Sean McDermott on run offense: Thought we’d be further along, adjustments being made

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Bills ran for at least 117 yards in each of their first five games and they finished that stretch with a 4-1 record, but they haven’t been as productive on the ground in their last three outings.

Buffalo ran for 102 yards in a Week Eight win over the Dolphins, but they were held to 82 and 72 yards in losses to the Titans and Jaguars that have knocked them off their perch as the AFC frontrunners. On Wednesday, Bills head coach Sean McDermott acknowledged disappointment with how things have gone on that front goes back “to last year at the end of the season in particular.”

“I thought we’d be further along. I thought that we would have progressed in that area,” McDermott said, via Matt Parrino of “It is something that we need to do and do better if we want to be the team that we’re trying to become.”

A more effective run game would force defenses to make changes that could open up more opportunities through the air and McDermott said “adjustments are being made” in order to bring more balance to the offense in the weeks to come. The first chance to show them off comes against the Jets this weekend.

4 responses to “Sean McDermott on run offense: Thought we’d be further along, adjustments being made

  1. i know everyone says rbs are a dime a dozen, but i think this team needs to take a stud rb in the draft next year. and then improve the running play designs

  2. It didn’t help that Josh Allen (the QB) played like crap in that game. The Jags’ defense is turrible and only being able to score six points should be an embarrassment. Any team that loses to the Jags should be ineligible to make the playoffs. That was just a pitiful effort.

  3. I don’t understand why the Bills insist on using these manlet RBs. Why couldn’t they have picked up a more physically imposing back to spell the little guys, again? They need a John Riggins-style bruiser. Badly.

  4. The Bills don’t need better RBs, they need a better offensive line. Singletary was near the top of the league in yards per attempt his rookie year when their OL was performing respectably…tied with Derrick Henry. Not saying he’s just as good, but he’s not a schlub either. When your offensive line stinks, the solution isn’t a better running back.

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