Panthers agree to terms with Cam Newton

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What’s old is new again.

The Panthers announced on Thursday that they have agreed to terms with Cam Newton, bringing their former franchise quarterback back into the fold.

According to multiple reports, the deal is for one year.

With Sam Darnold out for several weeks with a shoulder injury, Carolina needed help at quarterback. P.J. Walker is expected to start for the team this week against the Cardinals. The Panthers also signed Matt Barkley to their active roster off of the Titans’ practice squad.

Carolina released Newton, 32, last March after he spent his first nine seasons with the franchise. The No. 1 pick of the 2011 draft, Newton compiled a 68-55-1 record in 124 games as Carolina’s starting quarterback, completing 60 percent of his passes for 29,041 yards with 182 touchdowns and 108 interceptions. He also rushed for 58 touchdowns for the Panthers.

He was the 2015 MVP, leading the Panthers to a 15-1 record and a conference championship. Carolina lost to Denver in Super Bowl 50.

Newton spent the 2020 season and 2021 training camp with the Patriots before he was released in August. He started 15 games for New England, throwing for just 2,657 yards with eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also rushed for 12 touchdowns last year.

Though he was unvaccinated while with the Patriots, Newton is now reportedly vaccinated, which allows him to immediately rejoin the Panthers.

It’s unclear whether Carolina would have Newton start games even when Darnold is healthy, though it might not be a bad idea. Though he started off hot, Darnold has regressed back into one of the league’s worst passers. He is currently 31st among 33 qualified players with a 71.3 passer rating. Only rookies Zach Wilson and Justin Fields have worse marks. Darnold is also currently tied for the league lead with 11 interceptions.

Newton has not played under Panthers’ current head coach Matt Rhule, as he was hired in January 2020. But the Panthers do play Newton’s former coach Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team next Sunday for Week 11.

57 responses to “Panthers agree to terms with Cam Newton

  1. Cam’s straight to the dirt throws will be a nice change of pace for the Wrs from Darnold’s hospital balls.

  2. Hopefully nobody has Anderson or Dj Moore still on their team because the ball isn’t going deep. 😂.

    Seriously though, thank you for last year Cam. It was fun, although we were bad, it was great to see you being a consummate professional. Good luck!

  3. I have no problem with this, I’ve always enjoyed players actually ending their careers with the team they started with. Not those crappy “One Day Contracts”

  4. I wish Cam the best of luck. He was nothing but a class act when he spent the past season with NE.

  5. As a Panther’s fan, I’m beyond excited. I’m not expecting him to return to his MVP season, but personally I feel like the organization treated him poorly when they released him so it’s a feel good story to get him home again.

  6. “He is currently 31st among 33 qualified players with a 71.3 passer rating. Only rookies Zach Wilson”

    Boy the Jets can sure pick ’em can’t they?

  7. Ron Rivera, former Carolina coach now coaching my Washington Football Team, has avoided signing or really even discussing Cam since he got here. Some of that is because he had to deal with another immature child in Dwayne Haskins when he got here and likely just didn’t have the stomach to go there again with Cam after he finally got rid of Haskins.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cam beats us when we play them in 2 weeks!

  8. Cam can be a team player to tank for a high draft pick (for the next great Carolina franchise QB?)

  9. Looking forward to the first game post interview fashion spew after three picks n well the team played like ick as more than a few folks have lost bets thinking no way jose would he be back this season.

  10. Hindsight is 20/20, but It’s clear that the Panthers should have selected Mac Jones in the draft. Oh well.

  11. I can only go by last season and view Cam as done.
    But if his arm wasn’t one hundred percent and he can throw better now, he’s prolly better then anything the Panthers currently have. I thought Darnold was going to be a good fit for them and it seems he’s went backwards not forwards.
    Good luck Cam on your final frontier.

  12. How does that old saying go? You can’t go home again! Good luck to you sir but I’ve got VERY low expectations of this being a worthwhile signing.

  13. I can’t imagine being a grown man and caring as much as so many commenters seem to about what clothes another grown man wears or how he wears his hair.

  14. Smart short term move to preserve Rhule’s career. If the second half of the season were Walker looking lost and Darnold hobbling around throwing ducks, the whole focus would have been on how terrible his QB plans were. This flips the narrative to Cam’s homecoming and gives Rhule another shot next season.

  15. Good to see young men that want to play get a shot–good luck to him

  16. Sam Darnold is bad, but they are locked into paying him next year.
    What does bringing back Cam do?

    Draft a QB if one looks ok.

  17. And when Newton plays well, everyone know it was BB holding him back. BB has been exposed

  18. Look for a whole lot of one read RPOs and late throws to the TE and RB in the flats. The WRS? They are now blockers. That is what 2021 Cam gives ya.

  19. They gave Cam $10 million for 8 games on what should be after this week, a 4-6 team.

    Seeing as how he was making $1.75 mill for 16 games last year, was one of the worst QBs in the league, released at the beginning of this year and a street free agent for 3 months, what exactly are the Panthers thinking? League minimum, ok i can see that as a fill in, but $10 mill?

    The Panthers are giving Cam almost as much per game than Belichick gave him per season.

  20. Cam was a good soldier in New England and showed signs in the preseason of getting his skills back. He was clearly injured the year before. He’s better than a lot of the stiffs on NFL rosters.

  21. joetoronto says:
    I can’t imagine being a grown man and caring as much as so many commenters seem to about what clothes another grown man wears or how he wears his hair.

    Most of us don’t care what he wears. We care that HE cares more about what he wears than he does about maximizing his gifts and playing good football.

  22. Imagine if they had drafted Mac Jones:

    Saints – Brees retired and they have NO quality qb to replace him…
    Bucs – Brady drawing closer to retire…
    Falcons – Ryan is drawing closer to retire…

    Panthers would have been the future Kings of the NFC South!

  23. Good story. Only temporary and everyone benefits. Just need an ounce of positivity and a deep breath.

  24. A healthy Cam no longer exists. Unless he know something the rest of us don’t, Cam’s broken.

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