Report: Panthers to meet with Cam Newton

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Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold is going to miss at least a month with a right shoulder injury and that led to a question for head coach Matt Rhule about whether the team would explore bringing Cam Newton back.

Rhule said the team will “obviously explore any and all options” while saying he wouldn’t get into “hypotheticals” about Newton in particular. Word on Thursday is that Newton is on the radar in Carolina, however.

Jonathan M. Alexander of the Charlotte Observer reports that Newton will meet with Rhule, Panthers owner David Tepper, and vice president of football operations and senior advisor to the owner Steven Drummond on Thursday. Tepper and Drummond were part of the organization when Newton last played a game for the Panthers in 2019. Rhule and General Manager Fitterer had been hired by the time Newton was released in 2020 after attempts to trade him were unsuccessful.

Newton has not played for anyone since being released by the Patriots ahead of the start of the regular season. P.J. Walker is currently set to start for the Panthers with Darnold out of the picture.

41 responses to “Report: Panthers to meet with Cam Newton

  1. Why not? It makes sense and it is not like Cam hasn’t played a down of football in 6 years. Doesn’t hurt to kick the tires…

  2. Despite all the criticism he received Cam at his peak was a very good if unorthodox QB. His battering ram fullback/quarterback style of play of course diminish his longevity. And unfortunately I didn’t see him improve his passing game substantially enough that it would make up for when his biggest strengths such as his size, speed, and willingness to be battering ram was no longer effective.

    He is however a former league MVP who lead his team to a superbowl appearance. He has seen tons of defenses….though in my opinion he doesn’t read them as well as a QB of his experience and talent level should. I guess the biggest issue would be how he handles not being the undisputed QB1 on a team that was his unquestionably his team for years. Could he handle sitting on the bench for multiple stretches?

  3. Happy that they are talking and I hope that we can come to some type of agreement. He has the ability to come in and help this team even under a limited game plan while he learns the system.

  4. Cam is washed up – there is a reason BB gave him the boot and NO ONE signed him for 10+ weeks.

  5. If Cam’s ready to put together some good games, the job may be his for the rest of the year. Sam isn’t really tearing it up with his new team.

  6. For a backup sure but to start? Not going to make a whole lot of difference to the Panther’s record whether he or PJ Walker is the starter.

    Plus with Walker while he might well suck he could surprise everyone and rise to the occasion while Cam is what he is at this point and not ever going to be better than the lousy QB he was with the Pats last season

  7. At least they know with Cam, since he finally got around to doing the right thing, He won’t be missing games with Covid like the liar in Green Bay who has hurt his team.

  8. I was certainly disappointed with what Cam brought to the QB position at NE, but he seems like a good dude. I hope that he can find success somewhere.

  9. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    But let’s not act like Cam is 2015 Cam. He is a QB who struggles with anticipation and accuracy because he struggles reading defenses. Its why a rookie in NE made the decision easier on BB.

    But this is what happens when you count on a QB like Sam Darnold.

  10. you don’t have this meeting unless you are almost definite you are going to sign him
    you don’t want the fan backlash if this is a tease

  11. Hey why not?? He is definitely the only QB with lots of NFL experience out there in free agency. . Panthers can hobble through the rest of the 2021 season and draft a starting QB in the draft.

  12. Good for cam and the panthers I’m just glad hes not with new England he made games unwatchable now games are fun and exciting again with him gone and a real qb under center.

  13. Oh Yes. This is so critical to get done.
    Because HOW COULD WE LIVE without seeing CAM so his “Superman” routine every time he gets a first down?

  14. He never really fit into the Patriots offense. Belichick should have let him go early, he deserved a real shot with another team. Would love to see him back on the Panthers.

  15. Running quarterbacks hide the fact that they can’t read defenses. When they can’t run anymore it doesn’t look good

  16. redclaw1314 says:
    November 11, 2021 at 10:13 am
    No brainer —– the Panthers need an upgrade and some excitement. Cam is better than people think…


    I’m going to assume you didn’t watch a single Patriots game last season.

    Cam is terrible. Got beat out by a rookie and even with all the other QB injuries around the league is still unemployed.

    Think it through.

  17. >> Cam is washed up – there is a reason BB gave him the boot and NO ONE signed him for 10+ weeks.

    The Patriots were ready to roll with Cam as their primary option if the couldn’t land someone in the draft. They did (Jones) and he picked up the system well. While I was surprised at the tome, in hindsight releasing Cam made sense to coalesce the team around Jones. While I think Cam has significant flaws, I think he can still win games. Of course, the situation will be non-ideal for him (again) if he joins the Panthers mid-season.

  18. I like Cam as a dude. I also think he deserved a chance with real weapons in NE but it’s clear that choosing Mac was the right move. Newton isn’t what he once was but he’s probably still better than darnold

  19. “Matt Rhule will be coaching college ball next year. Stick a fork in him.”

    Many college HCs make more than NFL ones, and the ones that don’t are still mostly getting paid millions every year. I don’t think he’ll really be too concerned if the Panthers boot him and he has to take a college job.

  20. Good for Cam! Carolina should have never released him just because he was coming off an injury. Look at them now, playing musical QB’s ever since! Cam is still better than a third of the starting QB’s out there right now.

  21. When he made a video of himself telling his fans he was okay after an injury, and thought it okay to have a glass of wine in hand, we knew all we needed to know about Cam. His commitment to his image outstrips his commitment to the game.

    That said, he’s got talent. That’s why BB game him a job. But he’s also a knucklehead, which is why the *second* it became clear to BB that Mac Jones could play, BB moved on from Cam

    In short, Cam’s better than Sam. That’s not saying much, but it’s enough to buy him and put him in a Panthers uniform.

  22. magnusthe1st says:
    November 11, 2021 at 11:02 am
    What does Carolina have to lose at this point?


    Draft position as well as salary cap credit that can be rolled over and used to make the team more competitive in the future.

    The better question is what do they have to gain?

    Trying to win meaningless games does NOTHING. Look at Miami and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Every game he won set the Dolphins back.

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