replaces Jackson. And now, McVay will have to get Beckham sufficiently involved so that he doesn’t think he made a mistake.

Given the extent to which he apparently agonized over the decision, he’s destined to have doubts. Unless the Rams immediately put him in the Jefferson role or even the Woods role. And given the confidence level that NFL players need in order to thrive, Beckham may think he can eventually assume the Kupp role.

However it goes, it will indeed be interesting. It feels like there’s no middle ground. The Rams either explode offensively, or a rift arises in the receiver room that creates dissension and jealously and complaints and resentment, and it all falls apart.

And remember this — it’s all happening after a game in which the Titans systematically dismantled the L.A. offense by getting to quarterback Matthew Stafford before he could get rid of the ball. If that continues, it won’t matter where or how OBJ fits into the receiving hierarchy.

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  1. Out of all his suitors, this seems like the place he’ll be least successful. Lots of hungry mouths in the WR department for the Rams. As mentioned above, DeSean Jackson asked for his release because he wasn’t getting enough targets or the ball enough. Don’t know why OBJ thinks he’ll have any success here unless he’s strictly chasing a ring.

  2. Interesting choice of landing spot. Can’t deny the teams chances at success but there doesn’t seem to be room at the inn for him at first glance. Are we about to see more fully wide open looks that take advantage of this personnel? Should be interesting to see how this works going forward

  3. The cycle of OBJ. Makes great catch. Drops crucial ones. Gets hurt. Makes great practice catches, Drops crucial catches. Hurt again. Wants new team. Rinse and repeat.

  4. The Titans dismantled the Rams offense in the first half because McVay was running an offense that Stafford was more used to in Detroit. Once he went to the McVay offense in the 2nd half things looked different. (Too little, too late). That said, I’ll be waiting for the video showing OBJ being open all the time while running his own routes

  5. Didn’t Desean Jackson demand out of LA because he wasn’t getting enough playing time? Rams’ offense runs through Cooper Kupp. OBJ is not going to get the targets he thinks he is LOL

  6. OBJ won’t be happy no matter how they use him, still won’t make a difference since the Rams aren’t going anywhere in the postseason.

  7. Kupp is the golden child or stafford, Let’s see how long it takes before OBJ comes unglued .

  8. Kupp is the golden child or stafford, Let’s see how long it takes before a OBJ comes unglued .

  9. Basically OBJ has bought into the fact that he is there to win a ring this year, and nothing more. Can’t forget that he is still getting paid, which in reality is all he cares about. I am certain McVay and Co. stated that they have a good thing going, and he is going to have a specific job to do, and if he doesn’t do it then he doesn’t play. It’s then up to the players to see how they handle that nonsense, but also this is the first time OBJ is a FA. He chose to go there, unlike being traded so you may see a lot of players put him in his place.

  10. OBJ is going to be on the field, McVay is going to go back to running the 11 sets 90% of the time like he did when they had Kupp / Woods / Cooks.

  11. So Rams. You saw last week who the Rams are and Stafford will now choke more with loudmouth OJB.

  12. Mistake. McVay isn’t all that. Gets to the SB and scores 3 points? 3.
    Thats his HC legacy to this point. Refereeing the Texas sized Ego he just agreed to take on will only accelerate his slide into NFL hell.

  13. At least he has a proven QB at the helm. Rams messing with what looks like good chemistry right now. Since I am a Saints fan, I dislike the Rams, other than Kupp and Stafford who have my FF team in first place.

  14. The Rams remind me of the Redskins twenty-one years ago, when Snyder tried to buy his way to a Super Bowl by bringing in Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, etc.

  15. I’m still trying to pick up my jaw off the floor. I’m stunned. We had a couple of receiver injuries after we let Desean Jackson leave. I’m curious what OBJ’s role will be. Mostly I see him as rotating in when one of our 3 bigs needs a breather. That would take some pressure off of them.

    You guys who love draft picks – what’s the boom/bust ratio on this year’s first round? What round of the draft do you have to drop to in order to get below what the Rams are paying OBJ? Winning is the best deodorant. We’re 7-2. Enjoy watching your team play golf while we’re winning playoff games.

  16. With all the Rams signings, I guess we’ll see if the Rams can buy a Superbowl with expensive personnel, regardless of whether those personnel work together as a team.

  17. Rams are trying to fo what Tampa did last year… a championship. Load that roster up.

  18. Obj shrinks under pressure. He cant even secure a regular season clutch 3rd down catch. Now out that spot light on him, every game gonna be like his lone playoff game. 3 drops and 1 best crapped

  19. He only went to LA to be close to his bff lebron James, knowing lebron will cry to the media for him if anything goes wrong.

  20. The Rams didn’t really need OBJ but it was smart to keep him from going to another NFC rival.

  21. He signed with the Rams because they will be one of the four teams in the conference games. Maybe they get to the Super Bowl maybe not.

  22. OBJ is a great addition to the Rams. That said, I still dont think Stafford will be able to perform vs the Elite Teams in the Playoffs

  23. Not sure how much of an impact he can truly make. The Rams receivers are so successful because they have no problem with physicality in the short game. OBJ wants the long ball, just like DeSean Jackson. You think OBJ would be happy with Jacksons numbers? This will stunt Van Jeffersons growth as well. Either way this Rams team is looking more and more like the Bucs from last season. Only way this is successful is if they win the SB. Getting there means nothing, especially since they got there with Goff.

  24. Could have had great coaching from Bill and Josh and Mac Jones throwing to him. Oh well, his loss.

  25. Say what you want but it clear the Rams are throwing everything they have at winning the Super Bowl this season. And they might just do it. But then the real work starts….keeping the team together.

  26. An expensive life lesson in screwing with the dynamic of a team by bringing in a crybaby WR who hasn’t been good in 5 years.

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