Taylor Heinicke: Playoff game against Bucs reason I’m still in the league

NFL: JAN 09 NFC Wild Card - Buccaneers at Washington Football Team
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At 2-6 coming out of their bye week, there’s plenty for the Washington Football Team to worry about in the present but quarterback Taylor Heinicke is taking some time this week to think about the past.

Washington plays the Buccaneers this Sunday for the first time since the two teams squared off in the Wild Card round of last season’s playoffs. Heinicke made his second career start in that game and impressed many as he threw for one touchdown and ran for another in a 31-23 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champions.

The Football Team was in that group. Washington was impressed enough to sign Heinicke to a two-year deal this offseason and he said Wednesday that he knows “that game is probably the reason I’m still here.”

“I feel like I’m getting better every week and I’m learning something every week. But again, my life has changed dramatically,” Heinicke said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “I thought I was done with football last year. So since that game until now, made some good money and just feel a lot more comfortable in life. It’s a totally different feeling from what I was feeling this point last year.”

With Washington riding a four-game losing streak into Sunday, no one with the team would object to Heinicke turning back the clock and coming up with a big game in his second meeting with Tampa. The other NFC playoff contenders also wouldn’t object to Heinicke pulling out the win this time.

7 responses to “Taylor Heinicke: Playoff game against Bucs reason I’m still in the league

  1. A nicely honest perspective Taylor shared. I am a Bucs fan, so clearly am happy the Bucs did beat the WFT for that game. I saw it (correctly) as a difficult game for the Bucs, despite the WFT pretty much being the laughing stock and debacle of sports. Regardless of GM and coaching changes, and even with Todd Bowles as the DC, the Bucs have made off-the-street QBs look like HoF players for years. But the Bucs have some key players, including CB Sean Murhpy Bunting coming off of IR this week, and I expect a solid win over WFT. I do wish Taylor the best in the future. Just not Sunday!

  2. …..Who knows next time the Bucs play Washington ,they maybe branded as the Washington Red wolves….we’ll be finding out in January 2022.

  3. Still living off your game of a year ago? No wonder this team can’t get out of it’s own way.

  4. The team has tried to put him under glass – they’ve taken away his one attribute – his unpredictable free-lancing. And then the offensive line has disappeared.

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