Matthew Stafford on Odell Beckham: Everybody on our team carves out their role

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Matthew Stafford went to bed Wednesday night with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Van Jefferson as his top wideouts. On Thursday, Odell Beckham Jr. joined the Rams’ receiving corps.

The Rams signed Beckham to a one-year deal. It comes 10 days after the Rams traded for edge rusher Von Miller.

They have pushed their chips to the middle of the table, going all in with a team that also includes Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.

“Nothing really surprises me anymore to tell you the truth,” Stafford, acquired in an offseason trade from Detroit, said Thursday. “I know that this is an enticing city to play in. This is an enticing an organization to come play for. We have a bunch of other great players on this team — AD, Jalen, Cooper, all those guys. Great players. So it’s exciting for other people to come in and play with those guys. So, I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Stafford played with Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay, among others, in Detroit. But he now has arguably the best foursome he has ever had at one time.

The question is how Beckham fits in with an offense that runs through Kupp, who is among the league leaders in receptions, yards and touchdowns.

“I’ve played with a bunch of good (receivers) in my career, and he’s up there,” Stafford said of Beckham. “He’s a talented guy. It’s one of those things where everybody on our team carves out their role. They do a great job of figuring out what that role is going to be and going out there and proving it — both on the practice field and in games — and then getting those opportunities. I know he’ll do the same. There’s a lot of time between now and that. We’ve just got to make sure that we’re on the same page, go out there and play ball.”

21 responses to “Matthew Stafford on Odell Beckham: Everybody on our team carves out their role

  1. I really think OBJ is perfectly happy riding the bench, milking injuries etc. Just wants to get paid and have decent chance to get a ring, without having to do much.

  2. Rams will not make it in playoffs. Stafford 0-3 in playoffs. OBJ will become toxic when he does not get ball or Stafford will try to hard to get the ball to him.

  3. One move too many for the Rams. He is not worth the drama he brings. As a Vikes fan, I was actually hoping for Stafford to get a ring now that he was freed from Detroit. Unfortunately for Stafford (and Rams fans), they are worse today than they were yesterday.

  4. Stafford’s not thrilled is the message I got . Good chance OBJ will be Out of LA by play off time. Packers will sign him then.

  5. OBJ in LA hanging out with LeBron and his other celebrity buddies will be too much for the Rams.

  6. Not a big OBJ fan and can completely understand the hate he gets. That said, two other guys were considered washed up cancers before signing with qbs and teams they wanted to play for. Randy Moss from Raiders to Pats and AB from (ironically) Raiders to Buccs. Just a thought.

  7. Same people here were predicting 6-11 season for the Rams a couple of months ago. Rams giving you all one more reason to hate LA.

  8. Rams are still the second most talented offense in the NFC W. AZs #3 & #4WRs are on pace for 1300+ (C. Kirk) yards and rookie Rondale Moore who’s an absolute STUD getting better n better each week is on pace for 700+YDs. Not to mention AZ has one of the best outside WR duos in the league starting w/ one of the top 3 best WRs in the NFL in DeAndre Hopkins with AJ Green back to playing at elite level looking like AJ Green again average 16YDs per reception n should break 1000+YDs. AZ traded for Zac Ertz who’s still one of the NFLs elite receiving TEs and as good as he’s been thus far he’s about to get a whole lot better now that’s he’s much more comfortable in the offense. And at RB AZ is loaded with multiple high quality backs including one of the best pass catching RBs in the NFL in Edmonds. And AZ has the better QB who’s an elite top 3 NFL QB and MVP Favorite in Kyler Murray who only continues to get better n better having an MVP fav All Pro campaign himself.

    Where AZ really sets itself apart from LA though (with both the #1 scoring offense and #3 scoring defense ) is defensively as the Rams have a mediocre defense and AZ has one of the best defenses in the league built and very strong at all 3 levels. The Rams defense has to many weaknesses.

    Rams will finish 2nd in the NFC W this year and get bounced out in either the WC or divisional round. Once that happens they’ll be entering a world of darkness for a few years with a lot of guys becoming free agents and NOOO draft picks within the first 3 rounds to continue building up that roster. You look over to AZ and they HAVE ALL of their draft picks next year allowing them to continue building on an already championship caliber roster. Rams are going to setback greatly in the NFCW without those draft picks.

  9. azcardsfan4life says:
    November 12, 2021 at 12:00 am
    Rams will lose @ the Bucs with Tampa-born Stafford in the playoffs, MARK MY WORDS!!!

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Stafford always chokes under the bright lights. The Titans just came and dominated the Rams from start to finish just bullying them. The Titans team that dominated Stafford all night is the same Titans team Kyler Murray and the Cardinals absolutely STOMPED and blew TENN off their OWN FIELD in TENN despite it being a 10AM road game for AZ. Every time the Rams have played top caliber playoff teams they’ve lost this year including to Murray’s Cardinals who dominated the Rams from start to finish. That’s just who they are to this point in time.
    And I don’t think Von Miller or OBJ will help much either. Miller has just 7.0 sacks in his LAST 25 GAMES & won’t even be an every down pass rusher anymore in LA. Rams paid wayyyyy to much for a declining pass rusher giving them a 2nd AND A 3rd lol. while OBJ hasn’t been great in years an no longer the WR he once was and he blames that fact on everyone BUT HIM!! Thus far OBJ has jus 17rec/232YDs n a fat goose egg in the TD column. Last year he had jus 23 recs barely breaking 300+YDs receiving.

  10. Well it turned out it was the Rams that was the stupid team to sign him and ALL the NFL
    clueless talking heads said it was GB , SEA, KC would wrong as usual .

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