Pete Carroll: Seahawks’ defense has taken a turn

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks
Getty Images

Five games into the season, the Seahawks’ defense was on pace to give up the most yardage in any season in NFL history. Now? Not.

After allowing a total of just 613 yards in the last two games, the Seahawks’ defense is now not even the worst in the NFL in yards allowed per game for the 2021 season, let alone the worst in NFL history. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he likes the direction his defense is heading in.

“I feel, like I’ve been saying to you guys, we’ve taken a turn,” Carroll said, via ESPN. “I like what we are doing, I like where we are, I like the mentality and all of that, so we’ve got to see if we can put some stuff together. We’ve got to get the ball away from the other team. We missed three little tipped balls that we could have had for picks, and that will be a big difference for us if we can turn that around.”

With Russell Wilson coming back this week, the Seahawks’ offense should be in good shape going forward. If the Seahawks’ defense can continue to turn things around, 3-5 Seattle could be a playoff contender down the stretch.